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World Heart Day is one of many international celebrations centered around healthy living and disease prevention. Like other annual observations advocating good health, World Heart Day is one that you should have marked on your calendar. world-hearts-day

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World Heart Day Definition & Meaning

World Heart Day is an annual worldwide celebration aimed to raise awareness of heart-related diseases and how they affect some people around the world.

World Heart Day is a yearly international event celebrating heart health and promoting methods to help people prevent cardiovascular diseases.

When Is World Heart Day?

World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 every year. In 2022, it falls on a Thursday.

World Heart Day History

The World Heart Federation (WHF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) established World Heart Day in 1999 which was originally celebrated every last Sunday of September. The shift to September 29 started in 2011. In present times, World Heart Day is still widely celebrated to continue spreading awareness of the importance of heart health.

World Heart Day Purpose, Importance

The heart is the second most important organ in the body next to the brain. Taking care of our hearts is essentially synonymous with taking care of our life as a whole. That’s one reason why World Heart Day was established and why we should be aware of its purpose and importance.

Spread Awareness of Cardiovascular Health Issues

According to the WHF, cardiovascular diseases claim the lives of around 18.6 million people every year, making them among the leading causes of death worldwide. On World Heart Day, advocates of heart health will spread awareness of cardiovascular diseases. The goal is to educate people about them and enlighten them on the right methods of prevention.

Promote Healthy Living for the Heart

The WHF emphasized that 80% of deaths due to heart-related diseases could’ve easily been avoided. That’s why promoting healthy living for the heart is at the very core of World Heart Day. People are encouraged to adopt practices for their cardiovascular health such as proper diet, moderation of alcohol, avoiding tobacco use, and regular exercise. Activities and practices for a healthy heart are easily accessible to everyone. World Heart Day aims to let people know about them and to take action before it’s too late. Simply put, it advocates that prevention is better than cure.

Encourage People to Seek Professional Help

World Heart Day also advocates that seeking professional help is important when it comes to heart health. Whether a person has symptoms of cardiovascular disease or not, it’s advisable to schedule a heart check-up regularly. World Heart Day encourages people to visit their local cardiologists and be in the know about their heart health. They know best regarding how the heart works and how it reacts.

What’s on World Heart Day?

On World Heart Day, there’ll be campaigns spreading awareness of cardiovascular diseases, educating healthy practices for heart health improvements, and promoting accessible healthcare services for cardiovascular health. Many of those campaigns will be online, most especially on social media. The campaigns will be spearheaded by cardiologists, heart disease organizations, local communities, government bodies, families, and individuals.

How to Create a World Heart Day Social Media Post

Social media is an excellent platform to promote World Heart Day and do your part to raise awareness. It’s one of the little things you can do that can save lives in the long run. So today, let’s create a World Heart Day social media post following these guides.


1. Open Facebook and click/tap the “What’s on your mind?” box.

2. Upload an image file showing an illustration or photograph related to heart health or World Heart Day. For this, you can use our World Heart Day Facebook Post Template.

3. Write a caption for your World Heart Day Facebook post. The caption can be a simple greeting of Happy World Heart Day or a message advocating heart health.

4. Set the post on Public View so more people can see your World Heart Day post, including that outside of your list of FB friends.

5. Tap/click the Post button to publicly share your finished World Heart Day Facebook post.


1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and tap the “+” icon found in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Upload an Instagrammable photo showcasing something that’s related to World Heart Day or heart health.

3. Once uploaded, beautify the photo using Instagram filters. But don’t forget to keep it simple.

4. Write an engaging caption for your World Heart Day Instagram post. You can use quotes about heart health or write your own unique message promoting heart health. And also, you can use the hashtag #WorldHeartDay or other relevant hashtags for post optimization.

5. Tap the Share button to publish your World Heart Day Instagram post.


1. Open Twitter on your smartphone or your desktop computer then select the Compose button.

2. Upload World Heart Day photos from your smartphone’s photo gallery or your computer’s file folders. You can also use free online photos of World Heart Day and heart health advocacies.

3. Write your meaningful tweet regarding the importance of World Heart Day and encouraging people to start living healthily for their heart health. Use the #WorldHeartDay and other related hashtags to help optimize your Twitter post.

4. Tap or click the Tweet button to publish your World Heart Day Twitter post.


1. Open the Whatsapp app on your smartphone and head to the Status tab.

2. Tap the Camera button.

3. Upload a World Heart Day photo from your phone gallery, or if you have none, grab a free one online.

4. When the photo is attached to your Whatsapp post draft, beautify it with stickers, creative cartoon drawings, and other graphics.

