National Pet Day

National Pet Day is an event where pet owners of all kinds celebrate this day with fun activities and social gatherings. This day is also to raise awareness about the plight of pets who are abandoned and mistreated. national-pet-day

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National Pet Day Meaning and Definition

National Pet Day is a yearly celebration that commemorates our beloved pets.

This is the best day to show extra love and care to your pets by buying them treats, doing fun activities, or joining events.

When Is National Pet Day?

National Pet Day is celebrated every 11th of April all across the world and this is the day to show our appreciation by engaging in various activities that involve pet owners and their animals. Several events are brought about during this day, from social media posts to contests of all kinds which of course must feature your pets.

National Pet Day History

National Pet Day began way back in 2006 and was founded by Colleen Paige who is an animal welfare advocate. This day came to be because Paige wanted to dedicate a day to giving importance to pets and the significant and positive effects they have brought to our lives. National Pet Day is also dedicated to raising awareness to help adopt rescues and strays in shelters for a chance at a better life.

National Pet Day Importance, Purpose

We all know how important it is to constantly give our pets a lot of love and treat them as companions or part of the family, there are even a lot of animals that are in dire need of help, so this event should also be dedicated to helping animals who are in need.


National Pet Day is all about recognizing the importance and positive impact of pets in our lives. They play a significant role in every individual or family, as they can be a source of strength and for some their loyalty knows no bounds. By doing so, others would be encouraged to get a pet of their own or perhaps learn to treat them better.

Raising Awareness

A lot of animals end up in the shelter which can be quite disheartening to see as some would end up euthanized. To help save these animals, National Pet Day is one of the best times to advocate adopting animals from rescue organizations and shelters. It should also be pointed out that there should be no discrimination when choosing what kind of breed you adopt.

Rescue Activities

National Pet Day also is a day dedicated to pet-related activities and events. Rescue organizations can make use of this day to rescue animals and engage in feeding programs and donation drives. Aside from that, you can show your appreciation by giving your pets extra treats or a day of good old pampering.

What’s in a National Pet Day?

National Pet Day celebrates the positivity pets bring into our lives both physically and mentally. Although it is not considered a public holiday, there are a lot of enjoyable activities you can engage in with your pet or with other people in the community. You can opt to throw a party with family and kids, lend your support to rescue organizations, or offer gifts and donations.

How to Create a National Pet Day Social Media Post


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National Pet Day Facts

National Pet Day is a day where we can show extra love and appreciation to our pets because having pets at home has proven to change our lives for the better. To learn more about National Pet Days here are several fun facts regarding this beloved occasion.

  • During National Pets Day it is made known that the most popular pet is dogs and cats but there are a large number of households that have birds and fishes too.
  • Colleen Paige, an animal welfare advocate founded National Pet Day not only to show appreciation for pets but to encourage people to adopt from shelters.
  • National Pet Day is celebrated every 11th of April.
  • During National Pet Day expect to see streamlined events, discounts on pet products and services, and other advertisements and promotions dedicated to pets.
  • “Don’t Shop! Adopt!” has been the motto of this occasion.
  • National Pet Day is a time to give extra love to your pets through social media posts, treating them extra special, and joining fun events like contests and other exciting activities.

National Pet Day vs. National Volunteer Month

National Pet Day is a day meant to honor our beloved pets and to encourage the public to adopt from animal shelters.

National Volunteer Month is a month dedicated to volunteers as well as to encouraging society to step up and volunteer in all sorts of social and charitable activities.

National Pet Day Ideas & Examples

National Pet Day is a beloved event for pet owners around the world as this is an opportunity to showcase their love and support by engaging in several activities involving their pets.

National Pet Day Ideas

During National Pet Day, you’d expect businesses, organizations, and different media outlets to bustle with activities. Here are several great ideas to spend National Pet Day.

  • Pamper your pet by giving them their favorite treats.
  • Dress your cat, dog, or even your pet rabbit and take a walk in the park.
  • Engage in various fun outdoor activities to get your pet active and able to exercise.
  • Volunteer in shelters and make a donation to various pet charities.
  • Throw a party for your pet to celebrate this day.
  • Post on your social media accounts to show your love for your beloved pet.
  • Adopt a pet from a local shelter or encourage others to do the same.
  • Give your pet a healthy massage.
  • Take a memorable photo shoot with your pets.
  • Hold a pet food drive for a local rescue or shelter.

National Pet Day Examples

Show your unconditional love for your pets through different platforms or perhaps look for volunteers to help in a local shelter on National Pet Day.

1. National Pet Day Card Background


2. Flat National Pet Day Vector


3. Happy National Pet Day Quote


4. Happy National Pet Day Meme


5. National Pet Day Discount


6. Non-Profit National Pet Day Facebook Post


7. National Pet Day Flyer


8. National Pet Day Wallpaper


9. National Pet Day Promotional Instagram Post


10. National Pet Day Collage



Why do we celebrate National Pet Day?

We celebrate National Pet Day to show our support and appreciation for our beloved pets who have made such an impact on our lives and on the lives of others.

Who started National Pet Day?

Colleen Paige is the founder of National Pet Day, who is also a pet and family lifestyle expert and an Animal welfare advocate.

How do we celebrate National Pet Day?

There are several ways to celebrate National Pet Day such as adopting a pet or volunteering in shelters, showing extra love to your pets such as walking outside, buying them treats, joining fun competitions, dressing your pets up, and many others.

What do you do on National Dog Day?

There are tons of things to do on National Dog Day such as adopting a dog from shelters, pampering your dog, performing a safety check on your home to make sure nothing is dangerous for your pet and family, and continuously raising awareness to encourage people to adopt not shop.

Why is National Pet Day important?

National Pet Day is important because it values the importance of pets in our lives and this day was also founded to encourage people to adopt pets rather than buying.

What is the value of National Pet Day?

The main value of National Pet Day is to reinforce the importance of pets, how to take great care of them, and more importantly, to help people understand how significant it is to adopt pets from shelters.

When was the first National Pet Day?

National Pet Day was founded way back in 2006.

What do you do on National Pet Day?

On National Pet Day you and your pet can engage in various activities whether at home or in public.

What is National Pet Day about?

National Pet Day is all about bringing extra attention to our already lovable pets and ensuring that the public is aware of the plight of animals in shelters prompting them to adopt instead of buy.

How would you explain animal pet safety to a child?

By being a role model yourself, show them the proper way to handle pets, and since every pet has its own individual needs so it is important that you do extra research to be able to properly explain the Dos and Don’ts on handling pets of all kinds.

What are the rules of National Pet Day?

There are no specific rules during National Pet Day, although it is encouraged to show your appreciation to your pets, volunteer in shelters, and inspire others to adopt pets instead of buying one.

What is the motto of National Pet Day?

“Don’t Shop! Adopt!” is a well-known motto associated with National Pet Day.