International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day celebrates women around the world by recognizing their achievements, raising awareness against stereotypes, and fighting for equality. Since the first IWD parade in 1911, a million supporters took part until it became a big annual event where not only women participate in the campaign but anyone who cares about gender parity and human rights. international-womens-day

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International Women’s Day Definition & Meaning

International Women’s Day is a worldwide celebration of the many women’s impact and accomplishments economically, politically, culturally, and socially throughout the years.

International Women’s Day reminds us that women are strong, beautiful, and inspirational and that the fight for women’s equality isn’t over yet.

When Is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is observed every March 8 with its first-ever assembly dated way back in 1911, and it keeps innovating with an annual theme, such as #BreaktheBias as the latest theme in 2022. However, IWD should not be confused with National Women’s Day which is a public holiday in South Africa every August 9.

International Women’s Day History

There are various accounts to suggest how International Women’s Day came to be, as these could be relevant to events that center on the unfair treatment and harassment of women. Notable events are the gathering of women who demanded economic and political equality back in 1908. And in Europe, on the 40th anniversary of the Paris Commune, a radical socialist government conjure rallies worldwide.

International Women’s Day Purpose, Importance

There is a long history that prompted International Women’s Day to happen, just like how the mission to accelerate equality is far from over, so let’s get the proper background that identifies IWD’s purpose and importance for the world.

Women’s Campaign for Change

As early as 1908, IWD’s purpose was born, particularly during the time when inequality and oppression were ubiquitous for women worldwide. Thus, women raised a campaign for change which led to around 15,000 women who paraded in New York City. This campaign marks the origin of women’s fight for equality such as the right to vote and equal pay to men.

Reflection of Women’s Achievements

Moving to 1910, it was in Copenhagen, Denmark that the International Social Women’s Conference assembled. And Women’s Day was organized by German representatives Clara Zetkin, Kate Duncker, as well as other American socialists. IWD eventually became a holiday to reflect and identify achievements made by women and how impactful their contributions were. Examples of women icons to remember include Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Equality for All

The most important takeaway from IWD is that the women’s battle for equality doesn’t just belong to one group of women. Everything IWD stands for is for everyone who reveres human rights. So even if you aren’t a woman, you can still support the causes behind International Women’s Day. Aim for a positive change for women until there is equality for all.

What’s in an International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is celebrated in a number of ways such as uplifting women by sharing their inspirational stories on social media, raising awareness, taking part in IWD fundraising, or simply sending your good wishes to women you are thankful for. Most importantly, parades and events related to IWD should have the purple color, which is the official symbol for International Women’s Day. Wearing a purple shirt during IWD is a standard.

How to Create an International Women’s Day Social Media Post

One of the best ways to spread the message about International Women’s Day is to come up with creative IWD social media posts. Whether you post on Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, or other examples, here are tips on how to make IWD social medial posts with free templates to optimize:


1. Look for an International Women’s Day Facebook Post template.


Go to Search for International Women’s Day templates and click the specific template for the IWD Facebook post. Then, access the template via the Editor tool to customize it.

2. Type the message under Fill.


Click “Fill” from the left menu and type the needed message for every text box provided. You can even add as many letters and characters as possible. Don’t forget to check the status of your message on the template image in case you need to adjust a text box’s position and size.

3. Add ClipArt and graphics.


Select “Graphics” on your screen so you can design your IWD Facebook post template with ClipArt, images, stickers, and other types of graphics. You can embellish it with pictures of Disney princesses, graphics of women in a chamber breaking barriers, or apply all sorts of trends for the visuals. Make the most out of your presentation.

4. Give focus to the background.


The background of your Facebook post either makes or breaks its overall presentation. So focus on the background too in case you want to change its color or insert your own photos such as the school grounds, research facility, or business office as the backdrop. Just click “Background” and apply the necessary changes you want.

5. Save everything.


Do the final touches for your work. Then, click “…” on the far right corner and tap “Save.” During International Women’s Day, you know what to upload already on your Facebook account.


1. Choose an International Women’s Day Instagram Post template to edit.

View’s full collection of IWD templates. Click the template in an Instagram post format and tap “Edit This Template FREE.” It will automatically direct you to the Editor tool where the rest of the steps come in handy.

2. Insert messages inside text boxes.


Whether you need to set a proclamation about International Women’s Day, write the full IWD itinerary, or insert a short press release statement, make use of the text boxes when you click “Fill.” Each text box is where you type your message. Refer to the preview on the right to see what the appearance of each alteration looks like.

3. Incorporate eye-catching graphics.


Move to “Graphics” so you can add media. Take this opportunity to decorate your IWD IG post with pictures of the women’s college faculty department, stickers with purple colors, shapes that represent the IWD theme, and more. Get creative as much as possible.

4. Adjust the IWD Instagram post template’s background.


Click “Background” and you will receive a range of options on how to design your IWD IG post’s background. You can adjust only the background color or replace the background with a photo of your choice. An example is to include a picture of real women to commemorate the event.

5. Apply all changes and save.


Don’t forget to save your work. Just press the three dots on the far right. Then, click “Save” and post the file to your Instagram account on March 8.


1. Select an editable International Women’s Day WhatsApp Post template.


There is an IWD WhatsApp post template at Click the template and hit “Edit This Template FREE.” A new window will display and that’s where you will begin tweaking your template.

