World Book Day

World Book Day is a great time to encourage people of all ages in your community to read books and it is a fundamental holiday to promote reading, publishing, translating, and copyright. As one of the holidays celebrated in many countries and lands around the world, it is a worthwhile event to set up some reading activities and programs to help people to appreciate and recognize the significance of reading and literature.  world-book-day

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World Book Day Definition & Meaning

World Book Day is a famous international event to celebrate the importance of reading and helping people to become literate.

World Book Day is also known as World Book and Copyright Day and it is observed in numerous countries around the globe such as Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, and many others. 

When Is World Book Day?

World Book Day is celebrated on April 23 every year. It began as a way to honor the author Miguel de Cervantes who died on the same date in 1930. UNESCO decided to make this day observed on April 23 in 1995 to commemorate the death anniversary of prominent authors such as William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.

World Book Day History

World Book Day was first invented by a Spanish writer named Vicente Clavel Andres to honor and recognize the author Miguel de Cervantes. This event was first celebrated on October 7, 1926, the birthday of Cervantes, and then, it was moved to the date of his death which falls on April 23 in 1930. This annual event became popular in Spain and then it spreads in over 100 countries globally. 

World Book Day Purpose, Importance

World Book Day is celebrated not just to promote reading as it provides other benefits and purposes to the public like the ones we included in this section:

Time to Encourage People to Enjoy Reading and Books

This event is a meaningful time to encourage and inspire people to enjoy reading and books in the communities. It helps people to explore new worlds and gain new knowledge and insight about a wide array of facts, ideas, opinions, and viewpoints of different authors and writers. Additionally, this holiday connects people by motivating them to read more books and novels.

Increased Literacy Rate in Communities

Statistics reported that the world’s literacy rate increased from 69% in 1976 to 86% in 2016. The primary goal of World Book Day is to help people become literate by reading books and learning how to use the knowledge and insight they acquired from reading in their everyday lives. Thus, World Book Day is a beneficial time to improve the literacy rate in many communities in countries that have literacy challenges such as in the Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia.

Provide Books to People of All Ages

Many people participate in celebrating World Book Day including authors, illustrators, poets, writers, and bookworms to promote the significance of reading and books to many people in and their communities by giving free printed books and e-books to the needy such as children and teens in very poor families. Several charity groups and foundations work in supplying poor families and their children with books. In this way, people of all ages can pick and read a book they want from a selection of authors and writers.

What’s in a World Book Day?

World Book Day is celebrated in April to encourage volunteerism to everyone in the community and help them to show generosity to other people. This event also inspires and provides opportunities for young ones and adults to engage in volunteering work while filling crucial gaps in service. During this month, many people sign up for volunteering, plan some activities for volunteers, and celebrate this holiday on social media.

How to Create a World Book Day Social Media Post

Want to post a greeting on your social media accounts to observe World Book Day? Design visually aesthetic banners, flyers, letters, logos, graphics, and social media posts for World Book Day. We suggest that you follow the steps below to make a compelling World Book Day social media post on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


1. Download an editable World Book Day Facebook Post Template.



Visit as we offer our extensive collection of free World Book Day templates. Choose the Facebook post template format and get hold of the Editor tool when you click the Edit This Template FREE button. You can now easily access the editor tool and customize your template.

2. Write an encouraging quote or message about reading.

Tap the “Fill” option from the menu of the Editor tool. Add the text box to write an encouraging quote about the importance of reading and books and for the celebration of World Book Day in the post on your social media. This will invite the public to be interested in participating in various activities related to World Book Day.

3. Insert simple graphics.

Insert some simple graphics linked with World Book Day. Select “Graphics” from the menu, and search for the images, or stickers you need to put in your post template. For example, insert some cute graphics of books, people reading, hearts and smiley faces all over your Facebook post template.

4. Change the background color.


If you want to change the background color of your post, you can choose the appropriate color you preferred for the background your post. Head to “Background” on the side menu and modify the color that you want. In the color picker, adjust the hue or tone of your color according to your needs and preferences.

5. Edit, save, and upload your Facebook post.

After you are done inserting all the key visual components in your post, revise some components of your design. Save your overall work when you press “…” beside the Download button at the top right corner of the screen and hit “Save.” Then, upload it to your Facebook page.


1. Select a customizable World Book Day Instagram Post Template.


Search for a World Book Day Instagram post template at Select the template and hit “Edit This Template FREE.” You will see a new tab for the Editor tool so you can fully customize the template.

2. Include an inspirational quote.

Head to “Fill” in the side menu and include an inspirational quote in the post. Type it inside the text box. You may add another note in another text box if you want.

3. Add some visual elements.

Click the “Graphics” option in the side menu to add some visual elements to your Instagram post template. Add some eye-catching graphics like books in your post. Express your creative ideas while designing your post. 

4. Modify the colors.

Select the elements in your post that you want to modify colors and use the Colors panel in the “Background” option located on the side menu. Pick the colors you want for the elements of your post. Click, drag and arrange the objects to make sure that they are well-structured and enticing to the viewers. 

5. Review, save, and upload your post to your Instagram page.

Review your Instagram post and finalize the whole design. When you are done with the colors and other visual elements of your post, click “…” and hit Save. Lastly, upload your post on your Instagram on World Book Day.


1. Pick a free World Book Day YouTube Banner Template.


Go to and see our eclectic library of premade World Book Day Templates. Choose the specific template for your YouTube banner. Then, click “Edit This Template FREE.”

