Parents’ Day

Parents’ Day is commonly perceived as a celebration of parents’ love, care, and effort in raising their offspring, but it is geared towards recognizing and supporting the mother and father’s roles in providing their kids with healthy lives. People look forward to various festivities and celebrations all year round, and Parents’ Day is one that they should give more importance to since it focuses on strengthening family relationships. parents-day

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Parents’ Day Definition & Meaning

Parents’ Day is an annual holiday to celebrate and commemorate mothers, fathers, and those acting as parents to children.

Parents’ Day is a special celebration honoring the role of parents in raising their children, and a national observance to give extra importance to parents.

When Is Parents’ Day?

The celebration of Parents’ Day in the USA falls every fourth Sunday of July, as established by President Bill Clinton in 1994. However, the United Nations implemented a separate celebration—one that is observed all over the world—called the Global Day of Parents, and it is held every 1st day of June.

Parents’ Day History

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a congressional resolution into law establishing the third Sunday of July as “Parents’ Day” in the United States of America. The law encourages different government organizations, state entities, and countrymen to recognize, uplift, and support parents. Internationally in 2012, the United Nations proclaimed June 1st as the “Global Day of Parents” making the majority of the countries follow the given date of the UN, however, other countries, such as Korea, Malaysia, and the US have special dates for this celebration.

Parents’ Day Purpose and Importance

Without a doubt, parents play a huge role in the life of every child, and here are some of the reasons why Parents’ Day is very significant or important to a lot of people.


It is not every day that children can show their appreciation to their parents but with a national celebration, every child is encouraged to show their appreciation for their parents. Organizations and businesses are suggested to create activities and ways to appreciate the lifelong sacrifice and service of parents to their offspring.


The US government offers special recognition to exemplary parents during this day. One can nominate their parents, someone else’s parents, and those acting as parents to qualify for the recognition. This extra effort encourages everyone to participate in socio-cultural events.


At the international level, parents’ day is celebrated to promote responsible parenting. This day also acts as an effort to remind parents of healthy family relationships and how this bond affects the children’s growth. The celebration of parents’ day is a yearly reminder for both parties to cherish every second and minute with one another.

School Celebration

In school, parents’ day is among the important days that teachers and children, especially the young ones, look forward to. This is a dedicated day for students to show off their parents to other students. During this day, school activities include the creation of greeting cards, handmade and DIY gifts, drawing, writing of messages and poems, and any other forms of art for the celebration.

Rest Day

Most, if not all, parents are working and trying to meet both ends for their children, hence most cannot afford to rest. But since this is a national observance, parents can rest and be happy during this day. Parents’ day is a well-deserved one-day rest for these hardworking people.

What’s in a Parents’ Day?

Parents’ Day is a holiday for families to celebrate with each other either through an intimate lunch, brunch, or dinner at home or a day out at restaurants and parks. The holiday is meant to show appreciation and honor parents through gift-giving. Oftentimes, there are awards that are given to exemplary parents, and these are usually decided by the National Parents Day Coalition, with all parents being qualified in the criteria and nominated by the members of the state.

How to Create a Parents’ Day Social Media Post

Instagram Post

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Parents’ Day vs. Grandparents’ Day

Parent’s Day is a celebration honoring the efforts, sacrifices, and love of the parental unit.

Grandparents’ Day is a celebration and commemoration for grandfathers, grandmothers, and people who acted as grandparents.

Parents’ Day Ideas & Examples

Parents’ Day is a significant celebration that can be celebrated in various ways, among the many is the utilization of social media platforms and digital products containing greetings and messages. Choose the best ideas and examples below.

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What day is National Parent Day?

In the USA, National Parent’s Day is every third Sunday of July.

Why do we celebrate Parent’s Day?

We celebrate Parent’s Day to honor, celebrate, and thank our parents for their love.

Who started Parent’s Day?

Parent’s Day started when President Bill Clinton signed the congressional resolution of Parent’s Day.

What can we do on Parents Day?

Parent’s day can be celebrated through simple acts of love, family gatherings, gift-giving, and any ways that show your love to your parents.

When was the first Parent’s Day celebration?

The first Parent’s Day happened in 1995, the following year after the congressional resolution was signed.

How do we celebrate Global Parent’s Day?

Global Parent’s Day is celebrated around the world through activities, events, and acts that celebrate parents, like government awards, gift-giving, simple dinner or lunch, a trip to the countryside or in other places besides home, and simple acts like calling or texting your parents.

What is the importance of Parent’s Day?

Parent’s Day is important because we remember the sacrifices done by parents, and the importance of their role, and this day is a celebration of and for them.

What do you say for Parent’s Day?

Parent’s day is the time to say our thanks to the people who brought us into this world.

What is the official flower for Parent’s Day?

All kinds and types of flowers are accepted for Parent’s Day, but roses and sunflowers are among the famous flowers, and carnations have special meaning and significance for every color.

When did Parent’s Day become an official holiday?

Parent’s Day became an official holiday in 1994 when President Bill Clinton signed the congressional resolution.

What values do you learn from your parents?

Parents play a significant role in the imparting of values and skills to their children, among the important values we learn are respect, honesty, courteousness, empathy, accountability, determination, and many more.

What is the theme of Parents Day?

For 2022, the official theme for Global Parent’s Day is “Appreciating all parents throughout the world”, and the theme varies every year but remains to be on an appreciative and positive note for parents.

Which country did Parents Day originate from?

Parent’s Day can be traced back to Church and in some Christian communities but the first country to celebrate this is Korea.

What are the facts about Parents’ Day?

Parent’s day is celebrated on different dates in various countries, Korea celebrates Parent’s Day on May 8 as a national holiday, the US celebrates it on the third Sunday of July, Malaysia celebrates on July 25 every year, and most of the world celebrates it on June 1.

Where to create a Parent’s Day post?

There are plenty of different platforms that offer ready-made templates for social media posts, you may also use any design software of your choice and make them from scratch.

What elements are important to be in a Parent’s Day post?

Any design elements, such as shapes, lines, colors, images, figures, clipart, vector, videos, etc, are important to be in a Parent’s day post because these can instantly improve your content.

What are gift examples for parent’s day?

There are so many options in the market for Parent’s Day gifts, like the traditional material things such as bags, shoes, clothes, and appliances, and more thoughtful options such as handmade gifts, art pieces, and letters

Why celebrate Parent’s Day?

Parent’s Day is just one out of 365 days of the year so it is just right to give your one day to your parents by honoring them, celebrating their life and sacrifices, and showing them your love.