Door Hanger Ideas

Door hangers are the perfect tools if you don’t want to waste a huge sum of money just to let your target market see your message. And since various designs are aplenty for door hangers, you might want to check out some of our ideas and examples as an inspiration in creating one for yourself. door-hanger-ideas

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Door Hanger Ideas and Examples

Door hangers are tangible marketing evidence your clients can keep as a memorabilia of their experience with your company and can serve as a tool for referring potential customers to your business. Feel free to look at our unique, fresh, and artistically-designed door hanger ideas and examples and choose any that suits your preferences.

Hotel Door Hanger Ideas and Examples

If you value privacy when staying inside your hotel room, then a hotel door hanger will be perfect for you. A common example of using it is by adding a “do not disturb” sign on the door hanger. It should also have appropriate design elements that fit a hotel setting.

Ideas for Advertising Door Hanger

Companies specializing in agency or real estate services may use this advertising door hanger design. This is primarily a helpful marketing tool since it is easy to distribute. Just keep in mind that when making one, it should have the elements that match the product or service being advertised.

Marketing Ideas and Examples for Hanger Ideas

If you need a marketing idea or tool for a product or a service, then a door hanger will be one of the best ones you can have. Whether you are handing out discount coupons or advertising new products, a door hanger will be a conventional marketing tool to lean on. When designing one, feel free to look at our example for marketing door hangers as an inspiration.

Hospital Door Hanger Ideas and Examples

If you’re celebrating the birth of your newborn baby and need something to hang around at your door, then a hospital door hanger may be the right decor. This door hanger is usually a DIY design using a circular piece of wood with a bow on top. If you need inspiration on making one, take a look at our available example.

Ideas for Business Door Hanger Examples

Let potential customers know about your business by advertising them on a door hanger. No matter what type it may be, using a business door hanger as a marketing tool is relatively easy and affordable. Just make sure that the design elements and font are appropriate and readable.

Beautiful Design Ideas for Construction Door Hanger and Examples

If you need an excellent marketing idea for your construction firm, or perhaps a tool to display signages, then a construction door hanger is the solution to your problem. This type of door hanger may advertise construction works like masonry and roofing. Plus, it can also indicate notices such as “construction barricades going on” whenever your team is undergoing a construction project.

Wedding Door Hanger Ideas and Examples

For someone celebrating a church wedding or a beach wedding, having a wedding door hanger can be a great and creative way to invite your guests. Not only can this door hanger serve as an invitation, but it can also serve as a “do not disturb” sign for your guests. Whatever the purpose you want for your door hanger, feel free to look at our examples to give you an idea of what it looks like.


Door Hanger Ideas and Examples for Handyman

Handyman services need easy methods to advertise their services, and door hangers are an excellent option. That said, this handyman door hanger can promote handyman jobs, such as masonry work and HVAC work. Have a look at our example, so you have an idea of what it looks like.

Christmas Door Hanger Ideas and Examples

If you’re looking to add a seasonal touch to your homes for summer, winter, fall, and spring, having a DIY Christmas door hanger design will get your task done in no time. They are quick and easy to make, so create one for yourself and add as many elements you see fit your door hanger design. But of course, don’t overdo it.


How to use a door hanger?

To use a door hanger, hang them on the door knobs of a potential customer’s house (for advertising) or a potential participant’s house (for invitational use).

How effective are door hangers?

Door hangers are particularly effective marketing tools, especially for services that happen regularly, such as lawn care and home damage repair, since their delivery can be timed whenever the client most likely needs it.

What is the purpose of a door hanger?

Companies use door hangers as a relatively cheap and easy marketing tool to advertise their services and an invitation to events or for simple personal use.

What information should be on a door hanger?

It should contain the main text, the design elements, and, more importantly, the call to action and the contact information.

How to design a door hanger in Photoshop?

Chose a door hanger template from, open it in Adobe Photoshop, and replace the elements with the right ones for the selected purpose.

How do you make a door hanger effective?

The best way to make a door hanger effective is to distribute it to the right people at the right time.

How efficient are door hangers?

They only cost pennies to print in bulk, guaranteeing a much lesser expense in advertising costs, and are easy to craft since the materials are cheap and the methods are friendly.

Why should you do door hanger advertising?

You should advertise your products and services using door hangers since they are hard to miss and do not get lost in the mail.

What are the important elements of a door hanger?

The important elements of a door hanger include its title, main text, call to action, contact information, and other necessary graphic features.

What are personalized door hangers and how to hang them?

Personalized door hangers are the ones that have a personal touch to them and serve a personal use, such as a teacher door hanger and a hospital door hanger, which can be hung on the doorknob or door handle or placed on the center of the door via rope and nail.

What to do with door hangers?

It largely depends on your purpose since some of them can be used for marketing purposes, and others can be used for invitational purposes.