Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a global event asking you to spare at least 60 minutes of your time to keep the lights out and engage in other eco-friendly practices to respond to the ongoing environmental and climate crisis. With a duty to protect our only planet, let’s unearth the principles and purpose of this holiday, including how one hour can impact a massive difference to make the environment breathe. earth-hour

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Earth Hour Definition and Meaning

Earth Hour is an environmental campaign made by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) that encourages everyone to protect the environment and planet Earth—our only safe haven.

Earth Hour turned out as an annual event where people practice turning off the lights and engaging in environment-friendly activities for one hour and continue the movement even after the said hour.

When Is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour’s specific date varies every year but it is usually observed around the world near the end of March; Earth Hour happens on March 25, Saturday, around 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EST) for 2023. However, the projects and activities held in the Earth Hour campaign shouldn’t only be observed during Earth Hour as they must be continuous for the entire year.

Earth Hour History

Earth Hour was originally an event where people turn off their nonessential lights altogether for one whole hour in Sydney, Australia way back on March 31, 2007. Thanks to WWF Australia and the many supporters of responding to the climate crisis, there were around 2.2 million people and up to 2,000 organizations that participated during the lights-out event aka the very first Earth Hour movement. And every year, around 185 countries and counting continue to take action in protecting the environment with Earth Hour.

Earth Hour Purpose, Importance

Many people practice Earth Hour by turning off nonessential lights to save the planet, and they do this among other practices for various important reasons and purposes.

Lights Out for Mother Earth

Turning off the lights and other nonessential electronics is necessary for Earth Hour as a way of reflecting on the needs of our planet. If you could spare a moment of silence in the dark for an hour, think about how humanity has affected global warming, cut too many trees, or wasted endless natural resources. By reconnecting with nature once again, take this opportunity to stay committed to planting more trees, recycling, and other ways to help the environment as the hour ends.

Earth Is Home

Why continue destroying the planet when Earth is our only home to exist? If you look through recent reports on global warming, natural disasters, and even pandemics, there are environmental issues that we should not simply turn a blind eye to. Always remember the very root of Earth Hour isn’t just a fancy celebration but a commitment and responsibility to take action in protecting Earth continuously.

Earth Hour Requires Everyone’s Help

Since all of us reside inside Earth, it only makes sense that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect it no matter what. Don’t simply assume that everything is fine because there are actual environmentalists and conservationist groups out there; do your part. Keep in mind that it is a group effort too and as more people take part in Earth Hour and its movement, expect a better change in helping the Earth and the environment.

What’s in Earth Hour?

As Earth Hour usually happens around 8 to 9 PM, expect Earth Hour’s celebration to be dark by turning off nonessential lights and devices. However, the Earth finds its light due to saving energy. You’d appreciate the natural light from the moon. Take note that the lights out are only the preface of the Earth Hour movement because what happens after is that you will commit to saving the environment such as producing lesser wastes, planting trees, considering solar energy, and more.

How to Create an Earth Hour Social Media Post

As Earth Hour comes soon, it is best to be prepared by sharing a social media post about this anticipated event. This way, more people would be aware of Earth Hour and more participants would practice switching off lights and electronics during the said hour. And you can make the best Earth Hour social media posts with these steps:


1. Find an Earth Hour Facebook post template to optimize.


Take a look at’s free library of downloadable and customizable Earth Hour templates. Then, search for an Earth Hour template for Facebook format. Click the template followed by “Edit This Template FREE.”

2. Insert your personalized Earth Hour message.


Select “Fill” from the Editor tool and you should see options of text boxes. Click on a box and type your Earth Hour message succinctly. You can write a personal holiday greeting, Earth Hour slogan, agenda of WWF events, Earth Hour schedule, or any other text.

3. Color your template with graphic elements.


Utilize the “Graphics” tool to add some life to your Earth Hour Facebook post. You might want to add pictures of the Earth’s surface, Saturn rings, the sun orbiting, or a cartoon of the Earth from outer space. Make sure of clipart, stickers, emoticons, and other types of objects while decorating.

4. Choose a beautiful background.


Click “Background” from the side menu to insert wallpaper for the post. You can choose a background color from the spectrum of colors provided on your screen. Or, insert an image as wallpaper such as outer space, the color green, a tower from a city with lights turned off, and more creative ideas.

5. Finalize the design and save.


Once you are finished designing the Earth Hour Facebook post template, save it. Simply press “…” on top of your screen followed by “Save.” You should be able to publish that on your Facebook account during or when Earth Hour soon approaches.


1. Download an editable Earth Hour Instagram post template.


Browse’s collection of Earth Hour templates. Next, search and download the specific template in Instagram post format. Select “Edit This Template FREE” so that you will move directly to the Editor tool.

2. State your message inside text boxes.


Click “Fill” to manipulate the text of your Earth Hour Instagram post. Tap on any box you want to edit and replace the words with your own message. You may type about Earth Hour facts, the schedule of the event, CTA or advertising statement, or any other purpose.

3. Incorporate striking visuals into the post.


An Instagram post isn’t all about words; mind the visuals. Press “Graphics” on your left screen and insert any image you like to optimize. Graphic elements to use are endless such as a photo of a light bulb switched off from a hotel, a drawn Earth visible around the universe, an infographic about the biosphere, or stickers of planets.

