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When it comes to design ideas, there are plenty that is available for yard signs. If you need references when making your next design, please continue reading this article. yard-sign-ideas

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Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

Yard signs are small signages that are placed on someone’s street-facing lawn, garden, or property. They serve a political or business purpose, or they can simply be personalized DIY outdoor decorations. Creating one should be relatively straightforward, and the examples below can help should you need them.

Real Estate Agency Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

Real estate agencies that are looking to promote their realtor’s services can have different methods to get themselves recognized by the public. One way of doing so is making use of a real estate agency yard sign. This can be relatively easy to make and should contain the name of the agency, their contact information, and their call to action.


Sale by Owner Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

For sale by owner usually refers to the process of selling real estate without the representation of a broker or an agent. A for sale by owner yard sign is one of the ways to effectively advertise properties that are currently for sale without said representation from an agent. When designing one, make sure to include the details of the real estate being sold, such as the home address, how many rooms and floors it contains, and so on.


Window Cleaning Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

Everything dirty needs to be cleaned, and this goes the same when it comes to windows. If your small business specializes in window cleaning services, then you can have a look at creating a window cleaning yard sign to easily advertise what your business does. You can include in this template details such as the tasks that can be accomplished by your service, calls to action, and your contact information.


Pool Cleaning Service Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

Bathing in pools is one way to relax after having such a long day. Businesses specializing in pool cleaning services can make use of a pool cleaning service yard sign to let more people know of the services that they do. The contents of this garden sign can include the lists of activities that the cleaning service includes, any supporting graphics/photos, and the contact information of the business.


House Cleaning Service Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

Nowadays, cleaning has evolved to become a means of making money. Homeowners looking to get their houses cleaned can have a look at a house cleaning service yard sign for the various types of services being offered by different businesses. When designing this signage, make sure to include any persuasive statements, the activities that are under your home cleaning service (such as improving home decor, landscaping decorations, and so on), and your contact details.


Luxury Real Estate Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

People sometimes also want to live a luxurious life. For this, real estate agencies can have a look at using a luxury real estate yard sign to advertise any luxury properties that the agents are currently listing. Its design consists of the location of the property, the details of the high-end amenities, the agent’s name, and contact information, and the images of the listed property.


Real Estate Open House Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

An open house in real estate refers to a scheduled time when a house or other dwelling is designated to be available for viewing by potential buyers. A real estate open house yard sign can be one way of giving out this information to those who are interested in that particular property. Some of the contents of this include the date and time during which the property is to be viewed, the home address of the property, and the contact information of the agent.


Gutter Cleaning Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

All kinds of dirt can build up in gutters, including gunk, dead leaves, and animal excretions. If you’re a company looking to promote your gutter cleaning services, then a gutter cleaning yard sign can be one of the ways to do so. This custom yard sign template is usually composed of elements such as the scope of the cleaning service, a persuasive call to action, and the company’s contact information.


Real Estate Sold by Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

Another type of yard sign that displays content regarding real estate is real estate sold by yard sign. This yard sign is essentially the same as the open house yard sign, only it now contains any sort of indication that the property in question is already sold. Here’s what it usually looks like.



Do I need to have grass for a yard sign to be installed?

Not necessarily, as the stakes that are used for mounting the yard sign can also be installed on dirt.

Are yard signs good marketing?

Yes, since it can function as a low-cost way of targeting your ideal audience and spreading brand awareness.

What info should be on a yard sign?

This generally depends on how it is going to be used since yard signs used for marketing generally have the product being advertised while yard signs used for political purposes will generally have the name of the candidate or the running party.

Are yard signs a good way to advertise?

Yes, since they are cost-effective methods of increasing your company’s brand recognition.

What is the material used to make yard signs?

The most common material that is used to make yard signs is corrugated plastic.

How to effectively use political yard signs for your campaigns?

To effectively use political yard signs, make sure that they contain the name of the candidate, a short slogan that states what they’re fighting for, and content (such as text and graphics/images) that is easily readable from a distance.

When are yard signs legal or illegal?

Yard signs are legal when they are of the right size and placed in the right areas and they become illegal when they are placed in areas that are public rights of way or when they resemble too closely to traffic directional signs.

What size wire is needed to hold a yard sign?

The standard H-wire size needed to hold a yard sign is usually around 15″ in length.

What makes an effective yard sign?

For a yard sign to be effective, it needs to have content that matches its purpose, such as greetings and event information for birthday yard signs, baby shower yard signs, graduation yard signs, Halloween yard signs, and so on.

Can yard signs be vertical?

Yard signs can have different orientations, and yes, they can also be vertical.