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Christmas Eve is a day anticipated as much as Christmas itself. In some countries, Christmas Eve is considered a holiday where families and friends gather all together as they begin their early yuletide celebrations. christmas-eve

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Christmas Eve Definition & Meaning

Christmas Eve is a special holiday that is celebrated the day before Christmas which is a Christian religious activity that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Eve is often celebrated with parties, family reunions, last-minute shopping, and the giving of gifts as the whole world anticipates Christmas Day.

When Is Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is observed every 24th of December which marks the culmination of Advent, while for Orthodox Christians, this day is celebrated on the 6th of January per the Julian calendar. A midnight church mass is often celebrated on the eve of Christmas to commemorate the birth of Christ; this is because Jesus Christ is said to have been born in the evening, thus Christmas Eve is often referred to as Holy Night or the Good Night.

Christmas Eve History

The celebration of Christmas eve was derived from the story of Creation in the book of Genesis where it states “And there was evening, and there was morning – the first day”. Thus the day before Christ was born is an important occasion for most Christians since it was on this night that the shepherds keeping watch over their flocks outside Bethlehem saw the bright star that signaled the birth of Christ. Ever since Christmas Eve is considered the day of preparation and an anticipation of the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Eve Purpose, Importance

Most celebrations are often held on Christmas Eve. People often love the idea of celebrating in advance, singing carols, cooking food, wrapping, exchanging, and opening presents–all these in preparation for Christmas Day itself. So the eve before Christmas is as quite important to a lot of people across the world.

Midnight Mass

Aside from all social festivities, Christmas Eve is essentially celebrated with a midnight mass. The service often includes Holy Communion in honor of the nativity of Jesus. Some churches often hold the mass an hour earlier which is in fact practiced by the Pope since 2009.


Though Christmas Eve is celebrated as a religious activity, it has become a tradition for many to hold dinner parties with games and other fun activities. It is a special day for a family gathering, decorating and watching Christmas illuminations and of course the exchanging of gifts. A lot of people prefer celebrating early until Christmas day arrives.

Preparation for Christmas Day

While some prefer the celebrate on Christmas day, the eve before Christmas is a great time to start preparing. Some would use this day for last-minute shopping and for others, a head starts to travel back home in the country. For countries that mark this day as a full day holiday, it would be the best time to travel and relax.

What’s On Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is the day when some people start their preparations for Christmas Day. There are presents to be wrapped, food to be prepared, and decorations to be set up. While others begin their celebrations on Christmas Eve until Christmas Day with large gatherings and reunions. Christmas Eve is that special time when loved ones make special memories, exchange gifts and well-wishes and simply spend time together in anticipation of the birth of Christ.

How to Create Christmas Eve in Social Media Post

Sharing and posting your ideas and photos on social media pages has become a worldwide trend for so many years now. This would help promote a business, a blog, or simply a way to express one’s personal state of mind. To get you started, here are some ways to help you create a Christmas Eve social media post.


1.  Search for a Christmas Eve Facebook Post template on


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2. Edit the template.


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5. Save your Christmas Eve Facebook post draft.


Once you’re done with your template it’s high time to save your Christmas Eve Facebook post. To do so, select the Save icon which you can find by clicking the button with a three-dotted icon on the upper right side of the Editor tool page.


1. Use our Christmas Eve Instagram Post template.


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1. Use our Christmas Eve YouTube Banner template.


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Christmas Eve Facts

Here are some essential facts and traditions often associated with Christmas Eve:

  • Christmas Eve is celebrated with a midnight mass to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Christmas Eve is marked as a holiday for some Christian and Catholic countries.
  • Santa Claus or Father Christmas is said to deliver all gifts to people particularly kids around the world, on Christmas Eve.
  • Festive meals and dishes particularly at dinner time are prepared in anticipation of Christmas day.
  • Gifts are traditionally exchanged on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve vs. Christmas Day

Christmas Eve is on the 24th of December or the 6th of January(Orthodox Christians), which is literally the eve before Christmas.

Christmas Day on the other hand is celebrated on the 25th of December or the 7th of January which is the day when Jesus Christ is born.

