National Pharmacist Day

National Pharmacist Day came to fruition to celebrate and honor healthcare practitioners handling the distribution of precise medical value. In addition to that, they also bridge the gap between the possible benefit of medicines and their actual value. national-pharmacist-day

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National Pharmacist Day Definition & Meaning

National Pharmacist Day is a day set aside to honor and recognize pharmacists’ positive impact on health care.

Pharmacist recognition days are critical for raising awareness about the profession’s importance.

When Is National Pharmacist Day?

National Pharmacist Day is celebrated on January 12 annually, when the science behind drug development began to change rapidly after World War II and the pharmacists’ roles evolved. Although there is no record of when it first began, the earliest record of Benjamin Franklin opening a hospital in the United States may as well mark the first opening of a pharmacy.

National Pharmacist Day History

National Pharmacist Day is a celebration that was first introduced by the International Pharmaceutical Federation in Istanbul in 2009. This day gives recognition to pharmacists and their role in healthcare, which once merely involved checking and distributing medications to doctors to prescribe to patients. Nowadays, pharmacists give more impact on people’s well-being by advising patients and other healthcare providers on the selection, dosages, and adverse effects of drugs, while also monitoring the progress of the former.

National Pharmacist Day Purpose, Importance

Healthcare is an aspect of life that should not be taken lightly, and this is recognized through a commemoration of practitioners in the field who are hard at work and strive to help out individuals in need of treatment.

Honor Pharmacists

With over 300,000 employed all over the world, this medical-related profession deserves recognition for its efforts to correctly distribute the precise dosage needed for each medication. Pharmacists are needed in society to keep us healthy, which keeps businesses running. Every year, American employers pay more than $260 billion in lost work due to illness or injury.

Gives Out Health Tips

Pharmacists can provide us with health advice and tips, including information on how to take multiple medications. They understand the effectiveness of drug therapy and can teach you about the various medical devices you use at home. The specific type of pharmacist involved in this is the consultant pharmacist as they provide consulting services to hospitals, insurance companies, and other healthcare facilities, typically to improve pharmacy services.

Contribute to Medical Research

Pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry work in areas such as marketing, sales, and research and development. They may design or conduct clinical drug trials and contribute to the development of new drugs. They may also aid in the establishment of safety regulations and the control of drug quality.

What’s in a National Pharmacist Day?

National Pharmacist Day is not widely commercialized as compared to other holidays. Although this does not stop companies from recognizing the efforts of pharmacists who are striving to contribute toward a safer and more sturdy healthcare system. Throwing a party in honor of the hard workers, placing banners all over different pharmacies, and even counting time off from work to let these pharmacists take time for themselves.

How to Create a National Pharmacist Day Social Media Post

Social media is one of the most convenient ways to announce a particular message to the world. That may seem to be an exaggeration but you would be surprised by how far your post or status could potentially reach. This enables you or your company to celebrate and honor the holiday by sharing an image with a caption to show how you recognize and appreciate the efforts of pharmacists all over the world. These National Pharmacist Day Templates are ideal for creating all sorts of social media posts.


1. Click the National Pharmacist Day Facebook Post Template


If you are in need of templates for celebrating the national holiday, then you don’t have to look elsewhere because this site provides you with them already. You can select the available National Pharmacist Day Template with the size already catered to be presentable to Facebook.

2. Change Background Colors


If you are associated with a company, then your company logo or company will have its designated color scheme. So when celebrating this holiday, you may want to change the colors of the background to suit the colors your company utilizes and have it be uniform with the other Facebook posts on your page. Open the Background panel and go to “See All” to expand the available colors you can use.

3. Change Text in Template


After you have selected the Facebook-specific template, it will redirect you to the Editor Tool. As it is a template, the contents may not be what you desire outright so this part is where you can change the text. Open the Fill panel right below where it says Templates and there you will find two options. One is the main title within the post and the lower option is the lower title.

4. Add Additional Visual Elements


To add icons, stickers, and the like, open the Graphics panel. You can either scroll through to explore your options or if you have anything specific in mind, then encode and search the word in the search box.

5. Save and Upload to Facebook


Once you are satisfied with the edits you have made, you can then proceed to download and save the file to upload it to your Facebook account or page. Alternatively, you can directly share it if you have an account on the site.


1. Select the National Pharmacist Day Instagram Post Template


There are two available National Pharmacist Day Instagram template options found on the site, one being the usual square size and the other a more lengthy vertical post. Choose either and you will be redirected to the Editor Tool.

2. Customize Message


Open the Fill panel at the left-most section of the screen and you can change what is already written within the template. If you desire to add more text, then go to the Text panel, and select either heading, subheading, or paragraph.

3. Add Images


You have the option to incorporate more photos within your post to make it more visually appealing. Open the Graphics panel and the photos will be presented to you. If you want to upload your own photo, go to the Uploads panel.

4. Save Your Post


Check that you have finished editing and once you are ready to save your file, open the ellipses at the top right corner of the screen and click on it to open the panel for the save button. You are then ready to upload it to your Instagram account.


1. Open National Pharmacist Day Snapchat Geofilter Template


Visit the site and peruse the available National Pharmacist Day Snapchat Geofilter template that you can utilize. Edit as you wish once you click and open the Editor Tool.

