World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is a holiday to appreciate the linguistic art of poetry and the creative writers behind them. Living in a modern world where advanced technology is ubiquitous and people can quickly communicate through emojis, World Poetry Day reminds us that poetry as an art and its culture isn’t dead. world-poetry-day

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World Poetry Day Definition & Meaning

World Poetry Day is a special day to celebrate the many poems and poets around the globe and was founded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1999.

World Poetry Day commemorates national and international poetry as one of humanity’s most unique ways of linguistic or cultural expression and just how groundbreaking it is in the field of history, art, and literature.

When Is World Poetry Day?

World Poetry Day is a March 21st holiday that was first announced by UNESCO at the 30th General Conference in Paris way back in November 1999. Every year, the holiday continues its mission to support linguistic diversity through poetry and to ensure that endangered languages won’t die.

World Poetry Day Purpose, Importance

Poetry as a beautiful and unique form of expression is important on so many levels, and here are some of the most intriguing facts about World Poetry Day:

Poetry Is Everywhere and for Everyone

From the melodies of a song, rhymes of rap, metaphors of a book, down to the cadence of a marching parade, those elements relate to poetry. Poetry is said to be everywhere and that’s part of the reason why poetry helps you perceive and appreciate the world that surrounds us. More so, there is poetry for everyone whether you go for as simple yet riveting as John Donne’s “No Man Is an Island” or as thought-provoking as Muzahidul Reza’s “The Animal State.” It just takes a few reads to find your favorite poems out there.

Poetry’s Importance in Art and History

World Poetry Day is also a celebration of culture, literature, history, and art as a whole. Valuing and sharing poems once again to the public on this holiday reminds us of the artistic contributions brought by famous poets such as Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling, Sylvia Plath, Oscar Wilde, John Milton, and W.B. Yeats. Most importantly, it is a time to reflect on the history of poems from the 18th century such as the “Epic of Gilgamesh,” sonnets from the 14th century, down to the present; poetry surely transmits values, imagination, and knowledge throughout the years.

Poetry for Old and New Generations

World Poetry Day isn’t just about celebrating old poets and poems. It is also a great time to acknowledge the best poems and poets of the year. Besides rekindling the appreciation for old poetry on this significant holiday, there is also room for new generations to get inspiration in doing poetry as well. Examples include engaging in poetry slams, readings, competitions, and other literary activities.

What’s in a World Poetry Day?

During World Poetry Day, expect tons of activities related to poetry. Examples include honoring poets on social media, watching poetry recitals, attending poetry education, or practicing your poem-writing skills. Besides poetry, other forms of art are celebrated during the holiday such as painting, music, dancing, and theater. And the best part is that it will be celebrated around the world to elicit the production of more poems even in different languages.

How to Create a World Poetry Day Social Media Post

Be productive a few days before World Poetry Day or during the holiday by preparing a compelling, creative, and well-thought-out social media post. You don’t even have to start from scratch with easy-to-use templates and premade vector graphics in the mix. Without further ado, here are the steps to design World Poetry Day social media posts:


1. Optimize a free World Poetry Day Facebook post template.

optimize-a-free-world-poetry-day-facebook-post-template brings you loads of World Poetry Day templates to choose from. You simply need to select your favorite template to design with. Then, click “Edit This Template FREE” to head to the Editor tool.

2. Write your World Poetry Day details.


Go to “Fill” and use the text boxes provided. Click a box and type down your message about World Poetry Day. You can have one text box specifically for writing the holiday greeting, another text box for the schedule, and more.

3. Include a drawing or graphic element.


Select “Graphics” and you can freely insert visual elements into your Facebook post template. You might want to add an image of a writing hand with a vintage quill, a writing stamp clipart, or an animated cartoon icon writing a poem. Aim for the most fitting graphics related to World Poetry Day so that its output pays off.

4. Set the theme with a cool background.


Give more personality to your World Poetry Day Facebook post template with striking backgrounds. Select “Background” from the menu and opt for any background color or wallpaper image of your choice. Keep in mind that the background affects the total presentation of your work too.

5. Check your status and save everything.


Review your whole progress and once you are satisfied with everything, save your work. Just click the three-dotted icon on the upper menu. Next, hit “Save and post it on Facebook when World Poetry Day approaches.


1. Find a World Poetry Day Instagram post template.


View’s collection of premade World Poetry Day templates. Then, search for a World Poetry Day Instagram post sample. Then, alter it via the Editor tool.

2. Fill in the text boxes.


The “Fill” option under the Editor tool is where you can manipulate your texts in a template. Just select any text box and write the message. You might like to include your university name, time and date, or even promotional messages.

3. Add visuals.


From pen clipart, writing illustration, or even a photo of a mother writing her thoughts in peace, you can control or incorporate any graphic element to your template however you like. Just press “Graphics” from the menu and start tweaking. You may insert emoticons, stickers, and other types of visuals.

4. Insert a background, object, or logo shortly.


Take advantage of using the other resources available in the Editor tool such as “Logo” and “Background.” You could use a school or business logo, change the color of your backdrop, and even use images of kids, teachers, and writers who are writing something as wallpaper. Open your mind to ideas.

