Badge Ideas

Badges are not that easy to make especially when you’re running out of ideas, and creating them will need you to think of a lot of elements for you to put in together in one design. By adding certain elements, you can create a badge you have always envisioned, and looking into ideas and examples might not be a bad idea after all. badge-ideas

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Badge Ideas and Examples

Badges vary in design depending on where or how they’re used. Some are big with highly complex elements while others are small with minimalist details. Gather ideas first before starting to create your badges.

Badge Logo Design Ideas and Examples

A badge can not be called a badge without a design. With this, there are various badge logo design ideas and examples that you can check out to find out which themes, colors, shapes, and aesthetics you want to go for.

Ideas for Event Ribbon Badge Examples

Event ribbon badges should always show one’s creativity, from choosing the text to choosing the right colors for the ribbons. A perfect event ribbon badge should follow a certain theme that still connects to the celebration. Here are some ideas for event ribbon badges that you might find useful for your next designs.

Wood Badge Ideas and Examples

Wood badges are special awards given to scouts who have completed their training. With this, a specific theme is always applied to these kinds of badges. We have some wood badge ideas and examples that you can follow for your future wood badge projects.

Visitor Badge Ideas and Examples

Although very simple, visitor badges need to have a specific design as well as a set of fonts for an establishment to identify the person and which particular event or place he or she is going to. With this, we have created some visitor badge ideas and examples that could be used for your next visitor badge.

Ideas for Volunteer Badge with Examples

A volunteer badge should be a bit similar to a visitor badge since this type also follows a specific theme and does not rely much on integrating images on the front part of the badge. Hence, a simple logo and a series of text that shows the person’s name and some other contact information could suffice. Moreover, we have some more ideas for volunteer badges with examples you can check out.

Work Badge Ideas and Examples

A perfect work badge should have a design that could fit into the setting or theme your workplace has. This type of badge is worn formally. Thus, its design should be wearable, especially paired with regular business attire, at the very least. Here are some work badge ideas and examples that you can consider before making your very own work badge.

Badge Ideas and Examples for Winners

Winners deserve the best badges. With this, the best winner’s badges should come in different shapes and sizes. Also, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing colors since specific colors are associated with specific awards as well (For example, gold is for first prize winners while silver is for second prize winners). Here are some more badge ideas and examples for winners that you can choose from.

Wedding Badge Ideas and Examples

A wedding badge should be able to follow what theme the wedding couple is going for. This type of badge does not focus on the images printed on its front. Instead, logos and some series of text are much more appropriate for such an event. Hence, we’ve got some more wedding badge ideas and examples you can pick from.


How Do I Design a Digital Badge?

You can design your very own digital badge on mobile phones by using applications such as Canva, Adobe Express, and Badge Designer, and on desktop computers by using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

What Is a Badge Posted on Social Media?

A badge on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is commonly used to commemorate another individual’s success online.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Badge Holder

To choose a badge holder, we recommend having either a lanyard or carabiner badge holder to easily fasten and unfasten them on your clothing.

How Do Badge and Lanyard Printing Work?

“Relief printing” is done to etch a printing surface with the remains of the original surface that serves as the actual design of the print, and “digital printing” is done by larger companies offering prints in bulk, which requires you to create a design using any editing application and produce copies through a printer.

What Should Be on a Company ID Badge?

Your name, company, position, and contact information should be included on a company ID badge, but you can also add your signature to double its authenticity considering that it is an official document issued by the company.

What Is a Pin Badge Used For?

A pin badge is used for any occasion to share with people your basic information and company participation without the need to say it to them.

What Are Button Badges Used For?

Button badges were used to fasten two fabrics together, but now they’re also used as accessories as they’re adorned with decorations such as logos, images, and texts.

Why Name Badges Are So Important At Events?

Name badges are regarded as very important at events considering that the occasion needs a large amount of interaction from one person or group to another.

What Are Badges Used For in Education?

There are two types of badges commonly used in the education field, the university badge which works just like a name badge, and the Winner Badge which is used to reward exceptional students.

Who Should Wear Film Badges?

Film badges, also called “Radiation Monitoring Badges,” are worn by professionals who are working in laboratories that are regularly exposed to radioactive energy.