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Certificates are essential in showcasing one’s knowledge, skills, participation, or completion in a particular field of specialization, event, or course. At the same time, it also serves as a tool to testify a fact. certificate-ideas

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Certificate Ideas & Examples

You’ve probably received a couple of certificates since elementary, whenever you’ve participated in a contest, tournament, seminar, or summer workshop. But now, it’s your turn to create one for your upcoming event. Inspire yourself with our unique certificate design ideas and examples, and browse through our list below.

Certificate Ideas for Sports & Examples

Badminton, basketball, chess, or soccer—in sports, trophies and medals alone aren’t enough to commend the extraordinary performance of your athletes. They also deserve a professionally-designed sports certificate to testify their winning and participation in the event legally.


Certificate Ideas for Business & Examples

Business certificates and permits are important when starting a business to avoid any legal problems in the future. They help secure your company’s reputation, name, and legitimacy, building trust and confidence among your customers and suppliers. At the same time, they act as an excellent marketing tool for promoting your business.


Certificate Ideas for School Projects & Examples

Universities, schools, and other academic institutions are highly known for handing out certificates to their students, faculty members, and stakeholders. If you’re one of them, a school certificate template will help you prepare for your upcoming activities. So, showcase your milestones and significant events with your students, teachers, and co-workers.


Certificate Ideas for Students & Examples

Educational certificates signify a student’s achievements and completions in particular vocational or professional subjects. As their educator, recognize their efforts by giving them a student certificate. You can craft the best certificates for your class using our high-quality graphic design templates.


Gift Certificate Ideas for Couples & Examples

Gift certificates are among the most beautiful types of certificates. Their designs are fancy and decorative, making individuals and couples who receive them happy. Gift coupes with gift certificates to boost your sales by granting them discounts and freebies on specific products and services.


Certificate Ideas for Employees & Examples

Like schools, companies and offices also recognize their top-performing personnel with employee certificates. Create one at Template.net, and make sure to indicate your employee’s name, position, and achievements. Then, hand them to your employees during your end of year gathering.


Certificate Ideas for Project & Examples

Projects need certification to make each completion official. That said, create a project certificate today to recognize your team’s project accomplishments. Whether it’s for construction, administrative, IT, or architectural projects, Template.net’s got you covered.


Gift Certificate Advertising Ideas & Examples

Gift certificates are excellent advertising material. So, why not give your valued customers a few discounts on your products and services through gift certificates to draw them into your business? Create certificates that fit any occasion, such as Christmas and holiday gift certificates; we have plenty of ideas here.


Birth Certificate Ideas & Examples

A birth certificate is essential to authenticate a citizen’s identity and nationality from birth. It can even help them obtain government-issued documents, like a driver’s license and passport, for their personal activities. When creating one, make sure it has a minimalist design and has summarized the person’s name, birth date, and birthplace.


Recognition Certificate Ideas & Examples

Recognize your worker, student, or subordinates who have achieved something with a beautifully-made recognition certificate. Who knows, these small acts of kindness could boost their morale and inspire them to do better at work or school. So, if you’re a teacher or an employer, consider making one here at Template.net.



What apps can I use to create certificates?

You can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Photoshop, and Indesign to create certificates.

What are the most common types of certificates?

The most common types of certificates are business certificates, award certificates, gift certificates, and birth certificates.

What size should an award certificate be?

An award certificate can be 8.5″ x 11″ in size.

Should importance certificate be framed?

Yes, importance certificates such as business certificates should be framed to preserve their quality and validity.

What paper material is best for printing certificates?

Parchment paper is considered the best material for certificate printing.

What are the requirements of a certificate?

A certificate must have the recipient’s full name, description of its purpose, date issued, and the company name and logo.

What is the timeframe for the completion of certificates?

You can finish creating a certificate in just a few minutes, especially with the help of certificate templates.

What elements make a certificate?

The elements of a certificate are the border designs, organization/company name, company logo, certificate title, recipient’s name, description of the certificate’s purpose, and date issued.

What is a certificate’s purpose?

The purpose of a certificate is to officially acknowledge one’s achievement or accomplishment on certain events, activities, or projects.

What is a certificate of appreciation?

As the name suggests, it’s a type of certificate that expresses an organization’s appreciation of an individual’s work and accomplishments.