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Letterheads are simple and easy to make, but creating a unique one that stands out is the challenge. We’ll be helping you with that today through our excellent letterhead ideas and examples. letterhead-ideas

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Letterhead Ideas & Examples

You don’t need to spend money to have a professional design a letterhead for you. All you need are some letterhead ideas and examples to get started. That said, see our list below and feast your eyes on our well-designed letterheads.

Letterhead Ideas for Business & Examples

In business, formality is a must in all your documents, which is why your business letterhead should show your company brand and logo. Check out these excellent letterhead ideas and examples to get a quick headstart with your tasks.


Project Letterhead Making Ideas & Examples

Project letterheads need to look impressive like creative business letterheads. For reference, see this amazing letterhead example. You can add some colors and fancy design elements to make it stand out.


Letterhead Ideas for Corporate & Examples

The design and layout of corporate letterheads are close to business letterheads. They’re simple and clean, and they have no unnecessary design elements. Check out this corporate letterhead example below.


Brand Letterhead Ideas & Examples

It’s important to showcase your brand on your letterhead. Let your business shine in all of your documents, just like this catering letterhead example. Note that your logo and company name should be the center of attraction.


Letterhead Ideas for Real Estate & Examples

If you’re a real estate agent/realtor, presenting yourself professionally is an absolute must to earn clients. Whatever documents you’ll share or present to them should have well-designed letterhead. So create your letterheads with similar qualities to our real estate letterhead examples.


Letterhead Ideas for Company & Examples

Company letterheads are a lot like business and corporate letterheads. If you’re a company owner or manager who needs a professional-looking letterhead with minimalist yet fresh designs, then, this high-quality company letterhead sample is for you.


Ideas and Examples for Office Letterhead

If you don’t have any office letterheads, now is your chance to start making one. Take inspiration from our designs because your office documents deserve the best letterheads for better presentability.


Letterhead Ideas for Commercial & Examples

If you want to create new letterheads for commercial use, you should see our commercial real estate letterhead example below. It’s well designed, and it’s excellent for marketing and branding. With commercial letterheads, people can easily remember your company and brand at a glance.


Letterhead Ideas for Personal & Examples

Do you need a personal letterhead? If you do, take inspiration from our creative personal letterhead ideas to improve your professional image.


Law Firm Letterhead Design Ideas and Examples

Whether you’re a government lawyer or a regular attorney, our law firm letterhead examples will help you decide on your preferred letterhead style and aesthetics to showcase your law firm brand. Their designs are simple yet elegant, and they make law firm documents appear as credible as they should be.



What is the point of a letterhead?

The point of a good letterhead is to make an organization’s brand recognizable in all of its documents and printed published materials.

What elements make a letterhead beautiful?

The three elements that make a letterhead beautiful are the company logo, text font style, and color scheme.

What makes a successful letterhead?

A successful letterhead is simple, contains complete contact information of a person or organization, and flaunts the company’s brand.

What are the letterhead specifications?

A letterhead must have a company name, logo, slogan, address, and contact information, and its usual size is 8.5″ x 11″.

What do you put on a letterhead?

What you should put on a letterhead are your company name, slogan (optional), logo, mailing address, and contact details.

What is a legal letterhead?

A legal letterhead is a type of letterhead you find on law firm documents and legal documents.

What format should a letterhead be in?

A letterhead’s usual format is 8.5″ x 11″ letter size.

Why do companies use letterheads?

Companies use letterheads to display their contact details and brands on printed documents.

How do you create a nice letterhead?

Set the right letterhead size and use a letterhead template with professional-quality designs to create a nice letterhead.

Can I create letterheads in MS Word?

Yes, you can create letterheads in MS Word by inserting a header.