Hoshana Rabbah

Hoshana Rabbah is one of many holidays centered around religion. Jewish people anticipate this religious event every year with thorough preparation. hoshana-rabbah

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Hoshana Rabbah Definition & Meaning

Hoshana Rabbah is a Jewish religious event that marks the seventh day of Sukkot—a week-long Jewish holiday commanded by the Torah which is a compilation of the Hebrew Bible’s first five books.

Hoshana Rabbah is the last day of Sukkot and is observed by devout believers of Judaism awaiting God’s final judgment and praying for salvation.

When Is Hoshana Rabbah?

In 2022, Hoshana Rabbah starts on the evening of October 15 (Saturday) and ends on the evening of October 16 (Sunday). However, its starting and ending dates change every year in the Gregorian Calendar because Hoshana Rabbah is observed following the Hebrew calendar, which is celebrated on the 21st day of the Hebrew month of Tishri.

Hoshana Rabbah History

Hoshana Rabbah has been observed by the Jewish for centuries. It marks the seventh day of Sukkot and has always been celebrated with prayers and liturgical poems. Since it began, the Jewish observe Hoshana Rabbah for good fortune and gratitude for all the blessings received.

Hoshana Rabbah Purpose, Importance

Hoshana Rabbah is a significant day in the Hebrew calendar. The Jewish people celebrate it like they’re following a strict law. So now, let’s begin learning what makes Hoshana Rabbah a big deal.

Rejoice for Bountiful Harvests

Rejoicing bountiful harvests is one of the core purposes of celebrating Hoshana Rabbah. It’s like the Jew’s Thanksgiving Day. On Hoshana Rabbah, Jews express their gratitude to God for all the blessings, protection, and guidance.

Pray the Seven Hoshanot Prayers

The seven hoshanot prayers are liturgical poems recited in a synagogue service to call upon God for redemption. The Jewish people recite those prayers on Hoshana Rabbah asking for God’s salvation by sending seasonal rains. Those rains help the Jews achieve successful agriculture throughout the year. Without the rain, they wouldn’t have a bountiful harvest.

Celebrate for Good Fortune

Good fortune is among the things that the Jewish hope for in celebrating Hoshana Rabbah. They wish and pray for a better life and outcomes for themselves and their respective families. Through solemn prayers and rituals, they yearn for good fortune.

What’s in Hoshana Rabbah?

During the night preceding Hoshana Rabbah, countless Jews study the Torah tirelessly, some of them do so until dawn. And on the day of Hoshana Rabbah, the main event is the seven hakkafot (processions) where the Jews recite the seven hoshanot prayers calling for God’s salvation. At the end of the processions, they perform a ritual in which they struck willow branches on the ground as a symbolic gesture of washing away their sins. Performing the ritual is believed to influence God to grant their wish of sending the seasonal rains.

How to Create a Hoshana Rabbah Social Media Post

If you’re a devout Jewish individual, feel free to express your enthusiasm for Hoshana Rabbah on social media and remind your Jewish friends that this day of prayer is fast approaching.


1. Use our Hoshana Rabba Facebook Post Template.


You should use our Hoshana Rabbah Facebook Post Template to create your post fast. Starting from scratch can be time-consuming. Visit the official page of this template and select the “Edit This Template FREE” button to begin customization.

2. Write your Hoshana Rabbah message in the Fill Text box.


To start putting your personal touch on the template, write your Hoshana Rabbah message. You can write it on the third Fill Text box in the Fill panel. A short one is good enough like “Come join us in prayer” or “Let’s be one on this day.” As you write in the third Fill Text box, your custom message will appear on the template.

3. Try other background colors.


You can tweak the background color on the Background panel. Select See All in the Colors menu and choose any color under Default Colors. All you have to do is click a color icon and your chosen color will immediately apply as background.

4. Save your Hoshana Rabbah Facebook post draft.


When you’re done, simply save your Hoshana Rabbah Facebook post draft. Open the Recommended pop-up menu by clicking the button in the upper right corner, then click Save. Keep your post draft and only upload it to Facebook once Hoshana Rabbah is a few days away.


1. Use our Hoshana Rabbah Instagram Post Template.


Make use of this template to quickly create a stunning Hoshana Rabbah Instagram post. You can customize it for free on our Editor page.

2. Set an Instagrammable background photo.


Once you’ve opened the template on our Editor page, you can start by setting up an elegant background photo. Use a photo that’s relevant to Hoshana Rabbah. You can use an image of a synagogue or of Jewish people praying. Go to the Background panel, click See All in Photos, and search for photos under Pixabay or Unsplash. You may also upload your own photos through the Uploads tab.

3. Customize the text.


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1. Use our Hoshana Rabbah Whatsapp Post Template.


