How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

Whatever set of changes you want to apply to your Google Calendar can be synced to your iPhone. Thanks to Google Calendar’s syncing feature, here are the steps for you to sync Google Calendar with your iPhone. how-to-sync-google-calendar-with-iphone

How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

  • Step 1: Sync Your Google Calendar with an iOS Device

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    Open your mobile device’s Settings menu before selecting the default calendar app, then tap on the Add Account option in the list after selecting Accounts. Select Google from the Add Account list, then enter your Google account’s email address followed by the password. After tapping on Save, wait for the calendars to sync with your device, which will show your Gmail in the Calendar list afterward.

  • Step 2: Access Google Calendar on Your iPhone

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    On your iPhone, open the default calendar app. Tap on Calendars in the list to view all the calendars the device can access. Here, you’ll find all the different calendars linked to your Google account.

  • Step 3: Customize Your Google Calendar Settings on Your iPhone


    If you’d like to change a calendar’s default color, find the desired calendar in the Calendars list and tap on the red “i” next to its label. In the Calendars list, tap on a calendar to set whether or not you want it to display in the default calendar app, then select Done on top of your screen to save your settings.

Can I sync more than one Google Calendar to an iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to sync multiple Google Calendars to a single iOS device. You can view all the synced accounts in the default calendar app.

Can I merge Google Calendar with Apple Calendar on my iPhone?

No, due to both calendar services having different security requirements, this option is not supported officially by either Google or Apple.

Do I have access to all of Google Calendar’s features on my iPhone’s default app?

No, there are certain Google Calendar features that Apple’s calendar app does not support. These features include but are not limited to calendar creation, email notification transmission, and room scheduling.