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10+ Photography Catalog Templates in AI | InDesign | Word | PSD | Publisher | Pages

There are different techniques in promoting your products, services, or skills. You have flyers, posters, and even billboards to attract the attention of your selected target audience. But when you want to be specific about the type of advertisement you want for your company, you should try utilizing catalogs. This article has beautiful, editable, and professional photography catalog templates that businesses and individuals can revise according to their liking.

16+ Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Designs & Templates in InDesign | Word | Pages | PSD | Publisher

In the hands of the few, wealth is in abundance. You do not see billionaires sprout like grass. Thus, notably few elite individuals get to cherish a lifestyle worthy of kings and queens. However, people adore watching the fairytale lifestyle that they too yearn for it. With the privileges and perks, you have the others at the edge of their seats in awe. The rest are looking at what the rich can afford to buy and to do. A luxurious lifestyle is indeed a needle in a haystack. So get the readers’ attention locked into the amazing features of a prosperous life that most people desire with a luxury lifestyle magazine.

15+ Church Magazine Templates in InDesign | Word | Pages | Publisher

“Go forth and make disciples.” This line is the most popular bible verse for discipleship and evangelism. Spreading the word and expanding the fold are part of the mission of being a believer and a member of the church. Doing the bidding of the Lord is a noble task, and there are many ways to do so. Some still use the old style of home visits and or setting up simple chit chats at a cafe. But the development of the media is an advantage for evangelism. Original features and compelling write-ups in a magazine can also do the job. Start being a contemporary evangelist by using the modern approaches of information dissemination through a magazine sample.

19+ Interior Design Magazine Templates

People today see the value in making their houses a decent place to live. The interior design models even went a step further to embrace art as a focal point. Not only do you see a room, but also a perfect blend of creativity, simplicity, and functionality. A person’s home is, at the same time, a luxurious gallery. Imagine a kitchen that appears as part of a hotel’s restaurant or furniture arranged the same way a fashion designer’s living room looks. Let potential clients know that their houses can look the same too. Feature all the trendy highlights by publishing your stylish interior design magazines! Lure subscribers and entertain them!

21+ Real Estate Magazines

The real estate industry can be both profitable or fruitless. It heavily depends on rigid economic studies and professional management. Amidst the rise of other industries and jobs, several wage earners are now capable of purchasing their desired residential units. Businessmen are now keen on grabbing this opportunity, and part of their efforts is through strategies that involve creative advertising. One way is through simple magazines, which are still useful because it opens the opportunity to maximize visuals for a complete reading experience. The point is to inform people that will lead them to either invest or purchase. Maximize your business opportunities by making a real estate magazine right now!