Comic Strip Ideas

Comic strips come in a wide variety of designs, languages, colors, and graphic images, and they are often associated with humor and jokes but are also used to educate readers and as a means to market products and services. Come and explore the different kinds of comic strip ideas and examples to help you get started on your next project.

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Comic Strip Ideas and Examples

A lot of people, regardless of age love reading comics especially nowadays these could be shared on social media platforms. Comic strips are fun to create, especially if you’ve got a great story idea and characters in mind. To help you begin, below is a comprehensive list of comic strip ideas to choose from.

Medical 6 Panel Comic Strip Ideas and Examples

Explaining certain medical topics and issues in full text can be sometimes difficult to understand. A medical comic strip is a unique alternative to help readers visualize the message you wish to impart. For kids, you can present this by drawing a cartoon figure which is a fun way to explain different kinds of medical information.

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Coronavirus 3 Panel Comic Strip Ideas and Examples

Currently, the coronavirus remains a threat to society and everyone must continue to remain vigilant and follow safety protocols. To help dispatch new messages and updates, you can create a coronavirus comic strip. Aside from the illustrations, communicate information through explanatory dialogue since this is an important matter that needs to be expounded.

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Animal 6 Panel Comic Strip Ideas and Example

Get creative teaching grade school students their lessons through an animal comic strip. This is an enjoyable classroom activity that helps enhance a child’s visual and reading skills. School teachers can use cartoon drawings to help teach math and science and add splashes of color to make it fun to understand.

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Family 4 Panel Comic Strip Ideas and Examples

Stories about family and their relationship are a common theme in a lot of comic strips. This depicts the daily lives of family members and is often relatable to a lot of readers. Check out this family comic strip to help you create great family theme comics.

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3 Panel Comic Strip Ideas and Examples

A 3 panel comic strip is short and the story is direct to the point. It follows three elements a set-up, reinforcement, and a punchline. A good example of this is the popular American comic strip called Dilbert. This type of comic strip is usually hilarious and sassy making it a favorite for a lot of readers.

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6 Panel Comic Strip Ideas and Examples

Comics with a much longer storyline and are often depicted in graphic novels or comic books make use of a 6 panel comic strip. This helps the artist incorporate more graphic details and dialogue. This is also preferred for stories with a continuing plot or those following complicated themes, giving the artist more room to draw and write their story.

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4 Panels Comic Strip Ideas and Examples

If you need to create a comic strip that is just about right, meaning not too long nor too short then you can settle with a 4 panel comic strip. This features 4 sets of panels or boxes where you can draw your characters and include a small dialogue in between. This type is popular for one-short stories which could be found in comic magazines and newspapers.

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Blank Comic Strip Ideas and Examples

Need to create something entirely out of scratch? Then check out this blank comic strip example where you have the option to add dialogue or just use images to create a story. This works well for school activities, assignments, and exams.

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Fashion Comic Strips Ideas and Examples

Need a unique way to feature your fashion business? A fashion comic strip will surely catch a customer’s attention and feature a gallery of fashion and costume items in the comic strip to promote the latest fashion trends. You can post this comic strip on the company’s website or through marketing paraphernalia.

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Comic Strip Ideas FAQs

What are some comic strip ideas?

Some popular comic strip ideas focus on friendship, family, fashion, food, the environment, and educational purposes.

What makes a good comic strip?

A good comic strip is defined by its ability to tell a story through pictures and project a meaningful dialogue and quotes.

What can you see in comic strips book?

A comic strip book is a collection of various comic strips, so you can find one-shot or continuing stories.

What does a comic book contain?

A comic book contains comic strips, illustrations, and bubble speeches where the creator writes down the dialogue.

What is a comic strip panel?

A comic strip panel is used to separate each section of the comic strip, and this is where illustrations are drawn and the dialogue is written down.

What paper is used for a comic strip?

Artists and designers prefer using Bristol paper, which comes in both pads and large sheets that can be customized to whatever size you need.

What do you need to make a comic strip?

To make a comic strip you need to process the storyline, draw up character sketches, write down the dialogue, decide on the coloring then finalize your comic strip.

What is dialogue in comic strip?

A dialogue in a comic strip is the conversation or interaction between the characters.

What is the main elements of a comic strip?

The main elements of a comic strip are the panels or cells, gutter, speech bubbles, sound effects, and illustrations.

What is the layout of a comic strip?

Comics strips use a six-panel grid with three tiers of panels, two panels per tier, or a strip layout that contains three panels per tier.

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