4. Add a logo, table, or background.


Complete the post with a cool background, table, or logo related to the theme. Examples include a transparent map wallpaper, an Earth illustration backdrop, or a business logo vector. Go for any object you might need to beautify the Instagram post.

5. Save your file and post it on Instagram.


Lastly, save your entire progress. Click the three dots on the right and press “Save.” Whether you saved it in JPEG, PNG, or any other format, it should be compatible to publish on Instagram.


1. Get started with an Earth Hour LinkedIn post template to edit.


From the array of Earth Hour templates available on, click the Earth Hour LinkedIn post format. You should see the button for “Edit This Template FREE.” Click it and customizing runs smoothly for the rest of the steps.

2. Add the text to the message boxes.


Using the “Fill” button, you can use the boxes to write your Earth Hour messages. Just like when you create a poster, banner, or digital flyer, you can’t forget about the font size, line spacing, and position of your text. So manipulate the message boxes until it works well for the LinkedIn post.

3. Bring art into the graphics.


The “Graphics” button exists so you can add images and other types of visuals to your post. Take this chance to insert shapes of satellites, Earth stickers, or photos of light bulbs being switched off. As much as possible, use graphics that are related to Earth Hour.

4. Form your background.


Check your template’s background because you can always change its color or add a photo as wallpaper. Select “Background” from the left corner and you should be able to control your background. Be sure that the texts and graphics are still visible once you alter the backdrop.

5. Save your whole work.


Don’t forget to finish off this step through saving. Hit “…” and then “Save.” Your post is ready to be published on LinkedIn.

Earth Hour vs. Earth Day

Earth Hour is an environmental movement that encourages people to spare an hour with their lights and electronics off to commit to saving the Earth and continue eco-friendly practices in the long run; this usually occurs near the end of March.

Earth Day commemorates the number of accomplishments the environmental movement has done since the very first environmental campaign in 1970 and aims to spread awareness about protecting the Earth; this happens every April 22.

Earth Hour Ideas & Examples

With too many oils in the ocean, melted icebergs, deforestation, plastics in the environment, and a limited supply of consumable water, it is not too late to make a difference in protecting the Earth for our own good.  If you need more templates to raise awareness about Earth Hour’s movement and inspire other individuals to participate in saving the planet, you may leverage these customizable and downloadable Earth Hour examples for your reference:

Earth Hour Greeting Card Ideas and Examples

Make use of this Earth Hour Greeting Card, to let family, friends, and even business associates know more about Earth Hour.


Earth Hour WhatsApp Image Ideas and Examples

Upload this Earth Hour WhatsApp Image to show your support of this important event.


Earth Hour Tumblr Post Ideas and Examples

Advertise and promote on Tumblr the importance of Earth Hour with this well-designed Earth Hour Tumblr Post.


Earth Hour Twitter Post Ideas and Examples

This Earth Hour Twitter Post is sure to generate retweets as you show the rest of the world your support for this event.


Earth Hour Pinterest Post Ideas and Examples

Let everyone on Pinterest know about Earth Hour and how important this event is to the environment by uploading this Earth Hour Pinterest Post.



Why is Earth Hour celebrated?

Earth Hour is a celebration to educate and encourage individuals into taking part in solutions and actions that alleviate environmental issues and climate crises worldwide.

What are your insights about Earth Hour?

Earth Hour doesn’t only make skylines look dark for aesthetics but for the main purpose of adjusting to climate change, protecting the environment, and preserving the Earth.

What is the message of Earth Hour?

Earth Hour reminds everyone that we are all responsible for the ecological outcomes and footprints that cause environmental issues on the planet; hence, we should take action sooner before it is too late.

Who invented Earth Hour?

Earth Hour came from Andy Ridley’s idea until he worked along with WWF Australia, Fairfax Media, and Leo Burnett.

How do you celebrate Earth Hour?

Kindly read the Earth Hour Ideas of this article to be guided on how to celebrate this worldwide event.

What is the Earth Hour theme?

The theme changes year by year and the latest is “Invest in our planet” from Earth Hour 2022.

What can we learn from Earth Hour?

Earth Hour gives a lesson to take accountability and have the initiative to solve the environmental crisis we have today.

What do you do during Earth Hour?

The premise of the event is to turn off the lights and electronics from 8 to 9 PM and take part in the Earth Hour movement after this hour.

What is the aim of Earth Hour?

Earth Hour plans to boost and spread the awareness of global crises we are facing and just how essential it is to work together in protecting the Earth.

How long is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour as an event only takes 60 minutes but the projects and activities to do for its movement are a lifetime experience.

What is the importance of Earth Hour?

Earth Hour teaches us to take action in solving environmental issues before things get out of hand.

What are Earth Hour activities?

There are so many activities you can do for Earth Hour such as candle-lit yoga, stargazing, hiking, hand shadow puppetry, candlelight dinner, and more.

What is Earth Hour trying to resolve?

Earth Hour wants everyone to help in resolving the environmental and climate crises.

What impact does Earth Hour have?

Earth Hour has saved a lot of electricity and inspired many people to take action in protecting the planet.

How much power is saved during Earth Hour?

In the six years of celebrating Earth Hour, statistics noted that around 4% of electricity consumption was lessened.