New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve or NYE is a day well-known for events and parties. This is time for people across the globe to start their preparations to celebrate the coming of the new year. new-years-eve

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New Year’s Eve Definition & Meaning

New Year’s Eve is the entire day before the New Year, a day allotted for preparation and for some, a mass or a watchnight service is held.

This day is also referred to as Old Year’s Day or Saint Sylvester’s Day and is often associated with large parties and gatherings.

When Is New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is observed every 31st of December based on the Gregorian calendar. This is the day when countries all over the world would begin their preparations often with concerts and programs as everyone would gather to start their countdown towards the new year.

New Year’s Eve Purpose, Importance

New Year’s Eve is not just all drinking parties and games, it is a day just like its counterpart Christmas Eve, a time of social gathering, family reunions and Christian services are held. For many, the new year is a day of new beginnings and what better way to anticipate its coming than by sharing it with loved ones.

Old Traditions

Different communities and nationalities around the world have their own traditions for celebrating the incoming year. Most activities may involve going to church or temples, preparing food for midnight dinner, drinking champagne, getting the fireworks ready, and many others. New Year’s Eve is a great time to start all these preparations and get an early start with the celebration.

New Year’s Resolution

News Year’s Eve is also the best time to prepare one’s new year’s resolution. A moment of reflection to analyze one’s goals, continue good practices and change bad behavior are one of the many resolutions you can think about. This is something you resolved in doing at the start of the new year.


New Year’s Eve is popular for its countdown. This is why family and friends often gather in a home or in public areas to join and celebrate the new year’s eve countdown. People often dress up in party hats, tiaras, and bead necklaces and bring their own confetti and noise makers.

Relax, Take a Vacation or Stay at Home

New Year’s Eve is also a time to relax, be with loved ones, and perhaps watch an animated movie marathon. Since News Year’s Day is considered a public holiday in most countries, it would be a good opportunity to travel back home or perhaps relax elsewhere. So, it’s basically a good time to travel or take a vacation.

Exchange of Gifts

Christmas time is not the only day when gifts are exchanged for some expressing well-wishes and treating your friends, family and leaders with gifts is also honored during New Year’s Eve. These kinds of gifts are often associated with good luck for the new year and prosperity. For example in Japan, greeting cards are sent during the new year called “nengajo”.

What is on New Year’s Eve?

On New Year’s Eve, people, communities, and establishments would start preparing to greet New Year’s Day. Festivities often begin in the evening, towards midnight until the wee hours of the morning. Countdown parties in clubs, concerts in parks, and other events are the most common scene during NYE. But of course, not everything is fun and games on the eve before the new year, special masses and services are held as well. These services are celebrated in order to reflect on the year that has passed while preparing for the new year ahead.

How To Create a New Year’s Eve Social Media Post

Social media are steaming with posts and updates come New Year’s Eve. To help you design and perhaps promote your page and business, then check out our steps on preparing a creative post or banner for the following social media platforms.


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5. Time to save your work.


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New Year’s Eve Facts

Want to know more about NYE? Here are several interesting fun facts about this occasion.

  • The earliest known New Year’s Eve celebration started way back 4,000 years in ancient Babylon.
  • New Year’s resolution and reflection on oneself are often practiced during this day.
  • The most famous song sung the clock slowly ticks toward midnight is called “Auld Lang Syne,” which means “times gone by”.
  • According to German and English tradition, the first person you kiss in the new year could set the tone for the next 12 months.
  • During NYE, firecrackers are prepared to be lit up at midnight to ward off bad luck and bad spirits.
  • Depending on one’s tradition, New Year’s Eve meal is prepared to celebrate the incoming new year.
  • Some cultures exchange gifts and greeting cards on NYE.
  • The famous Times Square Ball was first dropped in 1097.
  • Drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve is an old European tradition since the 1800s.
  • In some countries, traditional New Year’s Eve dishes come in ring-shaped cakes or must take on a circular form as a sign that the year has come full circle.

New Year’s Eve vs. New Year’s Day

New Year’s Eve is the entire day or evening before New Year’s Day which is on the 31st of December.

New Year’s Day is a widely observed public holiday that falls every 1st of January.

New Year’s Eve Ideas and Examples

New Year’s Eve is widely anticipated by families and even business establishments. To prepare in advance, here are several New Year’s Eve ideas and examples that will help you get creative.

New Year’s Eve Ideas

For your upcoming NYE gathering and activities, here are several ideas you can choose from.

  • Start planning for a party, social gathering, or reunion for family and friends.
  • For businesses, offer NYE discounts and promotions to celebrate the upcoming year.
  • Public establishments can start decorating their spaces with tinsels and balloons.
  • Go attend a countdown party and find the right outfit for the occasion.
  • Send out NYE well-wishes and greetings to loved ones.
  • When at home, start checking out NYE food recipes so you can start preparing dinner, drinks and pastries.
  • Think of fun games and activities for kids and adults while waiting for the new year to arrive.
  • Relax and watch stream movies with family and friends.
  • Attend mass or watchnight service.
  • Travel back home or go on a holiday trip.

New Year’s Eve Examples

Should you need to prepare a banner, invitation, or post online then we’ve got several New Year’s Eve examples that will fit your personal and business needs.

1. New Year Eve Vector


2. New Year’s Eve Whatsapp Post


3. New Year’s Eve Facebook Post


4. New Year’s Eve Instagram Post


5. New Year’s Eve Invitation


6. New Year’s Eve Party Poster


7. New Year’s Eve Flyer


8. New Year’s Eve Instagram Story


9. New Year’s Eve YouTube Banner


10. New Year’s Eve LinkedIn Post



Why Do We Celebrate New Year’s Eve?

We celebrate New Year’s Eve in order to prepare ourselves for the upcoming new year.

Which Day is Called New Year’s Eve?

The 31st of December is New Year’s Eve.

When was New Year’s Eve Created?

The earliest record is said to start in ancient Babylon 4,000 years ago and in Mesopotamia in 2,000 B.C.

What Should We Do on New Year’s Eve?

Preparing traditional New Year’s Eve dinner and other pastries is often practiced as well as the drinking of champagne and lighting up of fireworks.

Where Did New Year’s Eve Originate?

It originated in ancient Mesopotamia or in Babylon.

Where Did the New Year’s Eve Tradition Come From?

The celebration of New Year’s Eve came from the Babylonian or the Mesopotamians during the vernal equinox.

What Do You Say on New Year’s Eve?

You say “cheers”, “best wishes” or simply wish anyone a happy and prosperous new year ahead.

Why Do We Pop Fireworks on New Year’s Eve?

Fireworks have originated in China and are set off on the eve of the new year towards midnight in order to ward off bad spirits and celebrate the incoming year.

Who is the First to Celebrate New Year’s Eve?

The first country to celebrate New Year’s Eve is Line Islands and Tonga in the Pacific Ocean.

Who Invented New Year’s Eve?

The people of Babylon and Mesopotamia are said to have first celebrated and commemorated this event.

How Do People Celebrate New Year’s Eve?

People celebrate New Year’s Eve by attending services, social events, drinking alcoholic beverages, eating meals and etc.

What is the Most Common Ritual On New Year’s Eve?

Social gatherings such as parties and reunions are often celebrated on NYE.

What Does New Year’s Eve Stand For?

New Year’s Eve (NYE) is literally the eve before the incoming new year.

What is the Lucky Color to Wear on New Year’s Eve?

Normally people may wear white, but the color depends on the predicted lucky color of the incoming year.