Labor Day

Labor Day is one of the United States’ most important federal holidays. Every American worker in the US anticipates this celebration yearly as this occasion centers around them and their contributions. labor-day

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Labor Day Definition & Meaning

Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States that celebrates the hard work of American workers and recognizes their important contributions to society and the economy.

Labor Day is a holiday in the US and also in Canada observed to pay tribute to the men and women working for their families and country.

When Is Labor Day?

Labor Day is celebrated every year on the first Monday of September which means its date will vary each year. The date was chosen simply because it falls halfway between the holidays 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

Labor Day History

Labor Day began around the late 19th Century. It was during a time when labor activist groups fought to push that there be an official holiday celebrating the contributions of American workers. They want to have a dedicated day where people in the country honor the strength, well-being, and tireless efforts of laborers.

Labor Day Purpose, Importance

Labor Day is a grand day of celebration for American workers and laborers, so let’s learn why Labor Day is a big deal to the citizens of the United States of America.

Celebrate American Workers

Workers in the American economy are the celebrants of Labor Day. The entire country honors every American worker for their tireless work. Some business establishments and employers give bonuses and gifts to their employees on top of their day off work. Workers celebrate the holiday by going out for leisure or spending time with family.

Recognize the Achievements and Contributions of Workers

Labor Day is a day to celebrate the achievements and contributions of American workers. Their work fuels the US economy and keeps business and services available round the clock. Some of the efforts of the American workforce helped improve society in many ways. One good example is a teacher working each day to teach his or her students so they may become future professionals.

Commemorate Labor Movements

The creation of Labor Day was inspired by major labor movements in American history. One of those movements was during the US Industrial Revolution in the 1800s when laborers were abused. They work 12 hours a day with no rest days and earn a very minimal salary.

What’s in a Labor Day?

On the first Monday of September, Americans will be celebrating Labor Day in their own ways. Cities and towns will have Labor Day parades and ceremonies. Many workers will be spending the holiday on a vacation such as going to the beach, heading to travel to the countryside, watching a movie, hosting a BBQ party, or having a simple food picnic in the park.

How to Create a Labor Day Social Media Post

If you’re a working citizen in the United States, we’re pretty sure you’re looking forward to Labor Day. On the first Monday of September, let your social media friends and followers know that it’s Labor Day. Remind them of this important holiday by creating and sharing a Labor Day social media post.


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Labor Day vs. May Day

Labor Day is an American federal holiday celebrated to honor all the workers in the United States and is observed yearly on the first Monday of September.

May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is a global celebration honoring the efforts and contributions of workers and labor movements worldwide.

Labor Day Facts

Here are some interesting and fascinating facts about Labor Day:

  • Labor Day marks the end of the Hot Dog season.
  • Over half of the American population travel on Labor Day.
  • Labor Day has an international version celebrated by some countries called May Day observed on May 1.
  • The first state to officially observe Labor Day is Oregon.
  • The labor union movement gave birth to the concept of Labor Day.

Labor Day Ideas & Examples

Labor Day is a holiday worth celebrating, especially if you’re a hardworking American citizen, so start making your Labor Day celebration plans.

Labor Day Ideas

These are some of the best activities you can do to celebrate Labor Day:

  • Go on a team-building vacation with your colleagues in the office and other company departments.
  • Go on a long-weekend trip with your spouse and kids.
  • Organize a food cookout party with your co-workers.
  • Host a backyard BBQ party.
  • Craft Labor Day banners, posters, wallpaper, and greeting cards.
  • Participate in local Labor Day programs and events.
  • Reunite with your college friends who are now working professionals.
  • Join in Labor Day rallies aiming for better employee compensation.
  • Put some patriotic decorations in your house in the theme of Labor Day.
  • Have a Disney movie marathon with your family.
  • Learn about the origins of well-known labor movements by reading history books and credible articles online.
  • Take your family out to lunch or dinner and take advantage of Labor Day discounts.

Labor Day Examples

Displayed below are our excellent editable Labor Day templates and examples, have a look at their quality designs and don’t hesitate to download them.

1. Labor Day Invitation


2. Labor Day Quote


3. Labor Day BBQ Flyer


4. Labor Day Email Newsletter


5. Labor Day Flyer


6. Labor Day Party Flyer


7. Happy Labor Day Flyer


8. Happy Labor Day Background


9. Labor Day Symbol Clipart


10. Transparent Labor Day Clipart



What does Labor Day celebrate?

Labor Day celebrates the efforts and contributions of all the workers across the United States.

When was Labor Day founded?

The very first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882.

Who started the no white after Labor Day?

It was started in the 19th by the upper class as a way of differentiating themselves from society’s working class.

What do you say on Labor Day?

There’s no traditional greeting on Labor Day but you can say “Happy Labor Day” to your friends and colleagues.

What is the slogan of Labor Day?

Labor Day doesn’t have an official uniform slogan, but you can create your own Labor Day slogan unique to your union or workers’ group.

Who declared Labor Day a holiday?

It was Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the United States, who signed and declared Labor Day a holiday to be celebrated annually on the first Monday of September.

Why did labor unions decide to celebrate Labor Day in September?

They chose the first Monday of September to celebrate Labor Day simply because it’s halfway between the 4th of July and Thanksgiving Day.

What’s the Labor Day color?

The colors of Labor Day are the same set of colors as the American flag—red, white, and blue.

Do people dress patriotically for Labor Day?

Yes, some people dress patriotically for Labor Day sporting the colors of the American flag.

When did Labor Day begin and why?

Labor Day began as a national holiday in 1894 and was declared to honor hardworking laborers and recognize the contributions of labor movements.

Who came up with the idea of Labor Day?

One of the founders of the American Federation of Labor, Peter J. McGuire, came up with the idea of Labor Day.

How is Labor Day observed today?

Today, Labor Day is mostly celebrated with BBQ parties, parades, family picnics, fireworks displays, and other outdoor activities.

Is Labor Day a communist holiday?

Yes, Labor Day is a communist holiday.

What is the theme of Labor Day?

The theme of Labor Day changes every year; no theme has been assigned for Labor Day 2022 yet as of this writing.

Why is Labor Day in September instead of May?

Former US President Grover Cleveland chose September to celebrate Labor Day instead of May because the month of May is associated with the Haymarket bombing.