Recreation Day

Recreation Day is a fantastic day to spend time with your dear family and friends while doing fun and entertaining activities together at home or outdoors. This holiday supports people to take some break in a while from their hectic work schedules and spend quality time with others and themselves. recreation-day

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Recreation Day Definition & Meaning

Recreation Day is a holiday where one takes a day off to spend quality time and relaxation with their family and friends in appreciation of taking care of oneself and the people they cherish.

Recreation Day is a public holiday in which many business establishments and schools are closed, and many people organize a plethora of sports events and activities around the area in northern Tasmania, Australia.

When is Recreation Day?

Recreation Day is observed on the first Monday of November in Australia, specifically in the north of Tasmania and the city of Launceston. Compared to other public holidays, Recreation Day does not have any cultural, historical, or religious significance as it was simply known as the First Monday of November Holiday.

Recreation Day History

Recreation Day was simply known as the First Monday of November Holiday in Australia before 1989. The Bank Holidays Act 1919 was amended to remove all reference to the first Monday of November as a holiday in 1989 which then led to the proposal of making Recreation Day a holiday under the general authority of the proclamation found in Section 8 of the Act. The state government made a decision to observe Recreation Day on November 11 in 1991 to coincide with the last day of the Australian Pacing Championship due to be held in the city of Launceston at that time and after that, the holiday was proclaimed on September 18, 1991. Nowadays, Recreation Day continues to be celebrated on the first Monday of November in northern Tasmania, Australia.

Recreation Day Purpose, Importance

Why is Recreation Day celebrated in northern Tasmania? Although this public holiday does not have any special connection with their history, culture, and religious traditions, it is a worthwhile event for many families, friends, and individuals who want to have a day off for a while in their usual daily routine. Below are the major reasons why Recreation Day should be celebrated: 

Time to Improve Physical Activity and Mental Health

Recreation Day is a great time to promote physical activity and improve your mental health. There is a wide array of recreational activities that you can do with your family members and friends such as brisk walking, having a picnic, walking your dog, joining an athletic event, and going to a fitness and leisure center. Several studies have shown that going to green spaces helps people to engage in physical activity and relax their minds which can lead to a decrease in health problems.

Bonding with Families and Friends

This public holiday has a positive impact to build and strengthen relationships among families and friends in the community and neighborhood. Through bonding with close families and friends, people in northern Tasmania can experience fun activities with kids, teens, adults, and elderly ones. All individuals, small groups, teams, and communities of diverse ages, abilities, and skill levels can participate in various recreation, leisure, and sports activities that can highly contribute to strengthening their relationships with each other and making memorable moments together.

Development of Physical and Social Skills

During Recreation Day, people can perform some recreational activities and tasks to enhance their physical and social skills. For example, doing some sports and fitness activities such as swimming, rock climbing, running, and skating, and joining in recreational and leisure activities including forest walking, going to parks, summer camp, lake fishing, and hiking on mountain trails. You can also raise some awareness to reduce stigma and include disabled people in this national holiday to enjoy and empower themselves while demonstrating their abilities and strengths.

What’s in a Recreation Day?

Recreation Day is an event celebrated by taking a day off from their job as they spend some quality time with family and friends. Many people use this time to do some household chores or home maintenance, and hobbies such as reading books, drawing, and playing cards, and others organize some sports field activities like cricket and Australian football. University students can also use this day to study and make some preparations for their upcoming exams.

How to Create a Recreation Day Social Media Post

Thinking about how to greet others during Recreation Day? Show your sincere feelings and gratitude to your family, friends, and others while creating a thoughtful social media post about this special day. We suggest that you follow the steps below to make a Recreation Day social media post


1. Download a customizable Recreation Day Facebook Post Template.


Go to our diverse collection of free Recreation Day templates available at Choose the Facebook post template format. Then, you can now work on the template using the Editor tool.

2. Write a sincere message.


Click the “Fill” option from the menu of the Editor tool. Use the text box to write your sincere message for your dear family and friends as you greet them with a happy Recreation Day on social media. You may insert some motivational quotes in your post to uplift your loved ones and encourage them to have a break for a while during this holiday.

3. Add graphics.


Make your post visually appealing while using some beautiful graphics. Click “Graphics” from the menu, and search for the images, or stickers you want to put in your template. For example, insert a cute “friends” clipart and other pics about Recreation Day.

4. Change the background.


If you want to change the background image of your template, you can choose from a wide selection of background photos provided there. Select “Background” on the side menu and change the image that you want. You can use a picture that portrays recreation as the backdrop of your post.

5. Edit and save your work.


After putting all the elements you want in your post, have some time to edit some parts of it. Lastly, save your entire work. Simply press “…” beside the Download button at the top right corner of the screen and choose “Save.”


1. Select an editable Recreation Day Instagram Post Template.


Look for a Recreation Day Instagram post template at Click the template and tap “Edit This Template FREE.” You will be directed to the Editor tool so you can fully customize the template based on your needs and preferences.

2. Insert your message.


Select “Fill” in the side menu and insert your message for the post. Type the message inside the text box. After the greeting, you may add another special note in a text box if you want.

3. Include eye-catching visuals.


Go to the “Graphics” option in the side menu to include eye-catching visuals into your Instagram post template. Insert some colorful graphics and stickers of families, a happy emoticon, and many others that suit your post. Try to show your creativity while designing your work.

4. Modify the colors.


If you want to modify the colors of your post, click the items you want to change colors and see the Colors panel on the side menu. Choose your preferred colors for the elements of your post. Make sure that you arrange and align the objects so that they are visible and organized.

