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Videos are easy to produce and edit these days as you are able to create diverse types of videos from using numerous video editing apps, software and websites out there. If you are interested to collect more ideas and examples when making your business or personal videos, we have a wide-ranging collection of video ideas and examples here to guide you in preparing compelling and well-structured videos.  video-ideas

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Video Ideas & Examples

In this section, we are glad to provide some of the best video ideas and examples available on our website. You can check them out and compile all the ideas that you need for your next video project.

YouTube Video Making Ideas and Examples

Are you an aspiring YouTube content creator? Design an attention-grabbing intro video for your personal YouTube channel or vlog, especially when you use our contemporary Youtube Channel/Vlog intro video template like this one. 


Ideas for Wedding Video Examples

Use some elegant font and typography, and light earthy tones in your wedding video. Make your Save the Date video look classic yet sophisticated while incorporating some floral drawings and illustrations with a romantic photo of you and your partner holding hands or other couple poses you prefer. 


Cooking Video Ideas and Examples

If you are planning to start a cooking at home vlog, it is very important that you create an awesome cooking intro video that will surely captures the attention of your target audience. You may include some bloopers of your cooking at the end of your cooking vlogs to add fun and humor in your video content.   


Fashion and Beauty Video Ideas and Examples 

Bring out your chic or preppy style in your fashion and beauty vlog! For your fashion and beauty intro video, choose your personal concept or theme for your fashion and beauty content and add your favorite color, aesthetic, and a good song that represents your character to your intro video. 


Brand Video Ideas with Examples

Business firms and organizations nowadays use a variety of marketing strategies like blogging or making a persuasive blog post or an enticing brand intro video to promote their brands, products and services. A brand intro video is an effective promotional tool to introduce your brand to the public in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 


Introduction Video Ideas and Examples

Make visually-aesthetic introduction videos for different kinds of videos for various businesses such as music studios, technology companies, education or teaching institutions, gaming companies, production firms for movies, and other video content creation businesses. Be inspired with this sepia-colored and 90s-themed titles intro video template for your business or vlogging.  


Video Ideas and Examples for Ecommerce

Promote your business, products and services with a simple and well-structured Ecommerce intro video! Be direct while conveying your message to your audience about your Ecommerce business while using a captivating, customer-focused storyline, compelling audio and movement in your video. 


News Video Ideas and Examples

Whether you are producing a daytime news TV show or a local evening news TV program, it is crucial to create a modern and professional news intro video like the example below. Use some classic fonts and designs like Franklin Gothic, and Helvetica Futura for the intertitles, lower third/chryon and credits of your news video.


Health and Fitness Video Ideas and Examples

Showcase your health and fitness vlog to many people when you make an attractive and lively health and fitness intro video for your channel! Apply an orange color in your video because it is a unique color which represents encouragement, enthusiasm, happiness, motivation, and positive attitude, great for your health and fitness vlog.




What does MP4 mean?

MP4 means Moving Picture Expert Group-4, the shortened name for MPEG-4 Part 14 and sometimes known as MPEG-4 AVC. 

Which video format is best for editing?

The video format best suited for editing is MP4 or MOV.

Why video is the most engaging type of social media content? 

Video is the most engaging type of social media content because it allows you to be straightforward on your message and catch the attention of your audience in the first few seconds. 

Why Video Marketing is Vital?

Video marketing is vital for most businesses, and organizations because it helps the consumers to fully learn and easily understand one’s brand, product and/or service, and it increases sales revenue of the business and elevates customer loyalty. 

How to edit a video?

When you edit a video, download and use a video editing app or software, make an account, import all your video clips into the app or software, use several editing tools such as cropping or trimming certain parts of the video, add some transition effects, add background music, adjust the duration of the music, add text to your video, add stickers, and then preview your video to check the outcome of the video edit. 

What are the different formats for video?

The different formats for video are MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, AVCHD, FLV, F4V, SWF, and MKV.

What are short video ads?

Short video ads are short promotional videos with time duration of 7-40 seconds and they have higher retention rates compared to long-form video ads.  

What are video elements?

The elements of a video are video length, content, script, format, sound, lighting, editing and captions.

What are the characteristics of a good video?

The characteristics of a good video are short, helpful, informative, high-quality, positive, and inspirational.

Why do some Videos Go Viral?

Some videos go viral because of these two aspects: psychological response which means how the video content makes a person feels, and social motivation which refers to why a person wants to share it to others.