2. Write Holiday Text


In the Fill panel, there are two pre-made texts that have already been filled out. Change it to fit your preferences and if you need to add more, go to the Text panel.

3. Change Background


Opening the Background panel will allow you to change the background of the template. You have the option to either change it into a different solid color or an entirely new photo. Sometimes, Geofilters will also have a transparent background.

4. Save and Download Template


Once you have finished doing the necessary edits and changes on the template, you are then ready to proceed to saving and downloading the file. Afterward, you can then upload it to Snapchat and have it processed into a Geofilter.

National Pharmacist Day vs. Indigenous Day

National Pharmacist Day honors one of the most important health care professionals as well as their contributions to society as druggists and chemists as part of the medical faculty.

On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the nation recognizes Indigenous peoples’ inherent sovereignty and commits to commemorating the Federal Government’s trust and treaty obligations to Tribal Nations.

National Pharmacist Day Ideas & Examples

If you plan on commemorating National Pharmacist Day in the coming year, it will require you to plan activities related to the holiday to stay in spirit. Curated below is a list of National Pharmacist Day ideas and examples you can use for your respective celebration and commemoration of the holiday or personal business venture.

Pharmacist Business Card Ideas and Examples

This Pharmacist Business Card would make an excellent template if you need to design and create your personalized business card.


Pharmaceutical Technology Magazine Ideas and Examples

Should you need to create a magazine for your business or profession, then this Pharmaceutical Technology Magazine example makes an ideal template.


Clinical Pharmacist Resume Ideas and Examples

This Clinical Pharmacist Resume is a great example for those who need to apply for a clinical pharmacist or anything of similar nature.


Assistant Pharmacist Cover Letter Ideas and Examples

A cover letter may be a requirement for some job recruiters, so make use of this Assistant Pharmacist Cover Letter to ensure you’ve got every detail right.


Pharmaceutical Company Letterhead Ideas and Examples

This Pharmaceutical Company Letterhead is ideal for professionals and companies who need a design for their letterheads.


Pharmaceutical Company Organizational Chart Ideas and Examples

Let everyone know more about the company with this Pharmaceutical Company Organizational Chart which is ideally designed for those who need to prepare an organizational chart.


Pharmaceutical Process Flowchart Ideas and Examples

Make use of this Pharmaceutical Process Flowchart whose layout works well for those who need to prepare a process flowchart for their company.


Pharmaceutical Presentation Ideas and Examples

Organizations often need to present their projects to the public, then this Pharmaceutical Presentation would make a great example to kickstart that presentation design.


30 60 90 Day Pharmaceutical Sales Plan Ideas and Examples

Prepare a sales plan with this well-crafted 30 60 90 Day Pharmaceutical Sales Plan, so you have an idea of how to start creating this document.


30 60 90 Day Pharmaceutical Business Plan Ideas and Examples

Every company needs a well-crafted business plan even pharmaceutical companies, so begin working on that plan with this 30 60 90 Day Pharmaceutical Business Plan example.



Why do we celebrate National Pharmacist Day?

The day celebrates the importance of pharmacists and the impact they have on everyone’s health and well-being.

What is the theme of Pharmacist Day?

“Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world,” this year’s theme, aims to highlight pharmacy’s positive impact on health around the world while also strengthening professional solidarity.

When was the first Pharmacist Day?

There is no definitive date for the first National Pharmacist Day but for the World Pharmacist Day, it was on September 25, 1912.

Why is September 25th Pharmacist Day?

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) created World Pharmacist Day in 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey, in commemoration of the FIP’s founding on this date in 1912 whereas the National Pharmacist Day is on January 12.

What is the pharmacist symbol?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has used a Caduceus (1 snake and 1 staff) as a symbol, with a snake and bowl as a symbol of pharmacies all over the world.

How do we celebrate National Pharmacy Day?

To honor National Pharmacy Day, respective pharmaceutical companies can thank their employees by spreading love and appreciation through tokens and words of acknowledgment, in general, there are no standard means of celebrating it.

Who started National Pharmacist Day?

There is no definitive individual who started the holiday but the known father of the pharmacist is William Procter Jr. and one other founding father is Benjamin Franklin.

Why are pharmacists so important?

Collaboration among healthcare professionals, such as physicians and pharmacists, can help to ensure that patients take their medications exactly as prescribed and avoid any negative side effects.

What does the snake and bowl represent in Pharmacist Day?

Originating from Greek mythology, the god of medicine’s rod with two snakes symbolizes healthcare, protection, and well-being whereas the god of health’s bowl is also associated with medicine and health.

Who is called the first pharmacist?

Spanish explorer lvar Nez Cabeza de Vaca is believed to have been one of the first Europeans to practice pharmacy and medicine in North America.

What do you say on Pharmacist Day?

There is no official greeting or congratulatory message for this holiday but acknowledging the efforts of those working in the industry is enough.

What is the history of National Pharmacist Day?

By 1751, when Ben Franklin assisted in the establishment of the first hospital in the United States, Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, the first pharmacy in the United States was established.

What is the meaning of Pharmacists Day?

Pharmacists celebrate Pharmacists Day to demonstrate their commitment to organizing activities that promote and advocate for the pharmacist’s role in improving wellbeing in all parts of the world.