How to Use Google Forms

Creating, editing, and customizing a form in Google Forms is an easy step. Check on the full article to know how to use Google Forms today!

How to Use Google Forms

  • Step 1: Log In to a Google Account

    step 1 log in to your google account 0

    Whether you wish to create a Google Forms personally or in business, you are asked to log in to a Google account to enjoy the perks of this Google app.

  • Step 2: Go to Google Forms

    step 2 go to forms 0

    Open the Google Forms app by clicking the Google apps icon at the top-right corner of your Google homepage, search Google Forms on the web, or download the app for easier access.

  • Step 3: Start the Form

    choose your form step 3 0

    Click “Blank” to start a new skeleton form, or choose from the variety of pre-made form templates in the template gallery.

  • Step 4: Name the Form

    name your form step 4 0

    Tap on “Untitled Form”, change the title of your form, and complete by adding a form description.

  • Step 5: Customize Form

    customize from step 5 0

    Control the aesthetic value of your form by clicking on the paint palette icon at the top-right section of your form to select a header, and choose the overall form color, background color, and font style.

  • Step 6: Add Question

    add question step 6 0

    Start encoding your questions, make use of the side menu bar icons to add things to your question, and maximize the buttons below, like the delete, duplicate, and “required” switch.

  • Step 7: Decide on the Modes of Answering

    how to use google forms step

    There are eleven options to choose from on how to answer the questions, The default mode is multiple-choice, but you have the liberty to choose among short answers, paragraphs, multiple-choice, checkboxes, drop-down, file upload, linear scale, multiple choice grid, checkbox grid, date, and time.

  • Step 8: Utilize More Settings

    how to use google forms step

    Navigate through the more icon or the three vertical dots beside your profile photo to maximize the more settings, such as add a copy, move to trach, get a pre-filled link, print, add collaborators, script editor, and add-ons.

  • Step 9: Use Preview

    how to use google forms step

    Point and click on the eye icon at the top-right section of the form to have a look at the unfinished form. The preview features allow you to see the overall view and interface of your form.

  • Step 10: Send Form

    step 10 send form 0

    Share your form by sending it through an email, shareable link, and embed HTML.

Who uses Google Forms?

Google Forms can be used by basically everyone who owns a Google Account. This Google app is a survey administrative software that offers features and capabilities for efficient information gathering.

Is Google Forms for free?

Google Forms can be used for free personally, however, a rate is offered to those who use them for business but is already integrated into the free of a Google Workspace.

How can I send my form to others?

Google Forms offer three ways to do so. Send the forms via email, shareable link, or embed HTML.

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