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Table of Contents

  1. World Wildlife Day Definition & Meaning
  2. When Is World Wildlife Day?
  3. World Wildlife Day Purpose, Importance
  4. What’s in a World Wildlife Day?
  5. How to Create a World Wildlife Day Social Media Post
  6. World Wildlife Day vs. Columbus Day
  7. World Wildlife Day Ideas & Examples
  8. FAQs

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is a significant event in the United Nations (UN) calendar that aims to raise awareness of the protection, conservation, and value of wild animals and plants. Every year, World Wildlife Day is allocated as a special event dedicated mainly to wildlife around the world.

World Wildlife Day Definition & Meaning

World Wildlife Day is both an opportunity for raising awareness about valuing or protecting wildlife and a celebration of wildlife’s beauty or what conservationists have done so far to preserve them.

World Wildlife Day is more than a national holiday; it is a global event considering it affects the many varied forms of plants and animals that surround the earth.

When Is World Wildlife Day?

Since December 20, 2013, the United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) 68th session announced that every March 3rd denotes World Wildlife Day. And annually, World Wildlife Day observes a unique theme such as the “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration” theme in 2022.

World Wildlife Day Purpose, Importance

Humans cannot simply live without animals and plants, especially when they all play a part in our planet that is earth.

Alarming Awareness about Wildlife

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) via the 2020 Living Planet Report, there is a 68% decrease in the total number of birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals since 1970. And that is just one of the many alarming things World Wildlife Day aims to spread throughout the world so that people will also support and do their part to protect wildlife. Be sure to keep up with the latest updates on wildlife every March 3rd to take action on these problems.

World Wildlife Organization’s Milestones and Successes

Besides sharing the critical statistics about wildlife, don’t forget that World Wildlife Day is also a celebration, such as what different wildlife organizations have accomplished so far. An example is how WWF helped recover Africa’s black rhinos and black-footed ferrets with a sanctuary in the Northern Great Plains. The same goes for the success of every biologist or conservationist involved in recovering at least 1,100 Iberian lynxes which used to be only 94 before conservation.

Celebration of All Life Forms

Bear in mind that World Wildlife Day celebrates all life forms. This event reminds us of the beauty and value of plants and animals. And providing wildlife solutions such as conserving endangered species or protecting ecosystems will also teach everyone how we benefit from nature—show your support every World Wildlife Day starting now!

What’s in a World Wildlife Day?

Many events happen during World Wildlife Day and you will be guided on what occurs near you and what time they would be via the Wildlife Day website. There will even be a bunch of partnerships such as NGOs, sports teams, and companies helping WWF with different activities and events prepared. And with plenty of possible ways to spend World Wildlife Day, the most notable thing done during this special day is to support or donate any amount to WWF. 83% of spending is dedicated to global conservation activities.

How to Create a World Wildlife Day Social Media Post

Now that you have enough insights about World Wildlife Day and its aspects, don’t forget to spread awareness and celebrate this event through social media posts. Social media is a dynamic platform when it comes to making hashtags and setting trends—a perfect channel to show your support for World Wildlife Day. Not to worry because you will be guided on how to make compelling and visually stunning social media posts with these steps:


1. Choose a World Wildlife Day Facebook post template.

choose a world wildlife day facebook post template

Visit and search for World Wildlife Day templates. Then, look for a World Wildlife Day template for a Facebook post. Click it until you can customize it on the Editor tool afterward.

2. Fill in your message.

fill in your message

On the Editor tool, start customizing the World Wildlife Day Facebook post template by inputting your message. Select “Fill” from the left-side menu. Then, fill in your message in any text field available whether it is a quote, CTA, slogan, or even a short poem.

3. Insert striking vector graphics.

insert striking vector graphics

Part of what captures attention in a Facebook post is the graphic design. So click “Graphics” on the Editor tool and get creative with any sketch, clipart, or illustration you want for your template. You can add a picture of a dangerous tiger, a tree trunk art, a green forest, or any other aesthetic you want.

4. Alter the template background.

alter the template background

Coloring and changing the background of your template are certainly possible. Just click “Background” on the side menu. Then, choose your favorite color or image as your background.

5. Save the template in your preferred format.

save the template in your preferred format

Finalize your work with a logo and other uploads to embellish your work. Then, click “…” on the upper right once you’re done and click “Save” whether you need it in JPG, PNG, or any format. Post it to Facebook when you’re ready!


1. Select a customizable World Wildlife Day Instagram post template.

select a customizable world wildlife day instagram post template

Take time to view’s resources of free World Wildlife Day templates. Then, locate the World Wildlife Day Instagram post template specifically. And click “End This Template FREE” to get started.

2. Write your text or message.

write your text or message

Go to “Fill” on the left menu of your screen until you can see different text boxes. You can type any message you want for each text box. And refer to the template on the right side to preview what your text’s appearance would be as you edit the text.

3. Insert photos and visuals.

insert photos and visuals

Check out’s department of photos, videos, clipart images, stickers, shapes, and more by clicking “Graphics.” Stellar visuals would add some art to your Instagram post rather than just posting a pure-text post. You can even adjust the sizes and positions of these objects so design them freely.

