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Postcards are classics in written communication, yet they remain valuable to this day. Have a look at these design ideas for writing and creating the best postcards for your friends, loved ones, and family members. postcard-ideas

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Postcard Ideas & Examples

Below is a list of some of the best postcard ideas for various occasions and purposes, such as guest event invitations, weddings, business, and many more. Check them out one by one.

Postcard Ideas for Students & Examples

School postcards are the best postcards for students. They usually have photos of students on campus or wearing graduation togas. Schools and universities can make use of these and send them to students, parents, and potential enrollees.


Postcard Ideas for Business & Examples

Business postcards are great for advertising campaigns. If you’re a business owner, use them as marketing tools for your brand’s promotion. They can have a simple, modern decor that speaks to the audience. Make sure that your business postcards are informative and include images of some of your best products and services.


Postcard Ideas for Family & Examples

Craft your family postcards easily at If you want, you can even personalize their designs, depending on your preferences. Make them look cute, extravagant, and minimal—the important thing is your loved ones will appreciate it.


Postcard Design Ideas for Friends & Examples

Celebrate your friendships with a friendship postcard. It can have an image or illustration of you and your best friend, classmate, or colleague. And to make it more special, you can also add a short message of your appreciation, which can be as short as 50 words as long as it’s well written.


Postcard Ideas for Realtors & Examples

If you work as a realtor, you can promote your real estate products, services, or open house events using real estate postcards. Use them to display images of your best properties and share them on social media. Sending real estate postcards can improve your authority as a realtor, and in return, you can attract more clients.


Postcard Ideas for Save the Date & Examples

If you’re planning a party, let your friends know about it using save the date postcards. With the help of reliable postcard maker apps like, you can create enticing postcards that compel people to attend your party. Rest assured that with these postcards, most of your invited guests won’t hesitate to send an RSVP saying they’ll attend.


Postcard Ideas for Christmas & Examples

Treat your loved ones from other cities or countries for this year’s Christmas season with beautiful Christmas postcards. Get some design inspiration from our examples to make your postcard bring out the Yuletide spirit. Your family members and friends will surely appreciate and adore your work.


Postcard Ideas for DIY & Examples

With pre-made templates, creating DIY postcards is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. Even if you don’t have the artistic talent or time to make one from scratch, at, our postcard ideas and examples shall be your guide and inspiration in crafting your Thanksgiving postcards, vintage postcards, and more in a few minutes. 


Postcard Ideas for Birthday & Examples

Is someone close to you about to celebrate their birthday? Then, it’s probably time to prepare their birthday postcard! Make sure that it has a sweet birthday message and birthday party aesthetics. At the same time, don’t forget to choose a theme or design scheme that aligns with your birthday celebrant’s personality.


Postcard Ideas for Wedding & Examples

If you’re getting married soon, invite the best people to your wedding using wedding postcards. These types of postcards have designs that look romantic and elegant. Plus, they have unique aesthetics that are primarily based on the theme of the wedding ceremony itself.



What are postcards like?

Most postcards are like friendly letters but with photos and illustrations.

What is the format for a postcard?

The standard format of postcards is that their left side must have a blank space, their right side must have a lined space, and their middle must have a vertical line.

Where can postcards be bought?

You can buy postcards from your nearest stationery store.

Does a postcard need a stamp?

Yes, postcards need to have a stamp to be sent through the mail.

Are vintage postcards worth a lot of money?

Yes, vintage postcards can be worth a lot of money, especially those dating back before or around the early 1900s.

What to write on a postcard to family?

On a family postcard, what you should write is a message expressing your love and gratitude to your parents and siblings.

What should I write on a postcard?

A standard postcard should contain a date, postage, the sender’s message, the recipient’s address, and any USPS marking.

How do you make a postcard interesting?

To make your postcard interesting, especially travel postcards, you can include photos of famous landmarks and tourist attractions.

How effective are postcards?

Postcards are very effective in conveying or delivering a message with a lot of weight and significance.

What to write in a postcard to a friend?

You should write about how much you appreciate their friendship and reminisce your best moments together.