Family Tree Sizes

Family trees can come in many sizes as there are many more members in the family. Before you start designing a family tree, check out and familiarize yourself with the different family tree sizes and frame dimensions that you can choose from. free-kid-friendly-family-tree-template-880x1140-1

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Family Tree Sizes Standard

Smallest Size – 11 inches × 14 inches

This size refers to the family tree charts that are used in hospitals and medical facilities. Their size is ideal for recording several family members while small enough to carry around among files.

Standard Size – 22 inches × 44 inches

This is the known standard size for family tree charts. You can find charts of these sizes hanging lovingly in people’s homes showing their past and their legacy.

Largest Size – 60 inches × 78 inches

Huge sizes like these tend to be reserved for family tree photos set up as a display.

Family Tree for Digital – Social Media

Facebook Size

The advisable size for your family tree chart on Facebook is 1200 × 630 px which is 12.5″ × 6.5″.

Twitter Size

To post a photo of your family tree on Twitter, keep your file size up to the limit of 1200 × 675 or 12.5″ × 7″.

Instagram Size

The maximum limit of your family tree image on Instagram is 1080 px × 1080 px or 11.25″ × 11.25″.

Family Tree for Print

Generally speaking, there is no definite limit to a family tree chart. You are free to make custom sizes as big as you prefer especially if you are making them for a big family. The following are the common sizes from small to big.

11 × 14 inches – This is the smallest possible size for an official family tree chart. It’s usually used for a small family unit and might be used in magazines, medical accounts, or a database printout.

24 × 36 inches – This is the middle ground in terms of sizes for a family tree. It is used for bigger portraits of families or often used for school projects that ask for a bigger version of a family tree.

60 × 78 inches – The largest possible size for a family tree. With so much space this is used for a detailed page of a huge family in order.

Family Tree for Email

There are situations where a family tree chart is sent through email whether it’s for family activities or a school report. The size recommended for it is 320 × 385 px (3.3 × 4 inches) on mobile and 600 × 700 px (6.25 × 7.29 inches) on desktop.

Family Tree for Business

A company that provides a service like tracing your family line across time or tracking family histories for a program or show will make use of family tree charts. Their sizes may vary for print as mentioned in the above section such as the standard 24 × 36 inches.

Family Tree for Adobe Photoshop

If you are going to make your family tree using Adobe Photoshop, your work must be at around 2,560 × 1,600 pixels or 26.6 × 16.6 inches.

Family Tree for Adobe Illustrator

When designing your family tree chart on Adobe Illustrator, the recommended size is to keep it at A4 size at 210 × 297 mm.

Family Tree Sizes FAQs

What is the average size of a family tree?

Charts that depict family trees are usually in the average size of 22 × 44 inches.

What is the layout of a family tree?

A family tree layout is reminiscent of an actual tree with one person starting as the root and extending to connect to their parents, relatives, etc.

Who are the branches of a family tree?

There are two branches, one refers to your father’s side of the family and the other is from your mother.

How accurate is a family tree?

A family tree is as accurate as the number of members, grandparents, and other people in the bloodline are included.

What is a family tree style chart called?

A family tree style chart is also called a genealogy or a pedigree.

What are the features of a family tree?

Features of a family tree include the names, birthdays, photos, and lines that indicate relation through marriage, biology, or adoption.

What is a 3 generation family tree?

As its name suggests it is a family tree that comprises three generations such as a person, their parents, and their grandparents for example.

What is meant by family structure?

Family structure refers to the combination of relatives that make up a family unit.

What do family trees represent?

Family trees represent the social and historical relationships between relatives along with their genetics.