How to Freeze or Unfreeze Rows & Columns in Google Sheets

Are you looking for a way to free or unfreeze a range of cells in Google Sheets? Find out more on how to get it done here. how-to-freeze-or-unfreeze-rows-columns-in-google-sheets

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How to Freeze or Unfreeze Rows & Columns in Google Sheets

  • Step 1: Create a New Spreadsheet on Google Sheets

    You can open Google Sheets and choose a Blank template. Another way to open a new sheet is by opening any saved sheet in your Google Drive and clicking the New option from the File menu. You can also open a preformatted sample from our Google Sheets Templates.

  • Step 2: Highlight Multiple Rows or Columns to Freeze and Unfreeze


    Highlight the row and column of your schedule Google Sheet template. You select the cells using your mouse. Another way to do this is by clicking your preferred number on the row heading or choosing a letter from the column heading.

  • Step 3: Open the View Menu and Select Freeze


    The first way to open the View menu is by hovering your cursor over to the menu toolbar and clicking it to show the options. Then, choose the Freeze option. You can also open the View menu on Google Sheets by pressing alt + v on your keyboard.

  • Step 4: Select the Range of Rows and Columns to Freeze


    To freeze a specific row or column of your simple sheets, select the option in bold. The options in bold are rows and columns you chose before opening the View menu. You can see the freeze panes when the cells stay in place even while scrolling.

  • Step 5: Open the View Menu to Unfreeze Rows and Columns


    To unfreeze the rows and columns, you have to head to the View menu or press alt + v on your keyboard. Then, select the Freeze option and choose No rows or columns to unfreeze any cells on your sheet.

Can I change the range to rows and columns I want to freeze without going to the View menu again?

Yes, you can. After you Freeze a column or row, find the locked line of the row or column. Try scrolling the sheet up and down or sideways to see the end of the locked cells. Hover the cursor over the line and drag it to any row and column to change the cell range.

Can I change the range even after highlighting my selected rows and columns?

Simply head to the View menu or use the keyboard shortcut alt + v and then choose Freeze. You can not customize the range on the Freeze options, but you can select 1 row and 2 rows or 1 column and 2 columns. You can freeze the top row and column when you click these options.

Can I use the Freeze shortcut keys from Microsoft Spreadsheet on Google Sheets?

No, the alt + w and then F shortcut keys to freeze columns and rows on MS Spreadsheets do not work on Google Sheets. There are no shortcut keys to open the Freeze options on Google Sheets, but you can open the View menu by hitting the keys alt + v.

Can I lock rows and columns on Freeze merged cells?

No, but you can unfreeze the rows and columns to lock the cells you prefer.