Phone Case Ideas

Select from the various phone case ideas available on this site for you to have inspiration on what custom design could fit best your preferences. Check out the article below and view the various examples provided so you can test which template is appropriate for your mobile device. phone-case-ideas

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Phone Case Ideas and Examples

You may feel overwhelmed with the various choices available on how you will design your phone case. Don’t worry because you can have more than the one you can choose to swap your phone case depending on your mood or what outfit you will be wearing for the day.

Pattern Phone Case Ideas and Examples

A pattern phone case is ideal when you intend to embellish your phone case with complimentary designs. Patterns are used by artists as ornamentation, as a composition method, or as a whole piece of artwork. Patterns are diverse and effective as a method for capturing a viewer’s attention, whether subtle or obvious.


Anime Phone Case Ideas and Examples

Animes are gaining popularity and prominence, especially for well-known characters or shows. You can use an anime phone case if you are into the franchise or are interested in showcasing your hobby of viewing Japanese anime. You can even encounter similar individuals who share the same hobby as you or add a drawing of a pretty anime girl.


Black And White Phone Case Ideas and Examples

A black and white phone case could be the kind of unique design you go for when you desire an absence of color but also want simplicity. Black and white are not emotive, but it does express reality in business and other aspects of life. However, in abstract art, black and white may have a strong, tactile, and forceful potential.



Quote Phone Case Ideas and Examples

Quotes are uplifting for a purpose, which is why adding them to phone accessories that you often will use could give you a motivational boost. You can set the background color or image into a pleasing display before you add in a quote that you desire. Utilize this layout when you want to have a quote phone case.


Phone Case Collage Ideas and Examples

Phone cameras are meant to take in memories or moments that you want to remember for eternity and there may be thousands stored within your phone’s photo album. If you can’t decide on one photo for your phone case, you may consider a self-made phone case collage instead. You can start with a painted solid color, add in some fancy elements, and a quote, then add in your desired photos.


Cute Phone Case Ideas and Examples

A cute phone case could be your ideal phone accessory when you want a couple of cute characters or creatures to be the central piece of the focus of your phone case. As seen in the example provided, there is a single adorable creature displayed and a soothing solid color as the background. Make sure that the entire layout and color scheme used are not clashing against each other.


Boarding Pass Phone Case Ideas and Examples

A boarding pass contains your name, flight information, seat, class, and occasionally pricing information, although you may not apply or present that outright on your phone case as it contains confidential information. Instead, you can create a similar layout or use the template provided for your trendy design. Using a boarding pass phone case may be for you if you are into the theme.


Tropical Themed Phone Case Ideas and Examples

A tropical-themed phone case depicts bright but soothing colors and flowers that resemble a local fauna commonly seen or found on tropical islands. Using this kind of phone case would remind you of a fond family summer vacation. And if you are taking one, then flex your phone with this design idea.


Plane Ticket Phone Case Ideas and Examples

A plane ticket phone case exudes interest in travel and if you are a person who travels a lot, then you know how awesome it could be to display this item. Having a memorable personalized plane ticket that you don’t want to get lost can also be plastered behind or replicated on your phone case. Just keep in mind that you should not display confidential information.


Phone Case Ideas FAQs

What can you put in your phone case?

Make sure no dirt or tiny debris is at the back of your phone then check the orientation of your case and check that the gaps match the placement of the camera, fingerprint scanner, and others then proceed to slip it on your mobile device.

Do silicone cases protect your phone?

Silicone is extremely resilient and resistant to harm which enables it to be washed, because, of these qualities, they are relatively long-lasting and can efficiently protect your phone while also lessening your worries of buying a lot of them.

Why do we need phone cases?

Phone cases protect the phone’s glass and help to provide a sturdy grip on the phone to keep it secure especially for a more expensive phone model.

How can I print my own phone case?

You can print your phone case design by knowing the size of your phone model as well as utilizing the templates available on this site so that you can have a basis when using an editing program.

Why is it important to use phone cases?

It is important to use a phone case because it can help in being protective of your phone, maintaining the resale value, as an accessory, and is slip resistant.

Can you put a picture in your phone case?

You have the option to add a film, polaroid, or even photo paper underneath your phone case only if they are transparent and visible otherwise, you can be decorating your case by printing a picture and attaching it directly to the back of your case.

How can you decorate a phone case?

There are various methods you can choose to style and decorate your phone case, such examples include designing and printing from the templates provided within this site, adding in stickers, cutouts, glitter, jewels, or other miniature 3D beads or items, think of it as doing DIY crafts, which you can even have your best friend join you for fun activities or as a project.

What is the point of a phone case?

Hard and soft phone cases, regardless of the material, not only act as a phone accessory and add to the overall appearance of your device but they also serve to absorb the shock from hitting the ground.

Do phone cases actually work?

Phone cases do provide ample protection against unexpected drops and decrease the harmful impacts on your phone, but they don’t protect your phone from being dropped at a considerable height.

How do phone cases prevent internal damage?

A decent case will protect your phone from scratches and absorb impact in certain places when it is dropped, preventing rapid battery drain, screen discoloration, and other negative effects.