Sisters’ Day

Sisters’ Day may not be as big a celebration as Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, or Thanksgiving, but we can’t deny that it’s a special occasion, especially if you have a sister in life. Time flies and Sisters’ Day is fast approaching yet again, so let’s about it this special occasion today. sisters-day

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Sisters’ Day Definition & Meaning

Sisters’ Day is an unofficial holiday observed mostly in the United States to celebrate the bond between sisters and their siblings.

Sisters’ Day or National Sisters’ Day is a special time of celebration when people celebrate their sisters and friends who act as sister figures in their lives.

When Is Sisters’ Day?

Sisters’ Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of the month of August. Since Sisters’ Day falls on a Sunday each year, you likely don’t have work or school so take some time to bond with your sisters and sister figures on that day.

Sisters’ Day History

The concept of Sisters’ Day was born in 1996. Tricia Eleogram came up with this celebration to honor the sisterly relationships and sisterhood. The inspiration behind it is simply to give love and appreciation to all the sister figures in each individual’s life.

Sisters’ Day Purpose, Importance

Sisters’ Day doesn’t have a rich history or deep origins like other holidays and yearly traditions, but many people choose to celebrate it for a number of reasons.

Acknowledge the Role of Sisters in One’s Life

Sisters play an important role in our lives. On Sisters’ Day, that role is acknowledged and appreciated. Sisters are like every individual’s second mother. They provide this sort of maternal care, love, and comfort while being a close friend. This also extends to female friends who act as sister figures.

Celebrate Sisterly Bonds

Sisterly bonds are celebrated on Sisters’ Day. These sisterly bonds involve the bond between biological sisters, biological brothers and sisters, female cousins, and female best friends. Sisterly bonds are unique because they somewhat double as a maternal bond and friendship bond.

Spend Time with Sisters and Sister Figures

Sisters’ Day is a perfect day for people to spend time with their sister and sister figures, especially due to the fact that it always falls on a Sunday. They do fun activities that strengthen their sisterly bond such as watching movies, playing games, drinking, or hanging out in leisure establishments.

What’s In Sisters’ Day?

On Sisters’ Day, there are no parades, festivals, and grand events like in other holidays and traditions. People with sisters celebrate it in their own ways. Some of them will take their sisters out for dinner or lunch, go on a picnic or camp, send cute Happy Sisters’ Day greeting cards, and do other fun bonding activities.

How to Create a Sisters’ Day Social Media Post

Express your excitement for Sisters’ Day on social media. Show your friends and followers that you’re into this occasion by sharing Sisters’ Day social media posts. To help you get started, we’ll show you how to create social media posts with Sisters’ Day themes.


1. Choose a beautiful Sisters’ Day Facebook Post Template.


Select any of our elegant Sisters’ Day Facebook post templates. Each of them has creative designs that look good on Facebook timelines. Click the Sisters’ Day template you want and edit it for free using our Editor tool.

2. Write a personalized Sisters’ Day message.


Once you’re in the Editor tool, you can start by writing your special Sisters’ Day message to your sister. Simply customize the content of the Fill Text boxes in the Fill panel. The template has an existing Sisters’ Day message and you can use it as it is.

3. Add feminine-themed graphics.


Any Sisters’ Day art should have feminine-themed designs. So if you wish to add more graphics, choose those that have a feminine theme. You can find some in the Graphics panel of our Editor tool. Graphics depicting hearts are recommended.

4. Add photos of your sisters.


If you have photos of your sisters on your computer, consider adding them to the post. Open the Uploads panel and select the Upload your File button. Select the Photo section to insert your photo into the template.

5. Save your Sisters’ Day Facebook post.


Last but not the least, make sure to save your Sisters’ Day Facebook post. Select the three-dotted icon in the upper right corner and click Save. Keep the post for now and upload it to Facebook on the first Sunday of August.


1. Choose any of our Sisters’ Day Instagram Post templates.


We have several high-quality and beautiful Sisters’ Day Instagram post templates. Their Instagrammable qualities will surely be appreciated by your sister. Click your chosen template and start customizing in our Editor tool.

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3. Type in your Sisters’ Day wishes.


Your Sisters’ Day Instagram post won’t be complete without your Sisters’ Day wishes. So make sure to write it in the template. Head to the Fill panel and write your message in the Fill Text boxes. We recommend keeping your message short and simple so it doesn’t overlap with the graphics.

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5. Save your Sisters’ Day Instagram post.


If you’re done customizing your Sisters’ Day Instagram post, save it for now. Click the Save icon which you can access by selecting the three-dotted icon in the upper right corner of the Editor page. Share your Sisters’ Day post on Instagram on the first Sunday of August.


1. Select a Sisters’ Day Whatsapp Post Template.


Select a Sisters’ Day Whatsapp post template that you fancy. Click the template of your choice and start editing it for free on our online Editor tool.

2. Upload photos of you and your sisters.


To add photos of you and your sisters, you need to upload them. Go to the Uploads panel, select the Photo section, and click the Upload Your File button. Upload your best sisterly photos and click and drag them to the template. Take note that in uploading photos, the file size limit is 5MB.