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3. Insert photos related to Hoshana Rabbah.


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4. Type in your custom text.


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Hoshana Rabbah Facts

Here are some facts that you should know about Hoshana Rabbah:

  • It’s well known to be the Days of Judgement’s last.
  • It combines elements of Yom Tov, Chol HaMoed, and High Holy Days.
  • The word “Hoshana” means “please save us” in English and “Rabbah” translates to “great.”
  • Hoshana Rabbah is celebrated to yearn for bountiful harvests and good fortune in the year to come.
  • Hoshana Rabbah is always observed on the 21st day of the month of Tishrei.

Hoshana Rabbah Origin

Hoshana Rabbah can be traced back all the way to the 10th Century BCE. It started in the First Temple of Jerusalem in celebration of Sukkot. Sukkot is a harvest holiday in Jewish culture that’s often mentioned in the Bible.

Hoshana Rabbah vs. Eid Al Adha

Hoshana Rabbah is a religious event celebrated by Jewish people to mark the last day of their Sukkot festival.

Eid al-Adha is also a religious event and is celebrated by Muslims as the “Festival of Sacrifice” and to mark the end of Hajj (Pilgrimage).

Hoshana Rabbah Ideas & Examples

Hoshana Rabbah is without a doubt a holiday to be excited for. If you’re a Jewish individual, you should plan your Hoshana Rabbah celebration today; we’ll show you our ideas and examples for Hoshana Rabbah.

Hoshana Rabbah Ideas

Here are some excellent Hoshana Rabbah activities you should consider:

  • Read and study the Torah the night before Hoshana Rabbah starts.
  • Visit a public library and read history books with chapters about Hoshana Rabbah and Judaism.
  • Browse through online magazines or blogs for the purpose of learning about Hoshana Rabbah’s origins and customs.
  • Create and print Hoshana Rabbah posters and attach them to your wall as decoration.
  • Recite the seven hoshanot prayers and participate in the processions.
  • If you’re a school teacher, share research with your students so they can learn about Hoshana Rabbah and Jewish culture.
  • Invite your Jewish friends over for meals and have fun together by singing or dancing.
  • Organize a charity event to help the needy. It could be a food drive or food bank.
  • Visit a Jewish nation or city over the weekend and witness their Hoshan Rabba rituals in person.
  • Teach your kids about the values taught by the Hoshana Rabbah holiday.

Hoshana Rabbah Examples

Displayed below are our Hoshana Rabbah templates and examples. You can use them as material for reminding people of this holiday.

1. Hoshana Rabbah Flyer


2. Hoshana Rabbah Facebook Post


3. Hoshana Rabbah Instagram Post


4. Hoshana Rabbah LinkedIn Post


5. Hoshana Rabbah Whatsapp Post


6. Hoshana Rabbah Snapchat Geofilter



Why do the Jewish people celebrate Hoshana Rabbah?

The Jewish people celebrate Hoshana Rabbah to ask for God’s redemption and his blessing for a bountiful harvest throughout the year.

What happens on Hoshana Rabbah?

On Hoshana Rabbah, many Jews will recite the seven hoshanots and perform a ritual asking for God’s salvation.

Do you sit in the sukkah on Hoshana Rabbah?

Yes, Jews sit in the sukkah on Hoshana Rabbah.

Why do we eat kreplach on Hoshana Rabbah?

Jewish eat kreplach to mark the day of atonement, Yom Kippur.

What is the significance of Hoshana Rabbah?

The primary significance of Hoshana Rabbah is that it’s the culmination of Sukkot, the last day of the week-long celebration.

What do you say on Hoshana Rabbah?

On Hoshana Rabbah, Jews will say “pitka tava” or “piska tava” which is an Aramaic blessing wishing for a positive verdict.

What does Hoshana Rabbah stand for?

The full term Hoshana Rabbah refers to “The Great Salvation.”

Why is Hoshana Rabbah a holy day?

Hoshana Rabbah is a holy day because it’s a day of prayer for the Jews asking for God’s blessing and salvation.

How many times do Jews circle the bimah on Hoshana Rabbah?

The Jews circle the bimah seven times on Hoshana Rabbah.

Is Hoshana Rabbah the last day of Sukkot?

Yes, Hoshana Rabbah marks the last day of Sukkot; in fact, it’s the culmination of Sukkot.

What is the history of Hoshana Rabbah?

Hoshana Rabbah and Sukkot are often mentioned in the Bible as a celebration of the harvest.

What do you read on Hoshana Rabbah?

The Jewish read the book of Tehillim (commonly known as Psalms) on Hoshana Rabbah as it’s customary.

How many days is Hoshana Rabbah celebrated?

Hoshana Rabbah is celebrated in one day.