5. Insert a text over your World Heart Day photo and use it as a caption. The text could be a Happy World Heart Day greeting complemented with a short message spreading awareness of heart health issues.

6. Tap the Arrow button to publish your World Heart Day Whatsapp post.

World Heart Day vs. World Health Day

World Heart Day is a yearly celebration established by the WHF and WHO to educate people about cardiovascular diseases and promote habits and practices for improved heart health.

World Health Day is quite similar to World Heart Day but with a broader scope that aims to spread global health awareness, not just heart health awareness; it’s celebrated every year on April 7.

World Heart Day Ideas & Examples

World Heart Day is open to be celebrated by every human being on Earth. It doesn’t matter what your religion, race, or nationality is. You can be a catalyst for spreading heart health awareness by simply celebrating World Heart Day. Here are some ideas and examples to help your prepare for this occasion.

World Heart Day Ideas

These are some of the best activities to celebrate World Heart Day on September 29:

  • Craft a creative World Heart Day poster, wallpaper, or banner with stunning background and share it publicly.
  • Design and create World Heart Day greeting cards with heart symbols and slogans promoting heart health.
  • Hang some World Heart Day theme decorations around your house.
  • Start planning a healthy diet that improves heart health. Eat foods that have less fat.
  • Start exercising regularly for better blood circulation.
  • Learn more about cardiovascular diseases by reading books or credible online articles.
  • Start doing regular meditation.
  • Go on a vacation to relieve your stress. You can go camping or go to the beach.
  • Listen to music that relaxes your mind and eases anxiety.
  • Visit the nearest cardiology clinic to have your heart checked.
  • Join in World Heart Day campaigns in your community.
  • Participate in World Heart Day poster-making competitions.
  • Check on your family and friends with underlying heart conditions. You can give them a call or spend quality time with them in person.
  • Share posts about World Heart Day on social media to spread awareness.
  • Donate to heart disease organizations such as the American Heart Association (AHA).
  • Volunteer in non-profit health organizations dedicated to the reduction of deaths caused by cardiovascular health issues.

World Heart Day Examples

Here we have our World Heart Day templates and examples. Each of their designs perfectly captures the spirit of World Heart Day. You can use them as references to create your World Heart Day awareness campaign material.

1. World Heart Day Billboard


2. International Heart Day Greeting Card


3. World Heart Day Greeting Card


4. World Heart Day Poster


5. Happy World Heart Day Greeting Card


6. World Heart Day Flyer


7. World Heart Day Facebook Post



Why do we celebrate World Heart Day?

We celebrate World Heart Day to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases that have caused premature deaths of millions of people around the world.

What can we do on World Heart Day?

On World Heart Day, we can help spread awareness regarding cardiovascular diseases and encourage people to improve their heart health through proper diet and regular exercise.

Who started World Heart Day?

The person who started World Heart Day is Antoni Bayes de Luna, the president of the World Heart Federation from 1997 to 1999.

What is the significance of World Heart Day?

The significance of World Heart Day is that it centers around encouraging people to improve their heart health and help them prevent untimely deaths caused by heart diseases—deaths that could be easily avoided by adopting careful preventive measures.

What is the slogan of World Heart Day?

The slogan for World Heart Day 2022 is “USE HEART FOR EVERY HEART.”

Why do we wear red on World Heart Day?

We wear red on World Heart Day because that is the color commonly associated with the heart; wearing red is a symbol that you’re advocating for improved heart health and helping raise awareness of heart diseases causing premature deaths.

What is the theme for World Heart Day?

The theme of World Heart Day changes every year, and in 2022, “USE HEART FOR EVERY HEART” is the theme of World Heart Day.

What are the facts about World Heart Day?

World Heart Day is the biggest platform for raising awareness of cardiovascular diseases spearheaded by the WHF and WHO and is celebrated every year on the 29th of September.

What is the history of World Heart Day?

World Heart Day was conceived by Antoni Bayes de Luna during his stint as WHF president from 1997 to 1999; it was originally celebrated every last Sunday of September (the first celebration was on September 24, 2000); in 2011, the day to celebrate World Heart Day shifted to September 29.

What do you say on World Heart Day?

On World Heart Day, you can say “Happy World Heart Day” to your family and friends either verbally or through social media.

What is the objective of celebrating World Heart Day?

The ultimate objective of celebrating World Heart Day is to reduce the number of untimely deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases.

What does World Heart Day stand for?

World Heart Day stands for improved heart health and empowering people to take action to prevent heart problems.