How to Send a Google Calendar Invite with Zoom

Connect your Google Calendar invites with Zoom so everyone expected to be on your Zoom meetings will be updated about significant dates shortly. And this article has you covered on how to send a Google Calendar invite with Zoom. how-to-send-a-google-calendar-invite-with-zoom

How to Send a Google Calendar Invite with Zoom

  • Step 1: Install the Zoom Add-On for Free


    On your Google Calendar main page, click on the gear icon on top and select “Get add-ons” in the dropdown list. In the Google Workspace Marketplace, look for the “Zoom for Google Workspace” add-on and click on the thumbnail to access the add-on’s page. Click on the Install button, review the disclaimer, and select Continue.

  • Step 2: Use the Add-On to Send a Zoom Invitation in Google Calendar

    Go to your Google Calendar main page and click on the bottom right arrow to expand the side panel. In the side panel, select the Zoom add-on and sign in to your Zoom account, then activate the Pre-approve option and grant access to your Google account data. Select an event, open its edit page, and use the Event Details section to set the conference client to Zoom.

  • Step 3: Manually Add a Zoom Invite Link


    Open your Zoom client to create a meeting, then go into the Meetings tab and select the Copy Invitation option to copy the meeting link. In your Google Calendar, create or select the desired event in the calendar field and open its edit page. Paste the Zoom link into the bottom text field under the Event Details section before clicking the Save button.

Do I need to sign into a Zoom account in the app to use it in Google Calendar?

Yes, you need to sign in to a registered Zoom account when using the add-on in Google Calendar.

Can I use the Zoom add-on on an Android or iOS device?

Yes, you can install the Zoom add-on to the Google Calendar app on your Android or iOS device.

How do I add guests to a Zoom invitation in Google Calendar?

In Google Calendar, open the event’s edit page and use the Guests section.