2. Input the content on the text boxes provided.


Go to “Fill” and provide information per text box. You can write anything such as quotes on how to restore women’s equality, what the agenda of the IWD party is, thoughts on what the public should know about the holiday, statistics on diversity, etc. As much as possible, type according to your purpose in making the IWD WhatsApp post.

3. Leverage free graphics into your template.


Tap “Graphics” on the menu of the Editor tool. Then, give life to your WhatsApp post with an image, sticker, shape, and other objects. Perhaps, you insert the regional administration symbol, a picture of your favorite female guardian, a cartoon version of a flower, geographics, and so much more.

4. Add a logo, background, and other files.


Besides graphics, you can insert more files into the template. You can use your own assets as your WhatsApp post background, incorporate a Soviet logo, and upload any type of file. Just explore the rest of the features available in the Editor tool.

5. Preserve everything and post on March 8.


Lastly, click the three-dotted icon above your screen. Press “Save” and preserve your work until it is actually International Women’s Day. Then, post it on your WhatsApp account.

International Women’s Day vs. Mother’s Day

International Women’s Day is a celebration of all types of women from their achievements down to the causes they are fighting for, and it is observed every March 8.

Mother’s Day is a celebration to thank, honor, and show love to all mothers around the world, and it is celebrated every second Sunday of May.

International Women’s Day Ideas & Examples

Be productive on International Women’s Day wherein you won’t run out of ideas on what to do during that day from morning until nighttime. In fact, you can certainly raise more awareness with social media posts, flyers, and other promotional materials to reach more audiences, and for other alternatives of templates to use during International Women’s Day, you can’t go wrong with the following examples:

International Women’s Day Poster Ideas and Examples

Show your support and love for this important event and create International Women’s Day Poster to let others know.


International Women’s Day Gift Card Ideas and Examples

This International Women’s Day Gift Card would make a great promotional tool just in time for International Women’s Day.


International Women’s Day Sale Snapchat Geofilter Ideas and Examples

Promote items for sale with this well-crafted International Women’s Day Sale Snapchat Geofilter so you can update your Snapchat followers.


International Women’s Day Sale LinkedIn Post Ideas and Examples

LinkedIn is another great platform to advertise, so make use of this International Women’s Day Sale LinkedIn Post to let everyone know of an upcoming sale event.


International Women’s Day Pinterest Pin Ideas and Examples

Raising awareness is a top priority for International Women’s Day so make use of this International Women’s Day Pinterest Pin to let everyone know how supportive you are of this event.


International Women’s Day Instagram Giveaway Ideas and Examples

Prepare an International Women’s Day Instagram Giveaway to attract more customers to your store as a way to also show your appreciation and support of this said holiday event.


Happy International Women’s Day Flyer Ideas and Examples

Help people understand the meaning of International Women’s Day with this beautiful Happy International Women’s Day Flyer that represents women across the globe.


International Women’s Day Vector Ideas and Examples

This International Women’s Day Vector would make a great layout design for backgrounds, wallpapers, greeting cards, and other promotional materials.


International Women’s Day Greeting Card Ideas and Examples

Empower women by distributing International Women’s Day Greeting Card to encourage other women to step up and commemorate this important event.


Happy International Women’s Day Instagram Story Ideas and Examples

Remember to update Instagram by sharing this Happy International Women’s Day Instagram Story.



Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day?

Reasons for celebrating IWD include the fact that there are more men named John compared to the number of female leaders in the US, how one in three women are victims of violence, how 181 million young women aren’t in school, and other statistics worth changing.

What is the theme for International Women’s Day?

The current theme of International Women’s Day is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” aka #BreakTheBias.

What colors symbolize International Women’s Day?

Purple mixed with green are the traditional colors for International Women’s Day.

Why do we celebrate Women’s Day on 8th March?

It all began with New York City’s protest led by female garment and textile employees in 1907 until American women prompted the idea to mark March 8 as Women’s Day in European countries.

Who started International Women’s Day?

Women’s rights advocate Clara Zetkin started the idea of International Women’s Day.

How did International Women’s Day get started?

International Women’s Day’s history can be traced back to Woman’s Day in Europe, particularly on March 19, 1911, which was the first ever IWD that had a million individuals involved.

What do you say on International Women’s Day?

You can say anything you want to show your love, support, respect, and appreciation for women on International Women’s Day as long as it isn’t discriminatory or offensive.

What activities can be done on Women’s Day?

Some activities you can engage in on Women’s Day include wearing purple, giving a toast to the women of your family, researching women’s rights, joining a Women’s Day campaign, donating to women-driven charities, and more.

Why is International Women’s Day important?

Refer to the International Women’s Day Purpose, Importance section of this article for the full and detailed answer.

What is the International Women’s Day symbol?

International Women’s Day’s symbol is a purple circular arrow with the female sex symbol inside.

What should you wear on International Women’s Day?

Wear anything with a hint of purple on International Women’s Day.

How to celebrate International Women’s Day

Kindly refer to the International Women’s Day Ideas section of this post.

What was the main aim of the International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is mainly about identifying what women have accomplished so far in different aspects as well as continuing the fight for gender equality.

What is the message of International Women’s Day?

IWD’s message is to commemorate the full potential of women, acknowledge their leadership and rights, and encourage the acceleration of living in a world of gender parity.