3. Write your heartfelt Sisters’ Day greeting.


To write your Sisters’ Day greeting, go to the Fill panel and customize the existing content of the Fill Text boxes. Keep your Sisters’ Day greeting short. You can also change the text font style.

4. Change your Whatsapp post background color.


All our Whatsapp post templates have customizable background colors. So if you want, don’t hesitate to change the background color of your Sisters’ Day Whatsapp post. Go to the Background panel, select the Colors section, and from there, choose a color you like. Click your selected color so it applies as a background color.

5. Save your Sisters’ Day Whatsapp post.


After doing all the customization stuff, your Sisters’ Day Whatsapp post is ready. But for now, save it and wait for the first Sunday of August. To save your post, click the three-dotted icon on the upper right side of the Editor tool, and select the Save icon.

Sisters’ Day Facts

Here are some important and interesting facts to know about Sisters’ Day:

  • Sisters’ Day can also be celebrated with your female friends and cousins with whom you have a sisterly bond.
  • Sisters’ Day is always celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of August.
  • Sisters’ Day can be celebrated however you want. This holiday has no strict traditions and customs.
  • Sisters’ Day is not an official holiday but it’s still worth celebrating.
  • Sisters’ Day is a perfect day to pamper your sister or close female friends.

Sisters’ Day vs. Friendship Day

Sisters’ Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August honoring sisters, sister figures, and all the sisterly bonds formed through siblingships and friendships.

Friendship Day or International Friendship Day is a special unofficial holiday celebrating friendships and is also observed on the first Sunday of August by some countries.

Sisters’ Day Ideas & Examples

There are no strict traditions on how to celebrate Sisters’ Day, you’re free to celebrate it with your sisters however you want, and we’ll help you make your plans by sharing our Sisters’ Day ideas and examples.

Sisters’ Day Ideas

You can add these fun activities to your Sisters’ Day to-do list:

  • Watch Disney movies with your sister, especially Frozen and Frozen II.
  • Write a sweet poem for your little sister or big sister.
  • If you’re a parent of girls, treat your daughters to dinner for being such good children and good sisters to one another.
  • Watch a musical play with your sister.
  • Send flowers to your sister or your female friends who are like sisters to you.
  • Gift your sister a book she always wanted to read.
  • Take your sister or female friends to the spa or salon to pamper them.
  • Create beautiful cartoon drawings of your sisters as a way of tribute to your sisterhood.
  • Make a Happy Sisters’ Day cake.
  • Go on a picnic or go camping with your sister.
  • Arrange a live chat session with your sister who lives abroad or in another city.
  • Reunite with a sister or sister figure who you haven’t seen for years.
  • Write a letter of love and appreciation to all the sister figures in your life.
  • Make amends with your sister if you’ve had conflicts with them.
  • Help your sister with daily household chores.
  • Go on a beach vacation with your sister.
  • Help your sister with her homework.

Sisters’ Day Examples

We’ve gathered some of our best Sisters’ Day social media posts and flyers, and you can check out their designs and use them as inspiration to create your Sisters’ Day artwork.

1. Sisters’ Day Quote Facebook Post


2. Happy Sisters’ Day Facebook Post


3. Sisters’ Day Offer Facebook Ad


4. Happy Sisters’ Day Instagram Story


5. Sisters’ Day Quote Whatsapp Post


6. Sisters’ Day Quote Snapchat Geofilter


7. Happy Sisters’ Day Snapchat Geofilter


8. Sisters’ Day Offer Instagram Ad


9. Sisters’ Day Quote Flyer


10. Happy Sisters’ Day Flyer



When is Sisters’ Day celebrated?

Sisters’ Day is celebrated annually on every first Sunday of the month of August together with Friendship Day.

Why do we celebrate Sisters’ Day?

We celebrate Sisters’ Day to appreciate our sister siblings and all the sister figures in our life and thank them for all their sisterly care.

When was National Sisters’ Day created?

National Sisters’ Day was created by Tricia Eleogram in 1996 to celebrate sisterhood.

What do you say on Sisters’ Day?

On Sisters’ Day, you can simply say “Happy Sisters’ Day” to your sister and female friends acting as sister figures in your life.

Who created Sisters’ Day?

Sisters’ Day was created by Tricia Eleogram who lives in Tennessee.

What you should know about Sisters’ Day?

One fun fact you should know about Sisters’ Day is that it’s similar to an Indian holiday called Raksha Bandhan which celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters.

What do you do on Sisters’ Day?

On Sisters’ Day, the best thing you can do is spend quality time with your sisters and gift them simple presents of appreciation.

Why are Brothers’ Day and Sisters’ Day celebrated?

Brothers’ Day and Sisters’ Day are celebrated to appreciate the bond we have with our siblings and also friends who are like family.

When did Sisters’ Day start?

Sisters’ Day started as an annual celebration in 1996.

What is the message of Sisters’ Day?

The main message of Sisters’ Day is to acknowledge and value the presence of sisters and sister figures who brighten up our days.