18+ Stunning 3D Sculpture Designs for your Inspiration


Portraying 3D sculpture designs is the new trend in the show business replacing the traditional way of business marketing. These are been crafted to suit your design creations. Whether it be making of a corporate brochure or a business template, these artistic approach has lot of offer. From making of replicas of iconic sculptures to modern art, these stunning 3D sculpture designs steal the show in the world of showbiz. Further these masterpieces look excellent for displaying them in brochure, poster and hoardings for using them in commercial purpose.

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Fighter Amulet Sculpture -3D Printed

fighter amulet sculpture 3d printed

This 3D sculpture was designed as a symbol to represent the hidden warrior we all have within us. Thus, encouraging us to fight against all the obstacles like a true warrior and overcome them gracefully.

3D Sculpt Vampire

3d sculpt vampire

Designed basically for Halloween party, these beautifully crafted masterpieces represent vampire ghost. With fine details encrypted on the surface of such sculptures, make them look real. Further with fine craftsmanship and vibrant color combination enhances the beauty of such sculptures.

3D Design Comes to Sculptures

3d design comes to sculptures

These stunning 3D sculpture designs are been inspired from various modern art that represents hidden meaning present behind them. With such inspiring sculpture being beautifully crafted truly serves as peace for one’s eyes.

3D Paper Sculpture

3d paper sculpture

Such sculptures are been designed and made using paper. The fine detailing and craftsmanship done on it further makes no less than clay based 3D model. Such technique requires a lot of significant work to be done in a more systematic manner.

3D David Sculpture

3d david sculpture ear detail

These designs are based on making life-like model of any object. Mixed with modern artistic approach, further gives them classy look. Such high resolution sculptures ensure that every detailing has been kept into account.

This is a unique style of using modern art for household purpose. Crafted with unique style these are beneficiary yet effective. Thus, not only it makes them useful but also adds to the home decor.

3D Sculpture Rendition

vanitas 3d sculpture rendition

Best suited for theatrical designs, these 3D sculptures are crafted to make the artistic painting into life-like form. Crafted with such fantasy, these sculptures give a real life experience to its viewers.

Hearth Stone 3D Card Sculpture

hearthstone 3d card sculpture

Such iconic and stunning 3D sculpture designs are been designed to display a craftsman’s creativity. Inspired from modern art and new era of design, these sculptures portray a perfect example of creativity in the modern era.

Classic Antique Sculpture Object

classic antique sculpture object

These classical 3D sculptures are inspired from early medial period when sculpture designing was been started. Mainly used for portraying sculptures of famous people, these serve as a great tool for preserving history with us.

3D Sculptures Designs

3d sculptures

Portraying a real life-like image, these stunning 3D sculpture designs are most suitable portraying famous personalities. These are been used to create an exact replica of the person. Such creativity shows the ability of craftsmanship of the makers.

3D Sculpture Portrait

3d sculpture portrait

These are been used to create sculptures from famous painting or sketch work. Giving them a more real life image, these sculptures are basically designed for showcase in public display or social events.

3D Sculpture

3d sculpture

Based on the modern sculptures designed using ancient history, these sculptures are mainly encrypted for display purpose in exhibition. Such sculptures attract attention of every person present in such a promotional event.

Abstract 3D Design Sculpture

abstract 3d design sculpture

These are fundamental 3D designs with modern approach and creativity based on a particular theme of the project. Such craftsmanship is been appreciated all over the world.

Sculpture and 3D Media

3-D Printed Stag Sculpture

3 d printed stag sculpture

Right from 3D replications of the most iconic sculpture from the world such as Statue of Liberty, Virgin Mary and what not to futuristic sculpture design that can make viewers drool – the world of 3D sculpture arts and designs is filled with marvelous options for designers. 3D sculpture designs include designs from niche categories such as architecture, history, literature, etc., apart from the obvious designs of actual sculptors that are renowned across the globe. Trust these designs to look good in your brochures, posters, master designs for art and sculpture related projects, and hoardings for real estate projects. You can even explore niche designs from the other verticals for variety. Best 3D sculpture arts can blend effortlessly into complex designs and can help you underscore the theme of the design. Available in PSD files, these sculpture designs can be altered in terms of colours and shapes, this lending design flexibility to you. Explore sharp edged, rounded cornered, short and medium sized, towering, sombre, intense, message based and abstract 3D sculpture designs and bring a better design perspective to your creations.


These sculpture designs are based on various categories and monuments that are renowned all over the globe. With a more flexible approach these sculptures can be altered into various themes and color making them more suitable to the theme of the event. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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