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Journals are a neat way to store your thoughts and opinions on everything happening around you. Should you be searching for ideas on making one, then carry on reading this article. journal-ideas

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Journal Ideas & Examples

The following sections below are some journal ideas and examples that you can get. Each of them has a certain look to it, which can be minimalistic or full of visual effects. When you need help in making one, feel free to have a look at some ideas that can be the key to unlocking the next designs.

Writer Journal Ideas & Examples

Writer journals can be considered essential assets for someone in the writing industry to keep track of their progress. If you happen to be a writer (screenwriter, journalist, and so on), then this template might be just for you. It is minimalistic in design to help you have an organized progress list as well as ample room for your thoughts about the project (such as a movie or studio improvement) you’re working on.


Retro Journal Ideas & Examples

A retro journal is one form of a personal journal that is sprinkled with designs that make it look like from the yesteryears while still keeping some modern-looking elements. If you’re the person with this kind of taste, then this journal may be just for you. Since this is a personal journal, write as you please here, including your daily thoughts and experiences.


Project Journal Ideas & Examples

Project managers are busy people, sometimes managing multiple routine projects at a given time. This is why having a project journal is essential to them since it can help them gain different perspectives, solve problems, and plan for the next step. Here’s what it looks like, and the key contents here can be your project highlights, a simplified timeline, agendas for your next conference, a checklist of activities, and so on.


Inspirational Journal Ideas & Examples

More often than not, a bit of inspiration is all we need to keep us going. If you’re in need of a pocketbook to keep track of the life journey that you’ve set, then an inspirational journal may be the perfect fit for you. It’s a simple template, with room provided for your spiritual/personal thoughts, everything you’ve been thankful for, and maybe an inspiring quote or two.


Funny Journal Ideas & Examples

A funny journal is another form of a personal journal. What makes it funny is the pictures and graphics that are designed to give this template a light-hearted look. Just like any other form of personal journal, it has ample room for your schedules, personal goals, thoughts, and so on.


Dance Journal Ideas & Examples

A dance journal might be ideal for someone who likes to be active via dancing. If you want to keep track of your daily dancing activities and exercises, then this could be for you. It contains room for your next dance steps and warm-ups, the next dance music selection, and your personal notes.


Research Journal Ideas & Examples

There are some points during your research where you can be overwhelmed with what’s happening around you. This is why a research journal for note-taking is a great asset to have. Here, you can list down the key date or dates of your research, the background of the study, its methods, and a brief summary including your thoughts on the research.


Coffee Journal Ideas & Examples

Another form of a personalized journal is a coffee journal. It is so named since its design elements have a coffee-themed look to them. This example may pique your interest, and here, you can include your daily goals, daily schedules, and your thoughts on daily events, just like a personal journal would.


Vintage Journal Ideas & Examples

There are plenty of personalized journals that exist, and one of them is a vintage journal. It’s called that since its entire design elements have an antique feel to them and are made in the past. As it is a personal journal, its format allows you to write your daily tasks or goals, your thoughts or feelings on someone or something, and so on.


Journal Ideas FAQs

What are some good ideas for keeping a journal?

Some of the ideas for keeping a journal include keeping one for your dancing lessons, one for your spiritual journey, keeping one to keep track of your projects, keeping one for your next promotion dates, and so on.

What is journal quality metrics?

Journal quality metrics are the metrics that illustrate the impact of a journal on its particular field.

What should be on the first page of a journal?

The things you can write on the first page (or front page) of your personal journal can include a list of goals, a list of short quotes, and different writing prompts.

What are the benefits of journal writing for students?

The benefits of journal writing for students include improving mental health, enhancing critical skills, and improving academic performance.

What is an average journal impact factor?

An average impact factor for a journal is a score that is less than 1.

What constitutes a journal quality paper?

A journal-quality paper is one that is peer-reviewed and has at least an average to high impact factor.

What is Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 in journals?

These are the four quartiles in each subject category of journals in the SCImago journal rank.

What is journal prompts?

Journal prompts are writing ideas that help you to focus on what you write.

What are good things to put in a journal?

It largely depends on what type of journal you’re creating, as it can include the next goals for your home improvement, your thoughts on the current dance lesson, and so on.

What is a dotted journal?

Dotted journal notebooks are a happy medium between blank journals, line journals, and squared-page journals, and they have regularly-spaced dots to keep handwriting on an even keel and also have a structured table or grid layout.

What weight of paper is good for journals?

Journals are mostly print media, and a paper weight of 80-90 GSM is generally adequate for personal or DIY journals, while for bullet journals, 160 GSM is generally the sweet spot.

What is the role of journals?

Journals are peer-reviewed articles that serve to communicate and provide valuable information to the community.

Are journals reliable?

Yes, since they are articles that are peer-reviewed and have undergone a thorough check from experts in a particular field before it is published.