Book Cover Ideas

The design of a book cover is paramount and should be enticing enough to capture the reader’s interest. With so many books in circulation and more still yet to be published, you’ll need lots of book cover ideas for your book to stand out!   book-cover-ideas1

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Book Cover Ideas and Examples

From romance novels to thrillers to autobiographies, the cover must suit the book’s genre. It’s important to pick an appropriate design that will fit the story and message of the book. The example below is a simple yet modern book cover of an autobiography.   



Book Cover Ideas for School and Examples

Education books are a basic school resource. All students and teachers make use of them. Take a cue from this simple school textbook cover design. You can’t go wrong with scholastic colors and a simple cover message.  


Book Cover Ideas for DIY and Examples

Creating a book cover does not need to cost a fortune. Do-it-yourself book covers are possible as long as you have a reliable reference or guide to follow. This editable book cover is easy enough to achieve even for beginners without a design background. 


Book Cover Ideas for Wattpad and Examples

Wattpad is a popular online platform. It helps showcase people’s creativity not just through the stories they create, but also through e-book cover designs. Just like any book cover, a Wattpad book cover should be just as engaging and interesting.  


Book Cover Ideas for Drawing Book and Examples

A book cover does not necessarily need intricate graphic design. You can already do a lot with simple illustrations. For example, the creative book cover below makes use of an elegant logo as its main image.   


Book Cover Ideas for School Project and Examples

School projects are a common academic requirement. Keep it formal and scholastic with a book cover that’s clean and minimalist. The business management book cover below achieves the scholarly look perfectly.  


Book Cover Ideas for Recipe Cookbook and Examples

Cookbooks are not just instructional resources, they are a feast for the eyes. For a standout book cover, choose one dish to serve as the main focal point. The contrast and colors in this example cookbook cover below work effortlessly.   


Book Cover Ideas for Handmade Book and Examples

Creating a DIY bookcover is not as difficult as it seems. You can stick to solid background colors and play around with text, font, and taglines. The editable and printable book cover template below is a perfect example.  


Book Cover Ideas for Art Book and Examples

Art is all about creative expression. This notion also applies to art book covers. It’s important to let the art speak for itself, and the book cover below is a pertinent example.  


Book Cover Ideas for Decoration Book and Examples

You don’t need to be crafty to design an elegant decoration book cover. The use of different elements in a book cover can add a decorative flair. But make sure these elements complement each other. This travel photo book cover uses various photos to create a collage that works.


Book Cover Ideas FAQs

How do I make a book cover?

You can have it professionally designed and made or you can create a do-it-yourself (DIY) book cover using a predesigned template.

How do I make an interesting book cover?

Apart from having a catchy title, an interesting book cover should also be visually pleasing and engaging.

What is the first page of the book called?

The first page of a book is called the title page.

What makes a good book cover?

A good book cover is creative, original, and captures the attention of the reader.

Why are book covers important?

Book covers are important because they provide the reader with a preliminary idea of what the book is about.

How do you structure a book cover?

The standard or basic structure of a book includes the title, author, and graphics, but the layout usually depends on the preferences of the author or publisher.

What is inside a book cover?

A book cover must contain the title of the book and the author’s name.

How can I design my own book cover for free?

You can use an existing book cover template to save time and money.

How to create your handmade book cover design?

The most practical way to create a DIY book cover design is by using a template because it allows you to save on materials and resources.

What are the elements of a book cover?

The elements of a book cover are the front cover, back cover, and spine.