How to Make a Google Slides Presentation Public

Share your Google Slides project presentations and business presentations with the public. Follow the steps below to be guided and to make sure you do it right. how-to-make-a-google-slides-presentation-public

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How to Make a Google Slides Presentation Public

  • Step 1: Open Your Google Slides Presentation


    Go to to access the Google Slides homepage. When you’re in, open the presentation files you want to make public.

  • Step 2: Go to File then Select Publish to the Web


    If everything in your presentation is set and if you’re done with the process of inserting images, adding fonts, recording audioembedding videos, etc., you can start making it public. Go to File on the menu bar and select the Publish to the Web option.

  • Step 3: Configure Link Settings


    In the Publish to the Web panel, start configuring the Link settings. You can choose the intervals of auto-advancing slides, opt to start the slideshow as soon as the player loads, and opt to restart the slideshow after the last slide.

  • Step 4: Change Slide Size Under Embed


    If you want to change slide size before publishing, you can. Go to Embed and select a slide size. There are Small (480×329), Medium (960×529), Large (1440×929), and Custom. If you select Custom, you can choose a specific measurement for the slide’s width and height.

  • Step 5: Click Publish

    Once all is set, click Publish which you can find at the bottom of the panel. Your presentation will then be visible to anyone.

Will my public Google Slides presentation appear on search results?

Yes, your Google Slides presentation will potentially appear on search results pages, especially if its topic is something that a user searched for in particular.

Can I grant edit access to my Google Slides presentation?

Yes, you can grant edit access to anyone in your presentation. When you share it, make sure to select Editor instead of Viewer.

Can anyone download my Google Slides presentation?

Yes, if published on the web, anyone can download your Google Slides presentation.