5. Finalize and save your post.


Check your overall post and finalize the design. When you are done with the colors and other components of your post, click “…” and press Save. After saving your work, you can now post it on your Instagram when Recreation Day comes.


1. Pick a free Recreation Day WhatsApp Post Template.


Go to and check out our extensive library of premade and well-designed Recreation Day Templates. Choose the specific template for your WhatsApp post. After that, hit “Edit This Template FREE.”

2. Type your message.


Click “Fill” to add text to your template. Type the message you want to convey in your post. Be specific and keep the words clear and straightforward as you tell your heartwarming message to your loved ones.

3. Include fun graphics.


Click “Graphics” to insert the images you want for your Recreation Day WhatsApp post template. Choose from the plethora of images available there. Add images that represent fun and recreational activities.

4. Add more visuals.


Incorporate more visual elements in your WhatsApp post template. Look for other aesthetic and colorful objects to decorate your post. Adjust each object size by holding and dragging the object in your preferred size.

5. Check, edit and save your work.


Check your overall post if you need to change some other components. If you are fine with all the components, click the three-dotted icon located at the top right corner of your screen. Then, hit “Save” and upload this post to your WhatsApp during Recreation Day.

Recreation Day vs. Veterans Day

Recreation Day occurs every first Monday of November in northern Tasmania, Australia and it is a public holiday for spending time bonding and relaxing with families and friends.

Veterans Day happens every November 11 and it is a national holiday in the United States for commemorating and honoring every Armed Forces veteran, particularly those who sacrificed their lives as they fought for their country.

Recreation Day Ideas & Examples

As you spend your time with your loved ones, do some unique activities and events that all of your family members and friends will surely enjoy. If you are currently brainstorming some ideas on how to celebrate Recreation Day with your family and friends, we are glad to provide you with these Recreation Day ideas and examples:

Recreation Day Ideas 

Are you anxious about what you will do with your family and friends during Recreation Day? Don’t worry because we will assure you that it will be a fun and unforgettable moment in your life when you try some of these Recreation Day ideas on your to-do list for your family field day or friends’ date night:

  • Do backyard camping with your family in the garden space of your backyard while setting up an outdoor barbeque and small campfire at night.
  • Create some crafts with your kids related to special events or occasions like birthdays, or Christmas. 
  • Play some fun outdoor games with your family and friends using water guns filled with paint or balloons filled with different paint colors for creating abstract art. 
  • Host an outdoor movie night with your friends using a movie projector and have some popcorn, movie snacks, blankets, mattresses, and pillows where you can lie or sit.
  • Volunteer with your family and friends to a charity or foundation event for the needy in your local area or community.
  • Perform some field outdoor activities with your family and friends such as combination relay, dress-up relay, passing the baton, speed relay, spoon race, freeze tag, silence game, and many others. 
  • Go mountain hiking with your family and friends.
  • Join a summer camp with your friends.
  • Attend some fitness workshops organized by gyms near your neighborhood with your family or friends.
  • Organize an outreach program with your family and friends to help and support disabled people in your community.

Recreation Day Examples

There are many different Recreation Day templates that you can use aside from the three social media post examples aforementioned in this article. Use these well-designed Recreation Day examples as alternatives for designing and printing flyers and uploading image posts to your social media pages:

1. Recreation Day Flyer Template


2. Recreation Day Instagram Story Template


3. Recreation Day Linkedin Post Template


4. Recreation Day Snapchat Geofilter Template


5. Recreation Day Youtube Banner Template



Why is Recreation Day celebrated in Australia?

Recreation Day is celebrated in Australia particularly in northern Tasmania to spend quality time and relaxation with family and friends as most businesses and schools are closed in many cities and towns.

What is Recreation Day Tas?

Recreation Day Tas is a public holiday generally celebrated in northern Tasmania in Australia on the first Monday in November.

Is Recreation Day Tas a public holiday?

Yes, Recreation Day is a public holiday observed in all parts of northern Tasmania, as well as in other areas such as Oatlands, Swansea, Strathgordon, Tarraleah, and the West Coast.

What is the significance of Recreation Day?

Recreation Day does not have any cultural, historical, or religious significance, but it is a meaningful event for half of Tasmania as they can spend time with their families and friends and this holiday was established to offset Regatta Day in Southern Tasmania.

What is the date of Recreation Day?

The date of Recreation Day is usually held on the first Monday of November.

Why Recreation Day is important?

Recreation Day is an important holiday for people in the north of Tasmania because they can do various activities at home and take part in sports events like Australian sports or students can use a few open libraries to study.

What are the benefits of Recreation Day?

Recreation Day provides numerous benefits for our physical, emotional, and mental health such as it helps people live longer, it reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, it lowers the risk of developing high blood pressure, it combats osteoporosis, it reduces the risk of becoming overweight, it encourages social interaction, it improves concentration and learning, and it increases personal confidence and self-esteem.

Why is it called recreation?

This event is called Recreation Day because it is a holiday in which people are encouraged to take their day off and relax.

What are the activities in Recreation?

Some of the popular activities on Recreation Day are doing home maintenance or household chores, watching movies and TV dramas, enjoying outdoor activities, participating in Australian sports such as Australian football and cricket, traveling in other areas, and studying in several open libraries.

When does the first Recreation Day start in Tas?

The first Recreation Day started in Tasmania on the first Monday of November as it was proposed to make it a holiday under the general powers of proclamation in Section 8 of the Bank Holidays Act 1919.

Why did Recreation Day observe on November 11?

Recreation Day is first observed on November 11 because the state government proposed and established November 11 as the date for Recreation Day in 1991 to coincide with the final day of the Australian Pacing Championship.

When did Recreation Day change?

The state government proclaimed the change of Recreation Day on September 18, 1991.