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Logistics Templates

logistics sop templates

12+ Logistics SOP Templates in PDF | DOC

Logistics, shipping, warehousing, manufacturing, and delivery companies have a lot in common, and they all involve heavy management. That management involves many processes, from planning to transportation, and more. With goods to move, procedures can’t be handled lightly because losing those goods might happen. Imagine being excited to order an item online like your favorite shoes or a rare collectible. Yet, it won’t reach your destination because of poor logistics management plan and performance. That would be a bummer, and it never has to happen if all companies dealing with logistics have effective standard operating procedures or SOPs. And so, we’re providing simple templates you can use for a logistics department, air transport policy, supply chain management, freight forwarding, and much more. For a wider selection of SOP templates, check out more options here.

12+ Logistics Resume Templates in PDF | MS Word | Apple Pages

The employer’s first glimpse of an applicant is through a resume before scheduling an interview. As the logistics industry is gaining a strong foothold, the call for resumes also escalates as the enterprise needs the right people for the job. Thus, countless papers end up on the human resource desk for screening and evaluation. Consider the resume as the first avenue for the candidate to express his or her interest for the job. So if your call is in the logistics industry, then it is high time to craft the perfect resume for the diverse job positions available. Moreover, keep the employers at the edge of their seats in want to call you for a vital appointment for a winning job offer! [bb_toc content=”][/bb_toc]

3+ Logistics Quotation Templates in PDF | MS Word

Have you experienced buying an item while you ended up paying more than the actual price because you either got scammed or you didn’t check the bill? It’s surely a bother, especially if you lost big cash from it. You avoid that situation again when you always ask for the official bill or quotation for any purchase. Creating quotation templates also applies to logistics businesses like when parcels undergo shipping to transport it to clients. Thus, the quotation will be useful to identify the price of such items or even what it contains. There are various formats you can use if you plan to make a logistics quote like the quotation templates in Word or any format that you think suits best to your needs.

8+ Logistics Process Flow Chart Templates in PDF

Logistics management is a tough job, as you are to handle a vast network of processes. Plus, the system incorporates production, transportation, storage, and distribution. The task might be overwhelming, but for the skilled, they rely on the help of an old trick in the classroom, i.e., a flow chart. Simple it may seem, but that is the chart’s magic. Bosses do not want to clutter their heads with too much confusion, so putting the whole system into an anatomical figure makes it easy to diagnose and intervene. So start gathering the pieces for a puzzle game of connecting the dots for strategic management actions. [bb_toc content=”][/bb_toc]

9+ Logistics Risk Assessment Templates in PDF | MS Word

Risks are everywhere, and they significantly affect businesses. And when dealing with the supply chain, transportation, warehousing, and manufacturing all have problems to face. Economic instability and other factors can contribute to generating risks. Thus, seeing the potential hurdles and obstacles beforehand is a critical strategy in maintaining a smooth and running operation. That is why assessments are crucial in determining risk factors and classifying them as urgent or negligible. Moreover, getting to know the possibilities or the actual situation will affect top brass decision making. That being said, logistics risk assessment is an indispensable tool for the preservation and perseverance of the industry.[bb_toc content=”][/bb_toc]