Digital Signage Ideas

Digital signages are best for communicating public information, especially when you want to advertise your product or brand information, or when you want to improve your customer services. So, capture the attention of passersby, as well as your target audience with creative digital signage ideas and concepts. digital-signage-ideas

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Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

Listed below are the different digital signage ideas that you can gather. Its content can be about business, advertising, informational announcements, and so on. Feel free to have a look at some of the cool ideas below so that the next digital signage you make will be one of the best.

School Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

A school digital signage can be handy for promoting an opening of a new school or encouraging people to enroll in their programs. It usually contains various infographics relating to education, and some calls to action and contact information should it be promoting something relating to the school. When designing a template of your own, feel free to have a look at this example.


Easter Ideas for Digital Signage Examples

Holidays deserve to be celebrated, and Easter is one of them. To attract attendees for your upcoming Easter activities, you can make use of an Easter digital signage. Alternatively, this signage can be used as a simple Easter holiday greeting.


Business Hours Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

If you’re looking to design the next digital signage for your simple establishment or business, then a business hour digital signage may be just for you. As the title says, this type of digital signage will simply display the business operating hours of an establishment, such as a bank or a small restaurant. Take a look at the example below to see what it looks like.


Coupon Code Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

Shopping malls looking to promote their next big sale to the masses can make use of a coupon code digital signage to get people to notice it. When designing one, you can be creative, but keep in mind that the product and the sale should be emphasized along with the coupon codes. Feel free to have a look below to see what it looks like.


Travel Deals Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

Travel deals come and go, and whenever they arrive, you want to make sure that it needs to get promoted to as many customers as possible so they can avail of the said travel deal. One way of doing so is by making use of a travel deals digital signage. When you design one, place emphasis on the destinations (international or domestic), the discounted prices, and how long will the deal last.


Price List Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

Prices of goods can change from time to time, and sometimes it can happen more frequently than you’d like. This is why a price list digital signage is preferable for establishments such as a small retail store or a supermarket since it can be updated at a moment’s notice. Once again, you can get creative with its design, but place emphasis on what you sell with its matching price.


Welcome Sign Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

Digital signage can also serve a personal purpose. When you’re looking to welcome guests in an office, hotel room, or in your personal home, a welcome sign digital signage can be a great option when you’re looking to shy away from the conventional printed ones. Since this can be personalized, the design is entirely up to you, but the example below should give you an idea of what it looks like.


Mother’s Day Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

Another type of digital signage that can be used to celebrate a special day is Mother’s Day digital signage. This is typically used by different companies or groups to promote any activity or special offers concerning this event. Take note that the design elements should revolve around the celebration, as well as the type of event being marketed.


Spring Season Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

The spring season usually comes after the winter season, and some establishments may hold gatherings to celebrate the start of spring. When promoting any activities relating to the spring season, they can have a look at using a spring season digital signage. This can also be used to promote any offers and discounts that businesses may have to celebrate the start of a new season.



How does digital signage software work?

Digital signage software systems help one create, store, schedule, monitor and display custom advertisements on digital signage screen displays.

How to setup digital signage?

Setting up digital signage involves purchasing your screen, buying a media player, finding the right software, finding a high-speed internet connection, finding any power outlets, and assembling the entire system.

How effective is digital signage?

Digital signage is effective in the way that it gets the attention of customers or potential new customers through the use of digital displays to market their products and services to people while increasing their retention and recall rate.

How to use digital signage?

Digital signage is used to provide public information, convey internal communication, or share product information to enhance brand recognition.

What are the important elements of digital signage?

The important elements of digital signage include the display, the support hardware, the media player, the content management system, and the main content.

What are the benefits of digital signage?

The benefits of digital signage include attracting the attention of customers, highlighting special offers, the ability to change displays quickly, and reducing perceived wait times.

How do you use digital signage?

Digital signage can be used as menu boards in retail stores, and a restaurant, and it can also be used for wayfinding in a large place like an airport or a shopping mall.

What should I show on digital signage?

The content you should show on digital signage depends on its purpose, as some can show infographic content or event announcements while some show a marketing message from a business.

Why digital signage is important?

Digital signage is important because it can be used to enhance customer service, promotions, and brand recognition.

Tips and ideas to make beautiful digital signage?

Making beautiful digital signage involves picking the right screen size for your use case, deciding on its purpose, starting with a template to make things easier, modifying the contents of the said template, adding any graphics or photos, and finalizing the design of the signage.