Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of the most important holidays in the United States. Every year, Americans anticipate this holiday to honor the brave men and women who served in their country’s military. Though Memorial Day is celebrated only in the US, it’s a well-known holiday worldwide and many people are interested to learn more facts about it. memorial-day

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Memorial Day Definition & Meaning

Memorial Day, formerly called Decoration Day, is an official federal holiday in the United States. It’s a day to commemorate American military personnel who died serving and defending their country. It’s celebrated every year on the last Monday of May.

When Is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is observed every year on the last Monday of May. In 2022, Memorial Day will be celebrated and commemorated on May 30.

Memorial Day Purpose, Importance

The purpose of Memorial Day is to remember the bravery and patriotic service of US army personnel who gave their life for their country. For Americans, it isn’t just a mere holiday to extend the weekend to go out and have barbecues in the park. Memorial Day is one of their many traditions and is solemnly anticipated in their yearly timeline.

What’s In a Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a well-celebrated holiday but it’s not the happy kind of holiday like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. On that day, Americans go to their nearest cemetery to visit the graves of dead US soldiers who died while in active military service. Some of them hold family gatherings and join Memorial Day parades. Events such as concerts and parties also take place as a form of tribute.

How to Create a Memorial Day Social Media Post

Social media has always been an excellent platform to post just about anything important. That said, if you’re looking to express your Memorial Day celebration spirit on the platform, we’ll help you make and decorate a high-quality social media post.


1. Select a Memorial Day Facebook post template.

select-a-memorial-day-facebook-post-template2. Go to Fill Text to edit the template’s text.

go-to-fill-text-to-edit-the-templates-text3. Go to photos to insert additional images.

go-to-photos-to-insert-additional-images4. Go to Graphics to add more design elements.

go-to-graphics-to-add-more-design-elements5. Save the template and upload it to Facebook.



1. Select a Memorial Day Instagram post template.

select-a-memorial-day-instagram-post-template2.  Go to Fill Text to input your Memorial Day message, quote, greeting, or announcement.


3. Head to Graphics to add more designs.


4. Go to Photos to insert additional Memorial Day images if needed.


5. Download or save the template and post it on Instagram.



1. Choose a Memorial Day Twitter post template.


2. Create a customized Memorial Day message on Fill Text.


3. Go to Background to change the template’s background.


4. Insert Memorial Day images on Photos.


5. Save or download the template and post it on Twitter.



1. Choose a Memorial Day LinkedIn post template.


2. Indicate the date, time, and venue of your Memorial Day event on Fill Text.


3. Head to Background to customize the template’s background.


4. Head to Graphics to insert more clipart.


5. Save your Memorial Day template and upload it to LinkedIn.


Memorial Day vs Veterans Day

In a way, Memorial Day and Veterans Day are similar. Both holidays or observances are celebrated by Americans to honor the patriotic service of their military. However, their similarities end there. Memorial Day honors only those who have died in military service, whereas Veterans Day honors all military personnel, both living and deceased. Moreover, Memorial Day is celebrated every last Monday of May and Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 annually.

What Is the Difference Between Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, and Death Anniversary?

Memorial Day is a celebration of the excellent service of deceased US military personnel; Armed Forces Day is a holiday that was established to celebrate the might and patriotism of the US military; and lastly, a death anniversary is a day to commemorate an individual’s death and to never forget their life.

Memorial Day Ideas & Examples

Memorial Day Ideas

Here are some excellent Memorial Day activities that you can do with friends and family:

1. Attend civil religious gatherings in celebration of the brave men and women who have served the country.

2. Send donations and gift giveaways to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs or the Buddy Poppy Program.

3. Decorate your house with patriotic decors.

4. Go shopping in stores holding Memorial Day sale events.

5. Go camping.

6. Pay respects to deceased military personnel at cemeteries.

7. Attend Memorial Day concerts and parties.

8. Prepare Memorial Day-themed food such as cupcakes and cookies.

9. Participate in a Memorial Day grand parade.

10. Craft items that serve as Memorial Day remembrances.

11. Prepare a patriotic music playlist and play it on Memorial Day.

12. Create and share Memorial Day social media posts.

13. Organize a movie marathon consisting of films focusing on the US military.

14. Visit war museums.

15. Join the activities of the National Moment of Remembrance.

Memorial Day Examples

If you need references or sources of inspiration to create Memorial Day cliparts, posters, and flyers, check out these Memorial Day examples we’ve gathered below.

1. Religious Memorial Day Clipart


2. Memorial Day Kids Clipart


3. Closed for Memorial Day Clipart


4. Memorial Day Banner Clipart


5. Cute Memorial Day Clipart


6. Memorial Day Poster


7. Memorial Day Celebration Poster


8. Memorial Day Service Poster


9. Memorial Day Sale Poster


10. Memorial Day Event Poster


11. Simple Memorial Day Flyer


12. Memorial Day Weekend Flyer


13. Memorial Day BBQ Flyer


14. Memorial Day Patriotic Flyer


15. Memorial Day Sale Flyer


Memorial Day FAQs

What is Memorial Day?

It’s a federal holiday celebrated every last Monday of May to remember those who have died in active military duty.

What is the significance of Memorial Day?

Its significance is to honor the patriotism and bravery of US military personnel who died in service.

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

Americans celebrate Memorial Day to express gratitude and to honor the brave men and women who gave their lives for their country.

What is the National Moment of Remembrance?

The National Moment of Remembrance is a program that was established to remind US citizens of the services, sacrifices, and patriotic acts of the American soldiers and the Armed Forces.

Why Memorial Day is important?

It’s important because it’s a day that reminds Americans of the patriotic and heroic deeds of the US military personnel who died serving the country.

What makes Memorial Day a federal holiday?

It’s a federal holiday because all cities and states in the US celebrate it.

What are some ways to celebrate Memorial Day virtually and outdoors?

To celebrate Memorial Day virtually, you can upload and share Memorial Day posts on social media.

What are the best Memorial Day sales?

Some of the best ideas for Memorial Day sales are to give gift cards, grant discounts, and offer freebies of your products and services to veterans.

Why is the Poppy associated with Memorial Day?

The poppy is associated with Memorial Day because it’s a symbol of remembrance commemorating the bravery of the US soldiers who gave their lives for the country.

When does Memorial Day 2022 start?

Memorial Day 2022 will be on May 30.

What to say on Memorial Day?

There’s no general greeting to celebrate Memorial Day, but you can share/express your gratitude to deceased military personnel.

When did Memorial Day become a federal holiday?

Memorial Day officially become a federal holiday in 1971.

Where is the official birthplace of Memorial Holiday?

The official birthplace of Memorial Holiday is Waterloo, NY.

Should flags be flown at half-mast?

Yes, flags should be flown at half-mast or half-staff on Memorial Day.