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Flowcharts are often used to visually depict a procedure or workflow, and they outline complicated procedures by showing each step as it is performed in a predetermined order. Because of their complexities, they come in different sizes and formats, and each flowchart size and format has its specific purpose making the sizing process a bit challenging. flowchart-size

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Flowchart Sizes Standard

There isn’t a universally recognized standard for flowchart sizes, but the ideal dimensions of the whole image should at least be between 11 × 6.5 inches to 27 × 40 inches. This size would normally be enough to encompass a basic flowchart’s elements ultimately making flowchart analysis easy.

Flowchart Sizes for Digital – Social Media

Facebook Flowchart Size

Flowcharts posted on Facebook should ideally be 1920 × 1005 pixels (20 × 10.5 inches at 96 dpi).


Instagram Flowchart Size

If you want to post a flowchart on Instagram, the optimal and practical dimensions are 1080 by 566 pixels or 1080 by 1350 pixels.


LinkedIn Flowchart Size

Uploading flowcharts in the dimensions of 1128 × 376 pixels (or 11.75 inches × 3.9 inches at 96 dots per inch) will make them stand out more on LinkedIn. Images must be in PNG or JPEG format to be uploaded to LinkedIn.


Twitter Flowchart Size

Flowcharts on Twitter perform best at a resolution of 1024 × 512 pixels, while larger versions can be uploaded up to 1200 × 675 pixels for users who want to enlarge the picture. Twitter is compatible with PNG, JPEG, and GIF files.


Flowchart Sizes for Print

A3: 11.7” × 16.5”

Flowcharts with A3 size (297 mm × 420 mm) are ideal for creative designs and extensive content.


A4: 8.3” × 11.7”

Flowcharts of A4 size (210 mm × 297 mm) are ideal for showcasing several flowchart symbols with minimum text.


A5: 8.3” × 5.8”

A5 flowcharts, measuring 148 mm × 210 mm, are a decent size for startups and small enterprises with a restricted marketing budget.


A6: 5.8” × 4.1”

With a dimension of only 105 mm × 148 mm, A6 flowcharts are convenient in size without sacrificing content.


A7: 2.9” × 4.13”

A7 flowcharts are 74 mm x 105 mm, which may appear tiny enough for retaining material, but they provide mobility and cost-effectiveness.


Flowchart Sizes for Email

When sending out electronic flowcharts, it’s important to consider the device being used by the recipient. Email flowcharts rendered 361 mm by 203 mm will look great on desktop PCs and mobile devices.


Flowchart Sizes for Business

The optimal sizes for flowcharts that businesses utilize are 5.5 × 8.5 inches, 8.5 x 11 inches, and 11 x 17 inches. These sizes are great for developing system processes and even daily operational procedures.


Flowchart Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop’s suggested resolution for designing flowcharts is 300 PPI, and you should set the color mode to CMYK to prevent grains on the image. The recommended sizes for developing flowcharts are 148 mm × 210 mm and 216 mm × 279.5 mm.


Flowchart Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Flowcharts created in Adobe Illustrator may be exported in two sizes: 8.5 × 11 inches or 4 × 6 inches. Both sizes may be designed rapidly, printed at little cost, and disseminated with little effort.


Flowchart Sizes FAQs

What dimension is a flowchart?

A standard flowchart normally has 2 dimensions only.

Can flowchart have 2 ends?

A flowchart should have a specified end, but because of the potential of many strategic options, it may have multiple endings.

What is linear flowchart?

The steps of a process can be depicted graphically in a linear flowchart.

How do I reduce the size of a flowchart in Word?

By double-clicking anywhere on the canvas, you’ll bring up the “Format” panel, where you may adjust the size settings for the full Flowchart at once.

What is a standard flowchart?

A standard flowchart is an easy-to-understand illustration that illustrates a procedure for the benefit of others.

How to increase the size of the textbox in a flowchart shape?

To raise or reduce the size of the text boxes in the flowchart, click on the text box and alter the size by changing the circles surrounding each box.

What are flowchart shapes?

The most common flowchart shapes are Oval, Rectangle, Arrow, and Diamond.

What does it mean in coding flowchart size?

In coding, you may use a flowchart to construct a diagram of the processes in your algorithm and analyze any possible faults with your logic, as well as to assist in visualizing the steps in a system, such as inputs, outputs, and loops.

What should be done to fit the size of the flowchart?

To modify the size of a flowchart in any editing tool or program, simply place your cursor around one of the handles and drag it.

What do the flowchart shapes represent?

Flowcharts are diagrams that employ various forms to depict the many operations or processes involved in a procedure.