Onam is one of the most popular festivals and traditions in India, especially in the state of Kerala. It’s a beautiful celebration of culture with a deep story and history which we’ll be talking about today. onam

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Onam Definition & Meaning

Onam is a grand festival in Kerala, India dubbed the festival of rain flowers.

Onam is a harvest festival showcasing the culture of Kerala and the Malayali people which also celebrates the visitation of King Mahabali’s spirit.

When Is Onam?

The celebration of Onam is observed at the start of the month of Chingam which corresponds with the months of August and September. The dates change every year in the Gregorian calendar because Onam is celebrated following the Malayalam calendar.

Onam History

The earliest accounts of Onam celebrations date back somewhere around the year 800. During that time, the Kulasekhara Perumals were at the height of their reign. Onam has always been a part of Keralan culture. However, some evidence suggests that it’s not. Nevertheless, Onam is a Keralan celebration and is an anticipated annual event to this day.

Onam Purpose and Importance

Onam is known all around the world, and the Malayali people celebrate this festival spiritually and wholeheartedly for the following reasons:

Welcome King Mahabali’s Spirit

The Malayali people believe that King Mahabali’s spirit visits Kerala yearly throughout the 10-day celebration of the Onam festival. That’s why during the festival, they perform rituals, songs, and other customs welcoming King Mahabali.

According to legend, King Mahabali was granted a boon by Lord Vishnu as a reward for his kindness and nobility. The king asked to be permitted to visit his kingdom every year. Vishnu granted his request and promised that he will be immortalized and remembered by his people forever.

Celebrate Prosperity

As a harvest festival, prosperity is deeply celebrated during Onam. It commemorates the reign of King Mahabali back in ancient times when everything was bountiful and everyone was in good spirits. That said, the Malayali people celebrate Onam in the grandest way possible, full of enthusiasm and jubilation. They wish for good fortune, good health, and good spirits in the days to come.

Showcase Malayali Culture

The Malayali people are proud of their culture and they’re delighted to showcase it to the world on Onam. Throughout the 10-day festival, lots of cultural performances take place with countless local and international tourists spectating. Onam also helps Kerala’s tourism and the state’s traditional artists and small merchants can sell their wares profitably.

What’s in Onam?

The state of Kerala celebrates Onam in various ways. Within the 10 days of the festival, there’ll be performances of folk songs, Kathakali dance performances, displays of creative rangoli art, boat races, fun games, grand feasts with sadya food dishes, and grand elephant processions with flower decorations. All of those activities are in honor of King Mahabali.

How to Create an Onam Social Media Post

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Onam vs. Pongal

Onam is a Malayali harvest festival celebrated in Kerala, India in honor of King Mahabali’s homecoming.

Pongal, also known as Thai Pongal, is also a harvest festival and is celebrated by Tamil communities across India and Sri Lanka.

Onam Ideas & Examples

We have some of our best Onam ideas and examples, check them out and revel in their amazing designs.

Happy Onam Flyer Ideas and Examples

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Onam Festival Flyer Ideas and Examples

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Onam Festival Facebook Post Ideas and Examples

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Onam Festival Instagram Post Ideas and Examples

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Onam Festival Instagram Story Ideas and Examples

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Happy Onam Instagram Story Ideas and Examples

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Happy Onam Snapchat Geofilter Ideas and Examples

Onam is a big festival that occurs in the state of Kerala, to join the celebration make use of this Happy Onam Snapchat Geofilter.


Onam Festival Snapchat Geofilter Ideas and Examples

This Onam Festival Snapchat Geofilter filled with purple and orange colors captures the essence of Onam.


Happy Onam WhatsApp Post Ideas and Examples

Don’t forget to greet friends on WhatsApp with this well-crafted Happy Onam Whatsapp Post that is specifically designed for the occasion.


Onam Festival WhatsApp Post Ideas and Examples

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What is special about the Onam festival?

The two things that are special about the Onam festival are the celebration of Malayali culture and the arrival of King Mahabali’s spirit.

What are the traditions of Onam?

Some of the traditions of Onam are having feasts called sadhya, singing folk songs, playing fun games, organizing boat races, watching elephant processions, and wearing classic Kerala attire.

Where is Onam celebrated and why?

Onam is celebrated in the Kerala state of India and is believed to be the place where King Mahabali’s spirit visits every year during the 10-day harvest festival.

Which crop is harvested in Onam?

The crop that is harvested during the Onam festival is rice.

What is the most important part of Onam?

The most important part of Onam is said to be the Sadya which is a grand feast serving 25 variations of dishes served on banana leaves.

What is the Onam feast?

The Onam feast is called Onam Sadhya.

Which game is played during Onam?

There are actually many games played during Onam such as Onathallu, Onavillu, Kabaddi, puli kali, and tug of war.

How is Onam related to agriculture?

Onam is related to agriculture because it’s a harvest festival; it’s specifically a period of rice harvesting in Kerala.

Why do we celebrate Onam for 10 days?

The Onam is celebrated for 10 days because those 10 days are the namesakes of the astrological stars of the Malayalam calendar.

Why is Onam celebrated only in Kerala?

Onam is celebrated in Kerala because it’s said to be the kingdom of King Mahabali which his spirit visits every year.

Which flower is known as the Onam flower?

The official Onam flower is the Onam Pookalam.

What do we do in Onam?

There are many things you can do during Onam, you can visit Kerala and witness the Onam festivities, dance performances, games, and other Onam events in person.

Which god is worshipped on Onam?

The god worshipped on Onam is Lord Vishnu, the god who granted King Mahabuli’s request to visit his kingdom every year.