2. Add your message or quote.

Select “Fill” to add a message or quote to your YouTube banner template. Type the message or copy-paste the quote to your banner. Check the text for any grammatical or typographical errors and revise if necessary.

3. Incorporate colorful images.


Click “Graphics” to incorporate the colorful images or decorations you want for your World Book Day YouTube banner template. Select from the plethora of images available in our template collection. Add graphics that symbolize reading and books. 

4. Use new colors.


Change all the colors in your YouTube banner template based on your needs and preferences. Set a new color scheme.  Then, use the New Color options to apply the colors you want.

5. Edit, download, and upload your new banner design on YouTube.


Examine your banner design if you need to enhance some other elements. If you are satisfied with all the elements, click the three-dotted icon at the top right corner of your screen. Lastly, hit “Save” and upload your new banner design to your YouTube channel profile in commemoration of World Book Day.

World Book Day Facts

World Book Day is one of the most-awaited events in many countries worldwide. Here are some interesting facts about this annual event:

  • World Book Day is also known as International Day of the Book.
  • World Book Day is officially organized by UNESCO and celebrated in the UK every first Thursday of March.
  • Research studies have shown that 96.9% of children knew World Book Day and children who join in the activities of this event are more likely to appreciate and read books than those who don’t.
  • Reports stated that over 2 million books were printed in 2021, providing children and young people 12 books to choose from and own.
  • Statistics revealed that World Book Day is effective in facilitating reading for pleasure culture, especially for young ones.

World Book Day vs. World Poetry Day

World Book Day is an annual global event celebrated every April 23 with the vision and mission to help more children to develop a life-long habit of reading and to promote reading for pleasure and increased knowledge and insight.

World Poetry Day is a yearly event observed on March 21 to celebrate and support linguistic diversity from diverse people and all cultures through poetic expression. 

World Book Day Ideas & Examples

If you are currently planning for the celebration of World Book Day, we include several ideas and examples here to help you and your fellow bookworms in preparation for this annual celebration to inspire and motivate many people to appreciate reading and recognize many authors and illustrators worldwide.

World Book Day Ideas 

Are you brainstorming some ideas about what you and your team will do to celebrate World Book Day? In this part, we provide World Book Day ideas that you can do:

  • Organize an author and/or book illustrator visit in your class or community
  • Host a virtual story-time session for younger kids and others.
  • Contact your local bookshop to see if they can run a bookstall or arrange an author/illustrator visit.
  • Dress up with favorite characters from their favorite novels or stories.
  • Redesign some covers of their favorite books.
  • Organize a book quiz.
  • Hold a reading comprehension competition for fun.
  • Name as many books which have been made into films and tell the difference between the book and movie version. 
  • Share and recommend books and novels to others and do a book swap.
  • List down some books and novels you want to read for the whole year.

World Book Day Examples

There are many kinds of World Book Day templates that you can use for celebrating this special event. Use these contemporary and modern World Book Day examples when you design your flyers, and posts for your social media pages:

1. World Book Day T-Shirt Template


2. World Book Day Quote Template


3. World Book Day Presentation Template


4. World Book Day Instagram Story Template


5. World Book Day WhatsApp Status Template


6. World Book Day Background


7. World Book Day Sign


8. World Book Day Image


9. Inspirational Book Day Quote


10. Simple World Book Day Quote



Why do we celebrate World Book Day?

World Book Day is celebrated to encourage children and adults to develop a life-long habit of reading and recognize the importance of reading books.

What is the theme for World Book Day?

The theme for World Book Day this 2022 is “Read…So you never feel alone.” 

Where did World Book Day start?

World Book Day started in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

What is special about World Book Day?

World Book Day is a special global celebration of books and reading and commemorates prominent authors and writers such as William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.

What do you say on World Book Day?

People say Happy World Book Day during this event.

How can we celebrate World Book Day?

There are various ways to celebrate World Book Day such as sharing a story, or doing a book swap, starting to write a book, having a book-themed film night, reading some novels, getting free e-books from around the world, going on a book scavenger hunt, visiting your favorite bookshop, and making donations to book charities.

What is the aim of World Book Day?

The aim or main purpose of World Book Day is to promote reading, writing novels, poems and stories, as well as translating, copyright, and publishing.

Why do people dress up on World Book Day?

Several people dress up on World Book Day to engage children and other people to try some reading recommendations.

How do books impact your life?

Books greatly impact our lives by providing us knowledge and insight about other people’s lives, broadening our perspective of the world, influencing our thoughts on various issues, helping us to improve our skills, and making us feel a variety of emotions.

Who invented World Book Day?

Vicente Clavel Andres, a Spanish writer, is the one who invented World Book Day.

Where did the tradition of World Book Day come from?

World Book Day came from the idea of Vicente Andres to honor the author Miguel de Cervantes.

Why the World Book Day is important for children?

World Book Day is an important event for children because it helps them to be motivated in reading books and other learning materials, and it boosts the literacy rate around the world.

How long has World Book Day been around?

World Book Day has been around for 27 years in numerous countries around the world.

What do you do on World Book Day?

World Book Day is a great time to read books and inspire others to read as well.

What activities can be done on World Book Day?

There are many activities that you can do on World Book Day such as re-telling popular stories through play, playing the Guess Who game to know characters of a book, creating a drawing or illustration of some scenes in a book, making some printable bookmarks of your favorite books, writing a non-fiction book, drawing a graphic novel, and many more.

Why this day is selected as the World Book and Copyright Day?

April 23 is selected as World Book and Copyright Day because it gives a special tribute to some well-known authors like William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, and Inca Garcilaso d la Vega who all died on the same date.