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The easy and free Graphics templates allow you to flaunt your skills online instead of clipping them inside a boring binder. They are your potential resumes or portfolios with advanced graphics options, motion graphics, audio options, and Photoshop Actions as well. you can create your own webpage by using one or more of these Graphics Templates which focus on Web graphics and rely on simple Adobe Photoshop versions CS4 (and higher) for hasslefree modification.... Read More

graphic designer job description templates featured

10+ Graphic Designer Job Description Templates

A graphic designer job description is required to be compact and comprehensive in order to attract the job–seekers. Along with that, you need to be careful in mentioning all the requirements previously to avoid any sort of future dispute. Since it seeks the people aesthetically advanced, you are required to be cautious extremely.

5 After Effects Slideshow Templates

Adding slideshows can create wonders for your presentations. It is a clear fact that visual content attracts more attention and leaves a better lasting impression on viewers. The text is enhanced when videos and images are integrated into the presentation. Slideshows are commonly used in sales pitches and presenting business reports, but they are not limited to business purposes as they can be used in just about any presentation in any industry (i.e. medicine, engineering, information technology, government, environmental protection, etc.).

7 After Effects HUD Elements

A head-up or heads-up display (HUD) is a visual tool that limits eye movement. HUDs are mostly found in aircraft and other vehicles where a digital interface displaying information similar to the vehicle’s dashboard is projected through the windshield.

Five New Portfolio After Effects Templates

Portfolio, in its basic definition, is an object or plastic case where you insert paper for easy reading. Business, event, or personal portfolios are defined in a similar way. They present information for easy reading and analysis. For a business portfolio, it is a list of the company’s products, services, investments, and other brands. An event portfolio, meanwhile, shows clients the events you have organized or sponsored. A personal portfolio, on the other hand, is similar to a CV format or resume. Portfolios are not limited to the ones mentioned above, but they cover just about everything as long as it involves selling and branding.

7 Motion Graphic Tutorials for Beginners

Still learning the ropes in motion graphics? Check out these video tutorials to sharpen your skills and eventually enhance those boring videos. Adobe has all the best software for design and motion graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, etc.). Use it to your advantage and add some much needed special effects to your videos, be it a short documentary, science fiction production, music video, or even a business presentation.