4. Apply more customizations.

apply more customizations

Upload your files, insert logos, or alter the background of your Instagram post. There are still lots of editable tools as seen on the left-side corner of your screen. Do whatever it takes to beautify your post.

5. Save your file.

save your file

Same as step 5 given earlier, do the same process to save your work. Click the three-dotted icon and press “Save.” Then, make noise and get trending on Instagram with your World Wildlife Day post soon. Don’t forget to use the appropriate hashtags!


1. Look for a World Wildlife Day Twitter post template.

look for a world wildlife day twitter post template boasts a huge collection of World Wildlife Day templates. Search for the one in Twitter post format to get started. Just tap the template and go straight to the Editor tool for customization.

2. Input the needed message.

input the needed message

Click “Fill” and navigate to any text box you need to edit from the template. Just click the box and you can type your text shortly. Don’t forget to adjust the placements and sizes of these messages as they also affect the appearance of your work.

3. Incorporate creative images and objects.

incorporate creative images and objects

Add a drawing, shape, photo, or any type of object to improve your World Wildlife Day Twitter post template. There are so many applications you can optimize with the “Graphics” tool. Use it and explore whatever option is available that could enhance your work.

4. Select a background.

select a background

Press “Background” on the left menu so you can add a photo background or even select your favorite background color. So besides the texts of your Twitter post, mind the background elements as they affect the entire presentation too. View the preview on the right for quick access to what every change you make looks like.

5. Finalize everything and save.

finalize everything and save

Once you’re finished editing, click “…” and tap “Save.” You can keep the file with you and save it for posting on the actual date. Make your mark on Twitter during World Wildlife Day.

World Wildlife Day vs. Columbus Day

World Wildlife Day is a celebration held every March 3 to spread awareness about fauna/flora species conservation and appreciate the value of wild animals and plants.

Columbus Day is a federal holiday in the US that observes Christoper Columbus’s landing in the New World way back on October 12, 1942.

World Wildlife Day Ideas & Examples

Don’t limit your ideas on how to celebrate World Wildlife Day through a social media post alone, there are tons of ways to commemorate this event

World Wildlife Day Ideas

If you’re confused about what to do on March 3, here are ways to enjoy and feel productive during World Wildlife Day that are welcome to adults and even kids.

World Wildlife Day Examples

World Wildlife Day activities aren’t over yet, you can try out these free editable templates related to World Wildlife Day to add to your agenda.

1. World Wildlife Day Greeting Card

world wildlife day greeting card

2. World Wildlife Conservation Day WhatsApp Image

world wildlife conservation day whatsapp image

3. World Wildlife Day WhatsApp Image

world wildlife day whatsapp image

4. World Wildlife Day Tumblr Post

world wildlife day tumblr post

5. World Wildlife Day LinkedIn Post

world wildlife day linkedin post

6. World Wildlife Day Pinterest Pin

world wildlife day pinterest pin


Why do we celebrate World Wildlife Day?

Celebrating World Wildlife Day is necessary to keep people awake at the current conditions of earth’s flora and fauna species as well as how to protect or conserve wildlife in general.

What is the theme of World Wildlife Day?

2022’s main theme for World Wildlife Day is “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration.”

Who discovered World Wildlife Day?

Thailand proposed the commemoration until UNGA announced to assign March 3 as World Wildlife Day which was the signature day of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) back in 1973.

What can we do for World Wildlife Day?

Refer to the 10 World Wildlife Day ideas mentioned earlier for reference.

What are wildlife resources?

Wild resources refer to all forms of wildlife such as birds, fish, flora, and terrestrial habitats.

What is the symbol of World Wildlife Day?

The symbol or logo of World Wildlife Day is a giant panda.

How do we celebrate World Wildlife Day?

You can start by setting goals, visiting conservation parks and nature reserves, taking responsibility for actions that affect wildlife, volunteering at wildlife organizations, and staying knowledgeable about wildlife conditions.

When did the first World Wildlife Day start?

UNGA started proclaiming the date (March 3) for World Wildlife Day on December 20, 2013, which means the very first World Wildlife Day began on March 3, 2014.

Why should we value wildlife?

Wildlife must be valued since they affect our economy and overall existence; it’s hard to live without animals, rivers, forests, oceans, and soils since they give us food, water, and even shelter.

How do you teach children about wildlife?

Invite children to zoos/aquariums, let them read child-friendly books and media about wildlife, introduce kids to how wildlife affects society, and encourage them to recycle or protect wildlife as well.

Why is it important to have World Wildlife Day?

World Wildlife Day reminds us of the beauty and value of plants and animals that we already have but may have been neglected or nearly extinct; hence, there is a need to preserve and protect them at all costs.

Who designed the World Wildlife Day logo?

The World Wildlife Day logo was made by Ogilvy & Mather.

What does World Wildlife Day stand for?

World Wildlife Day is the protection of life; wildlife affects everyone on earth and how much we need them to survive.

How can we protect wildlife?

Some examples to protect wildlife are to take care of native species, produce less trash, adopt animals, discover more about endangered species, prevent toxic chemicals, and provide more flora and fauna preservation sites.

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