5. Preserve your work.


Don’t forget to save everything. You won’t lose your progress by clicking “…” followed by “Save.” Save it according to your preferred format and post it on Instagram briefly.


1. Look for your preferred World Poetry Day Twitter post template.


Visit and download a World Poetry Day Twitter post template. Click the specific template and select “Edit This Template FREE” afterward. Then, you can customize it however you wish.

2. Input the necessary texts.


Complete the needed messages to insert in the World Poetry Day Twitter Post template. You may begin with the title of your post, followed by the holiday greeting, holiday schedule, language or citizenship of the event, and so forth. Keep it straightforward as much as possible.

3. Use graphics to embellish your work.


Click “Graphics” and you can access so many visual factors to design the template. You may add graphics with stellar photography, a cartoon image of a person writing, or any other brilliant idea. Use your creativity in this part of the process.

4. Design the template background.


Give life to the background may it be a wallpaper of a serene environment, a backdrop color you like, or any other type of backdrop. Just press “Background” from the menu and you can edit it shortly. Check how the background affects the graphics and texts because they must mesh together.

5. Save the file and post it on Twitter.


Are you done customizing your World Poetry Day Twitter post template? Press “…” on the top menu and click “Save” after. Now you know what to do once you visit your Twitter account to celebrate the holiday.

World Poetry Day vs World Book Day

World Poetry Day is a yearly celebration to support the art of poems, poets, and poetry in general, and it is held every March 21.

World Book Day is an annual charity event to celebrate the love of reading and the influence of books, and it is held every first Thursday of March.

World Poetry Day Ideas & Examples

Whether you join a poetry writing competition or simply honor a poet on World Poetry Day, expect numerous activities and projects to do for this coming holiday.

World Poetry Day Ideas

Start creating your World Poetry Day to-do list so you will be jampacked on this worldwide event soon, and you better not forget these must-have ideas for your World Poetry Day activity list:

  • Take part in poetry recitals near you.
  • Study more about poetry’s art, history, and culture around the earth.
  • Practice writing all sorts of poems such as an acrostic poem, limerick, haiku, sonnet, or ballad.
  • Honor your favorite poet on any social media platform with #WorldPoetryDay as your hashtag.
  • Share your top 10 favorite poems released this year or the ones you have read so far.
  • Be updated on the annual theme and list of World Poetry Day events on the UNESCO website.
  • Hear out different interpretations of poems from other analysts for inspiration.
  • Promote poetry through any marketing material such as a poster, banner, flyer, and more.
  • Attend a poetry class for a change.
  • Engage in other forms of art such as music, dancing, and painting.

World Poetry Day Examples

You can do a lot of things on World Poetry Day, you can even leverage templates for celebratory or even promotional purposes using these iconic World Poetry Day examples:

1. World Poetry Day LinkedIn Post


2. World Poetry Day Instagram Story


3. World Poetry Day WhatsApp Post


4. World Poetry Day Tumblr Post


5. World Poetry Day Snapchat Geofilter



Why do we celebrate World Poetry Day?

UNESCO encourages celebrating World Poetry Day to continue supporting linguistic diversity in the form of poetry.

Who created World Poetry Day?

World Poetry Day was founded by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1999.

What is the theme of World Poetry Day?

World Poetry Day continues its theme of bringing more attention and value to poetry to the public and conserving old languages and literature around the world.

How do we celebrate World Poetry Day?

You can celebrate World Poetry Day by reading poems, joining poetry festivals, watching poetry recitals, using poetry social media kits from UNESCO, and talking about your favorite poets of all time on social media.

Who is the first poet of poetry?

Historians believe that Enheduanna, a priestess from a temple within Southern Iraq, was the first ever poet who wasn’t anonymous.

What are the goals of World Poetry Day?

World Poetry Day aims to honor poets, revisit traditional poetry practices such as recitals, write and teach about poetry, promote the importance of reading to society, and relate poetry to other forms of art such as theater, painting, music, etc.

Why is poetry so important in our society?

Poetry is an art form that values humanities such as how poems denote knowledge, emotion, imagination, and even human values.

What are three facts about poetry?

Poetry can evoke feelings, help you paint a picture in your head, and can make you think of wide-ranging knowledge and imagination.

How do you explain poetry to a child?

Introduce rhythmic poems to children such as nursery rhymes because the process of chanting, singing, or memorizing the stanzas would help them appreciate poetry.

What is the value of World Poetry Day?

World Poetry Day unites people no matter what their nationality or citizenship is through the shared values, art, and history of poetry.

What is the origin of World Poetry Day?

It can be traced back to 1999 when UNESCO initiated assigning March 21 per year to celebrate World Poetry Day as means to communicate with anyone despite cultural differences.

What do you do on World Poetry Day?

Kindly refer to the World Poetry Day Ideas section of this article.

What is the history of World Poetry Day?

World Poetry Day started at the 30th General Conference in Paris back in 1999 when UNESCO announced that March 21 is the official date for World Poetry Day.

When did World Poetry Day start?

It started in 1999 with the very first official World Poetry Day celebrated on March 21, 2000.

What is the message of World Poetry Day?

World Poetry Day tells us that poetry isn’t extinct despite the advancement of technology in the modern world; it simply has to be revisited and shared for future generations to practice it.