Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. It is the most significant and widely observed celebration in China. chinese-new-year

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Chinese New Year Definition & Meaning

The Chinese New Year is a festival that marks the start of spring and is the beginning of a new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

The Chinese New Year starts on the second new moon following the winter solstice and lasts for fifteen days, ending on the full moon.

When Is Chinese New Year?

The Chinese lunar calendar establishes the day of the Chinese New Year. The date varies every year, but it always falls between January 21 and February 20.

Chinese New Year History

About 3,500 years have passed since the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Its actual origin is not known. Some people think that the history of Chinese New Year may be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (1600–1046 BC), when people celebrated the gods and ancestors with sacrifices at the start and end of each year.

Chinese New Year Purpose, Importance

The most ceremonious traditional event in China is the Chinese New Year, which displays their culture and traditions.

Worship the Ancestral

Chinese people consider the lunar New Year to be a significant time to worship their ancestors. The family head brings the family to the shrine on New Year’s Eve to honor their ancestors and bring food. They do this in the hopes that their ancestors may provide them with a blessing for a calm and successful year ahead.

Wishing a Prosperous Year

The second new moon since China adopted the lunar calendar begins on the eve of the Chinese New Year. This is the moment to wish anyone a prosperous new year. Red decorations are typically displayed during the celebration because they help ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.

Family Reunion

Because of its rich historical significance, Chinese New Year is still the most significant occasion for generations of families to gather together and spend time together as a family. Due to professional considerations, educational opportunities, and overall urbanization, many Chinese families may be divided, making this event the ideal occasion for everyone to reunite in their town. Adults light firecrackers to frighten away the mythical Nian monster, and children are given red pocket envelopes called hongbao that are loaded with large sums of money.

What’s In Chinese New Year?

Family gatherings and outdoor performances with firecrackers, fireworks, red clothes and decorations, and frequently dancing dragons, are common. On particular days throughout the festivities, some people make and enjoy special foods and recipes. The Lantern Festival is the final celebration of the Chinese New Year, where participants carry or hang luminous lanterns during a nighttime procession.

How to Create a Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is the start of the year when Chinese people rejoice and welcome prosperity and good fortune in various areas of their lives, beginning on the first day with the hope of improving their social standing. Use social media to share Chinese New Year messages to send to loved ones or to advertise Chinese New Year sales promotions for frequent buyers with these Chinese New Year Templates.


1. Choose a Chinese New Year Facebook Post template.

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2. Indicate transparent festive designs.

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3. Update the background picture.

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4. Add a call-to-action subheading.

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5. Save your Chinese New Year Facebook post draft.

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1. Choose a Chinese New Year Instagram Post template.

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3. Include specific messages in the post.

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5. Save your Chinese New Year Instagram post draft.

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1. Select a good Chinese New Year Youtube thumbnail template.

select-a-good-chinese-new-year-youtube-thumbnail-templateLook for’s Chinese New Year YouTube post templates. Users of the website can modify templates using the editor tool. By selecting the “Edit This Template FREE” button on the template’s product page, users can access the editor tool.

2. Type in your special greeting.

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3. Incorporate festive graphics.

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4. Change the background color.

change-the-background-color2The chosen template’s background color is editable by users. To achieve this, select Background from the editor window’s left panel. Click the Color option and select the new background to go with the design components.

5. Save your Chinese New Year Youtube post draft.

save-your-chinese-new-year-youtube-post-draftSave the updated design after making the necessary modifications to the post. In the Editor tool’s upper section, click the ellipsis button, then click Save. On Chinese New Year, you can post it to your YouTube channel.

Chinese New Year vs. New Year

The Chinese New Year has many closely related celebrations in many other countries and ethnic groups that have Chinese ancestry, although it is celebrated across China.

New Year’s Day is a worldwide celebration to welcome a brand new year with family and close friends to get festive, bringing in a new beginning to the year.

Chinese New Year Ideas and Examples


Shown below are some of our editable Chinese New Year templates that you can use during the festival to be shared in social media or other printed materials.

Happy Chinese New Year Flyer Ideas and Examples

Let everyone know about the upcoming New Year with this Happy Chinese New Year Flyer.


Chinese New Year LinkedIn Banner Template Ideas and Examples

Update your LinkedIn banner with this Chinese New Year LinkedIn Banner Template that perfectly reflects the colors of the New Year.


Chinese New Year Greeting Instagram Post Ideas and Examples

Send your heartfelt greeting on Instagram by uploading this Chinese New Year Greeting Instagram Post just in time for the occasion.


Chinese New Year Facebook Carousel Ad Ideas and Examples

Promote your Caroussell account during Chinese New Year with this well-crafted Chinese New Year Facebook Carousel Ad.


Chinese New Year Food Poster Ideas and Examples

This Chinese New Year Food Poster would make a great promotional tool just in time for new year festivities to begin.


Simple Chinese New Year Card Ideas and Examples

Greeting people is a common activity for any large event, especially for the new year so make use of this Simple Chinese New Year Card that you send to family and friends.


Vintage Chinese New Year Poster Ideas and Examples

This beautifully designed Vintage Chinese New Year Poster will surely captivate readers with its clean-cut features which makes it a perfect advertising tool.


Chinese New Year Giveaway Instagram Post Ideas and Examples

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Chinese New Year Tumbler Banner Template Ideas and Examples

Make sure to update Tumbler with this one-of-a-kind Chinese New Year Tumblr Banner Template which is perfect for advertising as well.


Creative Chinese New Year Card Ideas and Examples

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Why is the Chinese New Year celebrated?

The Chinese New Year is celebrated to drive away the folklore beast Nian, to mark the start of the Lunar New Year, and is meant for farmers and workers to have a rest from their year-long hard labor.

What is the story behind the Chinese New Year?

The story of the Chinese New Year, according to myth and folklore, was born out of fear when a terrible mythical beast known as the “Nian” dwelt in the mountains.

Who started Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year is believed to have originated during the ruling of the Shang Dynasty in the 14th century BC.

Why do the Chinese wear red on New Year’s?

Because they believe that red brings good luck and fortune.

What do you do on the first day of the Chinese New Year?

Everyone traditionally greets family and friends and wishes them luck on the first day of the Chinese New Year or decorate your house with something red.

How long does Chinese New Year’s last?

Starting on Chinese New Year’s Eve and ending with the Lantern Festival, the holiday is usually celebrated for 16 days.

Why does the Chinese New Year have dragons?

It is because they believe that Chinese dragons symbolize power, strength, and luck in a spiritual sense.

What is the significance of the Chinese New year?

Because of its rich historical value, Chinese New Year is still the most significant occasion for generations of families to gather together and spend time together, and it is believed to ensure good fortune for the coming year.

Which flower symbolizes Chinese New Year?

The flower that symbolizes the Chinese New Year is the cherry blossom.

Why does Chinese New Year need Mandarin oranges?

The Mandarin orange is a Chinese native and a key symbol of the Chinese traditional culture of “good fortune” and has special significance during the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.