How to Print Google Slides with Notes

Notes can help remind you of important things when you present. So if you want to print them along with your presentation, do that in Google Slides. Just follow this easy guide. how-to-print-google-slides-with-notes-01

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How to Print Google Slides with Notes

  • Step 1: Launch Google Slides

    Open the Google Slides homepage on your web browser. Simply type on the address bar. Once that’s done, you can start to create a Google Slides presentation or open an existing one you saved in Google Drive.

  • Step 2: Add Speaker Notes First


    Add notes to your slide first. For that, you won’t have to add a text box in Google Slides. You can add speaker notes to the space below each slide with a text that says “Click to add speaker notes.” Write whatever notes or reminders you want to include in there.

  • Step 3: Go to Print Settings and Preview


    After adding speaker notes, go to Print Settings and Preview. You can find it in the File drop-down menu. Look at the image featured above to be guided.

  • Step 4: Select the Slide with Notes Option


    To make your notes appear, select the “slide with notes” option. You can find it in the drop-down menu next to Close Preview. After selecting it, your notes will be part of the print preview. It’ll be situated below the slide. You’ll always have the option to print slides with or without notes.

  • Step 5: Click Print

    Once your speaker notes are set and you’ve finalized everything in your business presentation, it’s ready for printing. So Click Print on the toolbar or type Ctrl+P to print Google Slides.

Can I print two or more slides on one page?

Yes, Google Slides lets you print handouts with two or more slides on one page. On the print settings or print preview settings, select the options Handout – 2 Slides Per Page, 3 Slides Per Page, and so on.

Can I download Google Slides as PDF?

Yes, you can download Google Slides as PDF. Go to File, select Download, and choose PDF Document. You can also go to the print preview settings and select the Download as PDF option.

Can I hide background before printing?

Yes, you can hide the background before printing. On the Google Slides print preview settings, click the Hide Background option on the toolbar.