Graphic Organizer Sizes

Graphic Organizers have a wide range of uses specifically for storing data or improving memory with different situations or reasons requiring the need to present concise information but still with a theme or design. Read this article to find out more about the unique graphic organizer sizes and formats that you can find a graphic organizer to be. graphic-organizer-sizes

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Graphic Organizer Sizes Standard


The counterpart of the letter size is the letter wide; often, for a landscape-oriented graphic organizer, measuring at 11 x 8.5 inches. This is useful so you can have more space to fill in the contents for your diagrams and charts.

Letter Wide

The counterpart of the letter size is the letter wide often for a landscape-oriented graphic organizer which is measured at 11 x 8.5 inches, this is useful so you can have more space in filling in contents for your diagrams and charts.


A legal-size paper is measured at 8.5 x 14 inches, often used for brochures and legal documents, so keep that in mind when you need to match your graphic organizer to the other papers in your folder or file.

Legal Wide

The landscape counterpart of the legal-size paper is measured at 14 x 8.5 inches, it is similar to the letter wide, but if you require even more area to design your organizer, then the legal wide is your best option.

Graphic Organizer Sizes for Digital – Social Media

Facebook Graphic Organizer Size

Not all the posts or images of people found on Facebook are for entertainment purposes. Some pages or posts will use a graphic organizer to portray information concisely as it is the most known social media platform. In such a case, the recommended size for this kind of digital post is 29.7 x 21 cm. It is best not to shrink images, so users don’t see unnecessary pixels.


Instagram Graphic Organizer Size

As Instagram is best known for square images, you should ensure your posts are 1080px by 1080px or at least a 1:1 ratio, so they don’t appear awkwardly stretched out or misshapen. Don’t forget to add tags so users can quickly locate your graphic organizers, as they do affect analytics or the cards they are dealt with.


Twitter Graphic Organizer Size

Twitter image windows or banners may not convert well for larger posts or have a different sizing dimension. Regardless, you should use the measurements of 1200px by 675px, so your content does not appear pixelated and retain the resolution.


LinkedIn Graphic Organizer Size

LinkedIn suggests an aspect ratio of 3:1 to 2:3 and photographs of at least 552 x 368 pixels to prevent cropping. But, you may be able to double it to 1,104 x 736 pixels to avoid stretching out the images you will be uploading on your account or website. A video also has a similar recommendation since the application may not be seen on screen all of what was captured.


Graphic Organizer Sizes for Print


As the largest size among the recommended graphic organizers, an A2 or 420 x 594 mm will offer you a large amount of space to include graphs and even your logo so your work will be presentable to people or a company who will be viewing it.


An A3 is measured at 297 x 420 mm, which does include enough base space for you to fill with designs and content. This works well as a sign in the company office as it is still visible even if people are checking it out from afar in the event that a notice is needed.


Presenting to you as a blank canvas, an A4 or 210 x 297 mm is an option to convey information with a specific layout in mind, as it does offer you spacious areas to fill with containers and have the title in a particular section. Such a scenario is when you are printing your graphic organizer and will be plastering it on a shirt.

A4 Wide

As the counterpart of the A4 portrait, you can use the A4 wide for an alternative format of 297 x 210 mm; this size may not easily change in this case.


An A5 or 148 x 210 mm may be the last on the list, but it is not exactly the smallest in area size. It will still fulfill the purpose and deliver intel present within the graphic organizer.


Graphic Organizer Sizes for Email

When sending the file through email, the ideal graphic organizer size is either 215.9 x 279.4 mm or 215.9 x 355.6. Sticking to these dimensions will ensure you don’t screw the font when the receiver opens it up within their respective phone or laptop. After all, the receiver must determine and understand the content. To be safe, ensure the size remains within the limit of 20 to 25 MB.


Graphic Organizer Sizes for Business

Graphic organizers are also useful for business since they help flesh out or bring visualized ideas to life and summarize the crucial points in bringing a project to completion. When you present your information, the recommended size is 420 x 594 mm, 297 x 420 mm, or 210 x 297 mm.


Graphic Organizer Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

A recommended size when using Adobe Photoshop is 1920×1080 pixels or 26.67 x 15.0 inches. The industry standard for high-quality graphic organizers is a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. This will ensure that when you or other people export it and use it as a desktop wallpaper, the quality does not suffer and retains its quality.


Graphic Organizer Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Gaming personalities familiar with this software would know that graphic organizers made and edited on Adobe Illustrator are recommended to have a size of 3300 x 5100 px or 11 x 17 inches with 300 pixels per inch on their artboards. Using a spacious canvas for this software will enable you to creatively include geometric shapes, color, textures, and typography and help you express your creative vision.



How to change graphic organizer size?

In changing the size of a graphic organizer, you need to locate the image settings or if your software allows it, stretch out the image using an arrow in between the width and length.

What should be considered in choosing a suitable graphic organizer?

A suitable graphic organizer will fit the preferences of the user and the reader, this means the content is not all over the place, and the theme is presentable.

What is the effect of choosing the right size of graphic organizers?

It is most beneficial for you to select the appropriate graphic organizer size so you can ensure all the information included is not cut out or does not have to compromise the layout.

What should a graphic organizer contain?

The parts of a graphic organizer have the title as its head, containers, lines, and last but not least, the content.

What is the first step to implementing a graphic organizer?

Before you can design your graphic organizer, back up and select the right size to match your determined purpose of making one in the first place.

Are there more ways to do a graphic organizer?

Other than using the templates provided on this website, you can also create a graphic organizer through Microsoft applications such as Word and Powerpoint and different Adobe software.

What happens if students struggle with using the organizer?

If the tool is not being as helpful as expected, it may be the wrong type of organizer and another may be more effective.

What are graphic organizers for writing?

Smart students and professionals utilize essay graphic organizers, vocabulary graphic organizers, summary graphic organizers, novel or story graphic organizers, and others to brainstorm their topic before writing.

What is the style of the graphic organizer?

The style of a graphic organizer is to present pictorial linkage between facts, concepts, or ideas in a specific topic.

What is a Venn diagram graphic organizer?

A Venn diagram is a graphic organizer that shows the difference between the concepts of the outer circles and the inner circles’ similarities.