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Australia Day is among the world’s significant holidays that center around a country’s rich history and upbringing. Whether you’re an Australian citizen or not, Australia Day is a yearly event worth learning about. australia-day

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Australia Day Definition & Meaning

Australia Day is a national holiday in Australia celebrated to mark the anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the hoisting of the Union Flag led by Arthur Phillip.

Australia Day is a yearly nationwide event in Australia that celebrates Australian culture, history, freedom, and general lifestyle.

When Is Australia Day?

Australia Day is celebrated by Australians on the same date every year which is January 26. That date marks the anniversary of Arthur Phillip’s at Sydney Cove in 1788 aboard the First Fleet.

Australia Day History

Every holiday has a story behind it worth exploring, and Australia Day is no different as major events occurred throughout Australian history leading up to Australia Day becoming a national holiday such as the arrival of Arthur Phillip on January 26, 1788, Arthur Phillip arrived at Sydney Cove with the First Fleet flying the colors of the Union Flag. Then this is also a celebration of foundation day which Queen Victoria declared January 26 as Australia Day. Fifty years later, in 1988, the year of the 200th anniversary, Australia Day officially became a national public holiday in Australia. The celebration that year was even grander than in 1938.

Australia Day Purpose, Importance

These are the three main reasons why Australians celebrate Australia Day wholeheartedly.

Commemorate History

Australia Day is a day for Australians to commemorate their country’s history. Every event or milestone from Arthur Phillip’s arrival onwards shaped their country into what it is today. Some of them were good some were bad, but they must be remembered to honor their forefathers.

Celebrate Everything Australian

Though it’s known as the anniversary of Arthur Phillip’s arrival at Sydney Cove, Australia Day is known today as a celebration of everything Australian. That includes Australian history, culture, lifestyle, food, norms, and more. It’s a day for Aussies to appreciate their country and what it means to them and their families, friends, and fellow countrymen.

Spend the Day with Friends and Family

Australia Day is a great day for Aussies to spend time with family and friends. It is a perfect day to go to the beach, go dine out in a fancy restaurant, go camping, and go do other excellent bonding activities. It’s a day to unwind and be free from school, work, and other daily responsibilities.

What’s on Australia Day?

Australia Day is among the biggest celebrations in Australia. Aussies spend this holiday with parades, fireworks like on New Year’s Eve, concerts, music festivals, house parties, and other sorts of activities and attractions. There are also flag-raising ceremonies and citizenship ceremonies for new Australian citizens.

How to Create an Australia Day Social Media Post

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Australia Day Facts

Here are some compelling facts to keep in mind about Australia Day:

  • Australia Day has been called other names such as Foundation Day, Anniversary Day, Australian Natives Association Day, and Invasion Day.
  • In the first 100 years since the First Fleet’s arrival, Australia Day was only observed in New South Wales.
  • Australia Day is considered a perfect day to go to the beach since January is summertime in Australia.
  • According to well-calculated estimations, around 10.5 million Aussies partake in Australia Day celebrations every year.
  • Aboriginal people in Australia don’t agree with Australia Day because British colonizers caused the irrelevancy of their culture.

Australia Day vs. Invasion Day

Australia Day is an Australian national holiday commemorating the anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival at Sydney Cove and celebrating Australian culture.

Invasion Day is actually Australia Day; it’s the name that Indigenous people in Sydney use to refer to Australia Day in protest of the holiday and mourn the loss of their native culture.

Australia Day Ideas & Examples

Need help designing your Australia Day promotional material? If so, have a closer look at our Australia Day templates and samples below.

Australia Day Club Flyer Ideas and Examples

Australia Day is the best time to hold different kinds of events and club parties, so invite people to join and have some fun with this Australia Day Club Flyer.


Australia Day Event Flyer Ideas and Examples

Fireworks displays, cookouts, live music, and food are some of the common events during Australia Day, so invite interested parties to these local events with this Australia Day Event Flyer.


Australia Day Celebration Flyer Ideas and Examples

This alternative Australia Day Celebration Flyer would make great promotional material just in time for Australia Day.


Australia Day Party Flyer Ideas and Examples

Invite family and friends to a house party during Australia Day with this Australia Day Party Flyer.


Australia Day Sale Promotion Flyer Ideas and Examples

Big holidays such as Australia Day are a haven for launching items on sale so this Australia Day Sale Promotion Flyer is sure to captivate new and old customers.


Vintage Australia Day Flyer Ideas and Examples

This rustic and Vintage Australia Day Flyer would make a great design concept for advertisements and promotions.


Happy Australia Day WhatsApp Post Ideas and Examples

Update everyone on WhatsApp with this beautifully designed Happy Australia Day Whatsapp Post.


Australia Day Party Snapchat Geofilter Ideas and Examples

This Australia Day Party Snapchat Geofilter would make a fantastic concept for Snapchat for the upcoming Australia Day.


Australia Day Club Instagram Post Ideas and Examples

Instagram is one of the best places to advertise and promote all sorts of events, especially for Australia Day, so make use of this Australia Day Club Instagram Post to invite everyone to join the party.


Australia Day Event Facebook Post Ideas and Examples

Another important online platform to launch any kind of event is through Facebook, so create an Australia Day Event Facebook Post and encourage everyone to join the festivities on Australia Day.



What is Australia Day and why is it celebrated?

Australia Day marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet and is observed to celebrate Australian culture and history.

Who started Australia Day?

It was Governor Lachlan Macquarie who started Australia Day in New South Wales.

Why is Australia Day offensive to indigenous?

The indigenous people in Australia find Australia Day offensive because to them, it signifies the downfall of their culture.

What is the true history of Australia Day?

Australia Day was first formed to honor the establishment of the very first British settlements in the land of Australia.

How do you show respect for Australia Day?

The best way to show respect for Australia Day is to honor the Australian flag, share knowledge about Australian history, and be respectful of other people’s views of the holiday.

Who wants to change the Australian Day date?

The Indigenous people in Australia and the non-Indigenous people who support them have been fighting to change the date of Australia Day since the early 2000s.

What is the message of Australia Day?

The main message that Australia Day instills in the Aussies is to acknowledge their country’s history and to appreciate their culture.

What do you wish for Australia Day?

On Australia Day, you can wish to spend time with your family, go out on a vacation, relax at home, enjoy patriotic festivities, and do other leisurely activities.

When did Australia Day become a national holiday?

Australia Day became an official holiday in 1938, but it was in 1988 that it became a national public holiday in Australia.

What do we do on Australia Day?

On Australia Day, you can join in parades, attend concerts, have a BBQ party, organize a house party, go to beaches, hang out with friends, and watch the fireworks at night.

How do you explain Australia Day to kids?

To explain Australia Day to kids, you can tell them that it’s the anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival and a commemoration of the first European settlements in the country; make it a history learning session.

What is the most important thing about Australia Day?

The most important thing about Australia Day is that it’s a celebration of everything Australian—the culture, history, fashion, cuisine, geography, people, and togetherness.

What do aboriginals say about Australia Day?

The Aboriginals in Australia say that Australia Day is a symbol of British colonization which killed their culture and took their homeland; that’s why they refer to Australia Day as Invasion Day as a way of protesting the celebration.

What is the theme for Australia Day?

The theme of Australia Day in 2022 is “Reflect, Respect, and Celebrate.”