How to Create/Build a Cookbook Using Google Docs

Cookbooks are handy instructional tools that can help anyone with basic daily food preparation and those who want to want to make a career out of cooking. Cookbooks come in different layouts and content since these books often feature a certain theme or particular set of dishes from Asian or French cuisine, pastries, vegetarian and kosher meals, and many others.


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Build a Cookbook Template for Google Docs – Step-by-Step Instructions

Google Docs is a great alternative word-processing application since it allows you to design your own cookbook using various types of recipes. What’s great about Google Docs is that it can be accessed online, thus making it convenient and faster to use especially for people on the go.

  • Step 1: Log In to Your Gmail Account

    log in to your gmail account stepFor the first step, you will need to log in to your Google account so you are able to access Google Docs. If you do not have an account yet, then go ahead and create a new account.

    Step 2: Choose A Proposal Template (Option 1)Step 2: Choose A Proposal Template (Option 1)

    Head over to and select a cookbook template that will fit your requirement. You can also scroll down and check out other similar and well-crafted templates that may be perhaps suitable for your personal or business needs.

    Step 3: Search for a Cookbook Template (Option 2)

    step 3 search for a cookbook template optionAnother alternative you can use is by typing the keyword “cookbook templates” into the search text box. From there you will be presented with a wide array of cookbook templates which you can examine one by one until you find the right template.

    Step 4: Select a Cookbook Template

    step 4 select a cookbook template1 e166969480

    To select a template, simply click on the image and you will have a larger view of the image. Afterward, on the right-side portion of your screen, there is an option where you can take full access to the template.

    Step 5: Download the Cookbook Template in Google Docs

    step 5 download the cookbook template in google docsMake sure you select the Google Docs format when downloading the template. And from thereafter, you can easily access the template since you have already log-in your Google account.

    Step 6: Make a Copy of the Google Docs Cookbook Templatestep 6 make a copy of the google docs cookbook template

    A reminder to make a copy of the file will pop out after you have downloaded the template. Make sure to click on “Make a Copy.” This is great because the copy is directly saved in your Google Drive.

    Step 7: Edit the Cover Page (Front)Step 7: Edit the Cover Page (Front)

    One of the most important aspects of a book such as a cookbook is the front cover page. In order to gain a reader’s initial attention you need to incorporate eye-catching designs that are relevant to the cookbook’s theme. Illustrations and sharp photographs would make a great design layout for a front cover page.

    Step 8: Prepare the Cover Page (Back)Step 8: Prepare the Cover Page (Back)

    For the back cover page, you have free rein to add any food-related design or photograph to the template. However, do not forget to add the author’s contact details which include the address, website, and email address.

    Step 9: Add a Table of ContentsStep 9: Add a Table of Contents

    Make it easier for readers to locate a specific recipe by adding a table of contents. A table of contents is an organized list of pages with the corresponding title and page numbers.

    Step 9: Edit the Cookbook’ Main Contentstep 9 edit the cookbook main content e

    Cookbooks are never complete without recipes, so it’s time to organize the content by adding what you think is perfect for your cookbook. Remember to always add photos of the meal, even the ingredients, so readers can get an idea of what the meal should look like after being cooked.

    Step 10: Edit the Author’s PageStep 10: Edit the Author's Page

    Readers would also certainly want to know more about the author/chef. That said, it is important to create brief content for the Author’s Page. This could include an overview of their personal background, credentials, and hobbies.

    Step 11: Cookbook Template Format

    step 11 cookbook template format eDouble-check the template and if all is good you can now download the finished material into several file formats. There are several options you can choose from such as download and covert to PDF format or even converting or saving the Google Docs file into PDF.


Does Google Docs have a cookbook template?

Yes, Google Docs has its own cookbook template, however, offer more comprehensive and well-crafted templates not just in Google Docs format but others as well.

How many pages and recipes do a cookbook have?

Ideally, a cookbook should contain about 50-100 recipes and could span up to 200 pages.

Is it practical to use Google Docs to create a cookbook?

Yes, it is practical to use Google Docs to create a cookbook by using a cookbook template from since this material is pre-designed making it much easier for users to edit, add their content and remove other images if they want to.