How to Share Google Calendar with Others

Keep other people in the loop about upcoming important events and plans via Google Calendar. Specifically, learn how to share Google Calendar with others as discussed in the article below. how-to-share-google-calendar-with-others

How to Share Google Calendar with Others

  • Step 1: Share Your Google Calendar with Chosen Users


    Log into your Google account on a preferred web browser and open Google Calendar. Expand the “My Calendars” list in the left menu panel (click on the name label to expand) and hover your mouse cursor over the desired calendar, then click on the three dots next to the calendar name before selecting the “Settings and Sharing” option. Click on the “Add People” button under the “Share with Specific People” section, enter the user’s email address, set the permissions, then click on the Send button.

  • Step 2: Make Your Google Calendar Publicly Available


    Expand the “My Calendars” list on your Google Calendar main page and select “Settings and Sharing” after clicking on the three dots next to the calendar’s name label. Go to “Access Permissions for Events” and check the box next to the “Make Available to Public” option. Set the access level using the dropdown list on the right.

  • Step 3: Share Calendar Events in Your Google Calendar Account

    Select a calendar under the “My Calendars” list and click on the desired event in the main calendar field. Click on the pencil icon on top of the event details box and enter user email addresses in the Guests section. Set the guest permissions and click on the Save button above to confirm your changes.

Will an event automatically have the same permission settings as its respective calendar in my Google Calendar account?

After setting a calendar’s permissions, the changes will automatically apply to its events.

Can I set event permissions separately from those of calendar permissions in Google Calendar?

You can set event permissions separately from their calendars in your Google Calendar account.

Does another user need to share a Google Calendar with me so I can subscribe to it?

Yes, a user needs to share their Google Calendar before others can subscribe to it.