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40+ Best Graffiti Drawings / Artworks for your Inspiration

For many years now graffiti has been considered a form of expression of the free soul. Although the words illegal, illicit, crime are almost always suffixed or prefixed with the definition of graffiti, it does not take away the power of expression. In fact graffiti is a form of street art that has taken the world by storm ever since the beginning of hip- hop era if not before that. Graffiti is a medium of expression of anger against the government or society. Year after year many artists from around the world have vocalized their discontent about the rising crimes and terrorism through this form of art. Depend on these graffiti designs to inspire you for creating something truly creative. There are innumerable amazing works of art by well known artists and sometimes unknown ones that have caught the attention of people from all over the world. In fact Philadelphia has some of the largest and most expansive graffiti works which have been preserved and serve as public museums for tourists. Some of the many inspiring and life altering work of art can be seen on the many walls of Frankfurt in Germany, Miami, New York, and many well-known cities Even a quick scan of these graffiti designs can leave with dozens of amazing ideas for your next designs. All in all, graffiti is an art form that is for the masses and not just the high art connoisseurs who make their living by visiting galleries. Tread the same path as some unforgettable graffiti artists by using best drawings as design inspirations.

Creative Graffiti Street Art

creative graffiti street art

Graffiti Sasuke

graffiti sasuke

Graffiti Ichigo

graffiti ichigo

James Graffiti

james graffiti

Graffiti Background Wall

i m singing in the rain i flickr photo sharing

Graffiti Wall Background

graffiti wall background

Graffiti Lettering

graffiti lettering

Pop Art and Graffiti influences

pop art and graffiti influences

Graffiti Wall Urban Hip Hop Background

graffiti wall urban hip hop background

Graffiti Queens

graffiti queens

Spray-Painting Brighter Swashes of Graffiti

swashes of graffiti

Graffiti Hipster Illustration

graffiti hipster illustration

Graffiti Naruto

graffiti naruto

Graffiti Paintingon a Wall

vector young man painting graffiti on a wall

Creative Graffiti Street Art

creative graffiti street art vol

Graffiti Seamless Pattern

graffiti seamless pattern

Sponge Bob Graffiti

sponge bob graffiti

Graffiti Designs

untitled flickr photo sharing

Graffiti Characters Composition Print

graffiti characters composition print

Cork Graffiti

cork graffiti

Graffiti Style

graffiti style

Graffiti Seamless Background

graffiti seamless background

Optimus Prime in Graffiti

optimus prime in graffiti completed

Graffiti Walls

graffiti wall



Graffiti Grunge Texture

graffiti grunge texture

Team 8 graffiti

team 8 graffiti

Graffiti on wall

graffiti on wall

Creative Graffiti Street Art

creative graffiti street art

Beautiful Street Art Graffiti

beautiful street art graffiti

Graffiti Wall Background

graffiti wall background

Guspe Graffiti

guspe graffiti



Graffiti Art

graffiti art flickr photo sharing

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