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Timelines are a helpful tool that helps list milestones visually or incidents that lead to a specific achievement in both the past and the future within a particular type of arrangement, making it very important to find its correct size. Learn more about timeline sizes and discover how they vary from advertisement timelines, scientific timelines, brain timelines, COVID recoveries timelines, shipping timelines, and animal evolution or history timelines to personal timelines, detailing a human baby’s first steps to their passing through this article. timeline-sizes

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Timeline Sizes Standard

Standard Horizontal Timeline Size

The standard size of a timeline that is horizontal is 1200 × 620 pixels or px, or 11.25 × 20.63 inches or in. This is done so that the timeline can accommodate more images, headers, and texts without sacrificing the overall resolution of said images.

Standard Vertical Timeline Size

A standard vertical timeline is sized at 1080 × 1980 px or 11.25 × 20.63 in. This is to ensure that the timeline has enough space for pictures, and texts without needing to adjust the resolution of most of the pictures and texts.

Timeline Sizes for Digital – Social Media

Timeline Sizes for Blogs

If you are looking to post or link a timeline to your blog and want it to be readable. Then it is best to use the proper standard size of a timeline based on the orientation you are planning to make. These are 1200 × 620 px for horizontal and 1080 × 1980 px for vertical.


Timeline Sizes for Facebook

There are different types of posts you can make on Facebook, one being a shared post image or a photo, and the other is a Facebook story. To ensure that they are posted at the maximum quality it is best to size the timeline as 1200 × 628 px for a photo, while a Facebook story should be sized at 1080 × 1920 px to accommodate the 1.19:1 ratio.


Timeline Sizes for Twitter

The best way to post a timeline on Twitter is to size it at 1200 × 675 px to fit the ratio of 16:9. This is so that the thumbnail of the timeline is not stretched or squeezed when previewed on your Twitter page.


Timeline Sizes for Instagram

Instagram can accommodate various types of sizes for a timeline. When sharing a horizontal timeline it is best to size it as 1080 × 566 px but if you are planning for a vertical timeline then the size should be 1080 × 1350 px. Alternatively, if you are posting a timeline to an Instagram story it is best to use the size of 1080 × 1920 px. This is to ensure that the pics can be viewed at the highest resolution whether it is viewed on the iPad using the Instagram app or on a PC on the Instagram website.


Timeline Sizes for Pinterest

Timelines are hard to post on Pinterest because of the way the site cuts off long images. It is best to size the timeline to 600 × 900 px to ensure that it gets the attention of the viewers whilst not being cut off by the site.


Timeline Sizes for LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be used to help market a business and a brand so it will be important to post a timeline of the life of the business on that site. The best size to post a timeline on LinkedIn is 1100 × 730 px, and don’t forget to insert or add a banner or a logo of the business when making the timeline.


Timeline Sizes for Print

When printing a timeline it is important to keep in mind the different sizes of paper one is going to print it in. A timeline should be sized at 8.3 × 11.7 in while an A3-sized paper is sized at 11.7 × 16.5 in. But if one is using photo paper it is best to size the timeline at 4 × 6 in. This is all done to ensure that the timeline is not cut or cropped when printed


Timeline Sizes for Email

When sending a timeline through email it is important to keep track of the overall file size of the timeline attached is going to be. One of the biggest factors for file size is the overall size of the said timeline to ensure that one will not be going over the file size limit it is best to use the standard sizes for a timeline that being, 1200 × 675 px for a horizontal timeline and 1080 × 1980 px for a vertical timeline.


Timeline Sizes for Business

A business can make use of the timeline to illustrate the lifespan of their enterprise or have a marketing timeline strategically posted in the office to remind and keep track of the workers of the milestones they have to achieve.  If one is using the timeline for business it is best to use the standard size of 1200 × 675 px (horizontal) or 1090 × 1980 px (vertical) depending on what the overall purpose of the timeline is going to be. But if the business is printing the timeline it is best to keep in mind what paper is going to be used for printing.


Timeline Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

When making a timeline in Adobe Photoshop it is important to lock in what is the overall quality of the timeline. If the timeline is horizontal it is best to create one in the size of 600 × 1800 px with a dpi 300 to ensure optimal quality but if the timeline you want to make is vertical then use the size of 1100 × 2000 px.


Timeline Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Making a timeline in Adobe photoshop is very similar to making one in Adobe Illustrator. A horizontal timeline can be sized between 400 × 1600 px and 600 × 1800 px whilst a vertical timeline can span from sizes of 900 × 1800px to 1100 × 2000px all with the dpi of 320.



What is the standard size of timeline?

The standard sizes for a timeline are 1200 × 620 px for the horizontal timeline and 1080 × 1980 px for a vertical timeline.

How to increase the size of a timeline in Word?

When using Word you can change the paper size by clicking File on the tool bar and selecting Page Setup and either selecting a paper size or using a custom size of your choosing, please do note to make adjustments to the font size and image sizes on the timeline to reflect the overall size.

What size should a project timeline be?

A project timeline used for businesses or brands should be sized using the standard 1200 × 620 px for horizontal and 1080 × 1980 px for vertical, but if it is printed the timeline should be sized to accommodate the A4 size of 6.3 × 11.7 in.

What are the dimensions of timeline?

The dimensions of a horizontal timeline are 12.5 × 6.46 in while a vertical timeline has the dimensions of 11.25 × 20.63 in.

What is the pixel size of timeline?

The pixel size of a standard timeline is 1200 × 620 px for horizontal timeline and 1080 × 1980 px for vertical timeline.

What is the perfect size for career timeline?

A career timeline should be sized at 1100 × 730 so that the timeline can be properly sized when added to a resume or for posting on LinkedIn.

What are the sizes of a photo in a timeline?

Photos on a timeline are wholly dependent on what their purpose is in that list, if it is a logo it should be sized to a square no bigger than the description, but if it is an image representing a specific thing or era then the image should be larger than the text.

What size should a business timeline be?

The sizes of the timeline are 1200 × 675 px (horizontal) or 1090 × 1980 px (vertical) which is dependent on what the overall purpose of the timeline is going to be.

What is the size of vertical timeline?

A vertical timeline should be sized at 11.25 × 20.63 in or 1090 × 1980 px.

What is the perfect size for timeline chart?

The perfect size of a timeline chart is 11.25 × 20.63 in or 1200 × 675 px.