How to Sign-in/Sign-out of Gmail

You can decide whether to sign in or sign out of Google Mail anytime. Just make sure you have done these short and manageable steps to process it correctly. how-to-sign-in-sign-out-of-gmail-01

How to Sign-in/Sign-out of Gmail

  • Step 1: Open Gmail App or Open

    When using a computer, open a browser and open Gmail to sign in & sign out Gmail & send emails by Gmail. For Android devices, open the Gmail app and tap your profile picture at the top right of your screen. Then, add an account you want to sign in to. The process for Android is also the same for iOS devices.

  • Step 2: Fill Out the TextBoxes for the Email Address or Phone Number and the Password.


    Add your Gmail Account. You can also sign in using your registered phone number and enter your password. On Android and iOS, you can choose the type of account you want to add. For iOS, you can use your iCloud account, like, or accounts, and customize your settings.

  • Step 3: To Sign Out, Click Your Profile Photo on Your Gmail in the Desktop View and Log Out.

    Click the logout button from your Google Mail found on your profile picture. For Android and iOS devices, you have to log out of the Email App. Open your Gmail app, tap the profile picture, choose to Manage accounts on this device, select your account, and then hit Remove account or Remove from this device for iOS.

Can You Enter a Different Email Address on Gmail?

You can log in to your Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and other email addresses on Google Mail with Gmailify. Enable this feature by heading to the Accounts and Import or Accounts tab. From the Check mail from other accounts section, click the Add a mail account and enter the email address. Finally, hit the Link account with Gmail and follow the steps from the screen after clicking the Next button.

Can You Add One or More Email Addresses or Email Accounts on Gmail?

You can link or add as many Gmail accounts as you need. Click Use another account to add another or Remove an account to decrease the number of your logged-in email addresses on Gmail.

Can You Sign In to Your Gmail Account on Different Email Services?

Gmail is compatible with different email services. You can sign in to Outlook, Apple Mail, and other email services. Outlook versions 2003 to 2014 are compatible with Gmail and other Google Apps.

Is There a Shortcut Key to Sign Out and Sign In?

There are no shortcut keys to sign in and out of your Gmail account on your browser and mobile app. However, you can use your keyboard to select menus and tabs on your Gmail account.

Can You Sign Out of Your Gmail Account on Your Android and iOs Devices?

Yes, you can. However, unlike your browser Gmail account, Gmail signs out of all devices and Google apps. You can sign out of Gmail remotely and the products included such as Google Maps, Youtube, and other Google products.