How to Merge / Combine Cells in Google Sheets

Merging and combining cells can help you manage your content easily. Read on the following steps to find out how to get it done in Google Sheets. how-to-merge-combine-cells-in-google-sheets

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How to Merge / Combine Cells in Google Sheets

  • Step 1: Merge or Combine Spreadsheet Cells in Google Sheets Using the Format Menu


    To merge or combine cells in a Document Google Sheet, you can use the Format menu. First, select at least two adjacent cells by either clicking and dragging across your selection or clicking them while holding down the Ctrl key. Next, open the Format menu in the menu bar before selecting one of the options under Merge Cells.

  • Step 2: Merge or Combine Your Sheet Cells Using the Merge Cells Shortcut


    When merging cells in a Report Google Sheet, you can also use the shortcut in the menu bar. Highlight the desired cells by clicking and dragging or clicking with Ctrl, then click the Merge Cells button (to the right of the Borders menu) in the menu bar. Alternatively, click the Select Merge Type option (downward arrow) and choose from the options in the dropdown list.

  • Step 3: Merge or Combine Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

    When merging or combining multiple rows, start by clicking and dragging across the desired cells or clicking the cells while holding Ctrl. Open the Format menu, go to Merge Cells, and select Merge Horizontally from the dropdown list. If you prefer, pick one of the Select Merge Type options next to the Merge Cells shortcut.

  • Step 4: Merge or Combine Multiple Columns In Google Sheets

    Select or highlight the target cells if you need to merge or combine more than one column at once. After selecting your desired cells, open the Format menu or use the Merge Cells shortcut (in the menu bar) and select the Merge Vertically option.

  • Step 5: Merge or Combine Multiple Rows or Columns in Google Sheets

    To select a whole row or column for merging, you can simply click on the respective header of your target row or column. Once you highlight the entire row or column, select your desired merging option in the Format menu or Merge Cells shortcut. Additionally, click and drag or hold Ctrl and click to select more than one row or column header at once.

Can I still select cells individually after merging or combining them?

No, you cannot select previous cells after combining them. After merging or combining multiple cells, they are now considered a larger singular cell in the spreadsheet.

Can I merge or combine cell groups that are not adjacent to each other?

No, it is not possible to merge or combine cells this way. To merge cells, they must be next to each other.

Can I merge or combine cell groups selected in any highlight pattern?

No, you cannot merge or combine cells highlighted in all patterns. You can only merge cells when selecting them in a box or line pattern.

How do I unmerge combined cells from each other?

Yes, you can unmerge combined cells. To unmerge, select the combined cell before opening the Format menu and selecting the Unmerge option under the Merge Cells list.

What happens if I copy and paste text from a merged cell to a non-merged cell?

Copying and pasting text from a merged cell will create a new merged cell with the size.