Christmas Eve Ideas and Examples

There are a lot of fun and exciting things to do during Christmas Eve as this is highly anticipated just like Christmas Day itself. To help you get prepared, we’ve got several Christmas Eve ideas and examples that may just work for you and your loved ones.

Christmas Eve Ideas

There are a number of things to do on the eve before Christmas which could be engaging for adults and kids alike. Here are great ideas that will help inspire you.

  • Go over your Christmas shopping list and check if you need to do any last-minute shopping for gifts and food ingredients.
  • Start making plans for dinner, what time you should start cooking and ordering food, and if a party is underway make sure the guests have confirmed.
  • For family and friends who are unable to come, start sending those Christmas cards and letters.
  • Decorate your home with Christmas decorations such as a Christmas tree, tinsels, lights and illuminations, candles, and decors.
  • Make sure you’ve got all your gifts ready and prepared to be opened on the eve or on Christmas day.
  • Make a donation to charitable institutions, particularly to orphanages or homes of the elderly so they may have something to celebrate during this season.
  • Call or video call family and friends whom you haven’t seen in a while or are unable to come for a reunion.
  • Take this time to rest, relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones.
  • Make beautiful memories by taking photos and videos.
  • Attend the midnight mass.

Christmas Eve Examples

Should you need to start creating and designing a classy and beautiful Christmas Eve social media post, or perhaps prepare a banner or flyer, then we’ve got several Christmas Eve template examples just for you.

1. Christmas Eve Instagram Story


2. Orthodox Christmas Eve Flyer


3.  Christmas Eve Instagram Post


4. Christmas Eve YouTube Banner


5. Christmas Eve LinkedIn Post


6. Orthodox Christmas Eve Facebook Post


7. Christmas Eve Coloring Page


8. Christmas Eve Snapchat Geofilter


9. Christmas Eve Facebook Post


10. Orthodox Christmas Eve Instagram Story



Why Do We Celebrate Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is celebrated because it commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ who is said to be born on the midnight of the 25th thus the anticipation of the birth is memorialized with gatherings and a midnight mass.

What Time Does Christmas Eve Begin?

Christmas Eve is the entire day or for some the evening before Christ was born which is at midnight.

What Do They Do at Midnight on Christmas Eve?

A midnight mass is often held on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Why Do They Call It Christmas Eve?

It is called Christmas Eve because it is the day or the evening before Christmas day.

How Do We Celebrate Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is celebrated with different kinds of festivities and fun sessions generally with family and friends.

What is So Special About Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is a special day especially for Christians because this is the day when social gatherings and reunions take place, everyone is merry and happily waiting for Christmas day and more importantly the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Why Do People Like Christmas Eve?

A lot of people like celebrating Christmas eve because traditionally it is a day of preparation before Christmas day where people gather all together in celebration of the birth of Christ with carols and other enjoyable activities.

Who Celebrates Christmas Eve?

Traditionally, Christians and Catholics celebrate Christmas Eve however over the years, even countries of different religions have adapted to celebrating this holiday with merriment and Christmas light decorations.

What Cultures Open Christmas Eve presents?

Catholics and Christians across a number of European states open presents on Christmas eve and other nationalities across the globe that practice the same faith.

When Did Christmas Eve Originate?

The practice of celebrating Christmas Eve originated from the ancient Jews where it is said to be that a day began at six in the evening and ran until six the following evening, thus conceptualizing that birth of Christ is not to be celebrated on just one day on the eve he was born as well.

What is the Day Before Christmas Eve?

The day before Christmas Eve is December 23rd and some would call it Christmas Eve “Eve”.

Where Did Christmas Eve Start?

Christmas Eve is based on a Jewish tradition from the book of Genesis as quoted “the first day starts in the evening and ends in the morning” thus it has been adapted ever since and Christmas Eve is very much celebrated just like Christmas.

What is the Theme Of One Christmas Eve?

One Christmas Eve is a literary composition by Langston Hughes that talks about racial and economic/social differences during that period.

What Does Christmas Eve Represent?

Christmas Eve is the day that represents the day before the birth of Christ, where a midnight mass is held and is a day of reunions, social gatherings and the giving of gifts.